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Photo by PoPville flickr user  John Sonderman

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Awesome photo John!!!

    • Mug of Glop

      Rant: Oh man, those things have been flying over my office daily at about a hundred feet for the week, and they’re pretty damned loud. Twice as loud as the helicopters that fly over my office several times a day.

      Rave: They’re super-cool, so I don’t mind! Also, they fixed them so they don’t just fall out of the sky at alarming rates anymore. (The guy installing precision equipment in the room next door was pretty alarmed the first time it happened, though.)

  • Rant: Apparently no one at work got the memo that today is Friday and not Monday. Can’t people be just a little bit happy that we only have 6 hours left in this hell hole??
    Rave: 3 day weekend!!!
    Rave: Ain’t nobody stealin my Friday before a 3 day weekend vibe today! 😀

  • Rave: Three day weekend and I won another PoP shirt!

    Rant: None!

  • Rant: Went for a run yesterday and my nose was running faster than me. Any fellow runners have this happen in the cold and what do you do?
    Rave: Fun wedding this weekend in town! And it’s a long weekend!
    Rave: Have the travel itch so badly. Decidedly spending two weeks in June in Bosnia/Croatia. Done.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Y’all are awesome enablers. I ordered the bag! In navy, of course.
    Rant: It has been a long week. Tuesday night, I 100% thought it was Friday.
    Rave: Taking the afternoon off the spend some time with Mr. Zelda.
    Super Rave: King cake makes an excellent breakfast. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Rant: Is this day/week over yet? Can’t wait to ignore my more tedious and stupid projects for three days…
    Rant: Noticed yesterday just how poorly Comcast wired my building. The incoming coax for several units is simply snaked out across the ground.
    Rave: Had a chance to work with and get to know some really awesome folks from other offices in my organization for a few days. So nice to get away from the desk for a while and just think and plan rather than just react to the crisis du jour.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: King cake that I don’t have to share with a husband and 3 kids. It’s ALL mine!
    Rant: Normally I share king cake with ppl at work but no one who can eat it is here, and the person who really really loves it is out b/c her appendix burst.
    Rave: It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  • rave: getting my duvet cover this weekend, maybe. dang these sheet-bags are expensive.
    rant: coming to terms with the fact one of my jobs will likely not send me my w-2
    rave: I meticulously kept all my paper stubs so I could at least do the math myself
    rant: still nervous about the IRS

    • Accountering

      Can you elaborate on the W-2? Is this because of a soured relationship? IRS guidance says to contact them after 2/15 (to allow for slow delivery) and they will reach out to the company on your behalf. This should do the trick.

      • The organization I worked for was notoriously unorganized and when I left, battling being shut down by DC (it was a health care provider, in a sense), and I had emailed the HR contact I had regarding my new address and have had 0 response. Thanks for the tip though, I’ll do that in the event I don’t get it.

        • Accountering

          This is a big issue for them. They likely will not want the IRS breathing down their neck as well. A bit more follow-up should do the trick.

  • Rave: lease signed, keys in hand. Now, watch my husband get in to school or the jobs he has out there in USAJobs land in the next three months. HAHAHA hoooo
    Rant: packing. Purging. Much easier and more refreshing when you don’t have a toddler.
    Rave: friends helping paint and hang shelves….it’s really nice of them.
    Rave: Three day weekend! I hope you all enjoy it!

    • Oooh! Where did you end up signing a lease for? You may have said already and I apologize for missing it.

      • ohh our neighborhood! Saw the townhouse and never even made it to SW to look at the apartments there. Sure, no fancy gym or pool….but 1300+ sq feet for the same price? yes please!

  • Bear

    BIG RAVE: Finally got the contract signed for a large add on to one of my projects. It’s been in the works for over a year and so many things were hanging on it. So glad it’s finally done and we can move forward!

  • Revel: Phone interview today for a job in my hometown. It wouldn’t keep me in the federal government, but it would at least be state government.
    Rant: It’s the same title I have today, but a step down in comparable staffing hierarchy…and a 30% pay cut. So now I get to figure out what’s more important: getting back home or maintaining my current pay grade.
    Any sage advice on how to delicately ask the question of when they expect other staff to move up and out?

    • Good luck making the decision. It might be helpful when you’re weighing your options to look at some of those cost of living calculators to see if the salary change will result in a lifestyle change. I know in some of the places I’ve lived a 30% cut in my current salary would be like winning the lottery in the old town. In others it would be hard to live on. As for the relative level in hierarchy, it might help to ask at some point about the culture of the agency and (more eloquent than I’m being on a blog) if people stay and move up the ladder or tend to stagnate.

    • Andie302

      You could couch it as “where do you see this organization in five years?”

    • We face a similar issue (well, my husband got a job offer and then the agency screwed up the hiring process so…here we are). We personally decided that getting back home is more important than money. Cost of living, quality of life….and the fact that once we are there, we can always move up elsewhere. I always ask about what the growth potential is like in a position – do they expect someone to be there long term, or do they expect to promote from within employees that are working hard and show increasing promise and ability

  • Accountering

    Rave: Buckeyes are National Champions!
    Rave2: Caps beat the Flyers. Take that, worst state ever!
    Two questions: First, if anyone knows any occupational therapists, a good friend of mine’s company is desperately trying to hire one or several in Northern Virginia. Know anyone who is potentially looking?
    Second, for the front windows/doors in Shaw. We are in a historic district (just barely!) and as such need the windows to be wood. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know any good resources? I was looking on the Cleveland Park Historical Societies site, but I am thinking that may be a bit different than Shaw.

    • I had my windows replaced with what is considered historically similar wood windows from Marvin. I would never recommend the salesperson I had but the windows have been fine with only the one oversized one having the inner mechanisms break (just within the warranty period)

      • Andie302

        I’m obsessed with Marvin doors. I will check out their windows! We’ll actually be returning these to historic from the current “crappy aluminum” look that they have now.

    • Have you checked out The Craftsmen Group? They restored our windows in Mt Pleasant. Here’s their website: http ://www .thecraftsmengroup.com/craftsmen.html

      • Another recommendation for the Craftsman Group – they also refurbished my old drafty original windows. Did an excellent job

    • My sister is an OT (mostly works with burn patients) and I am always trying to get her to come back to the area!

      • Accountering

        Shall we put her in touch with my friend?! 🙂
        Basically Alexandria, Arlington etc. Sounds like they are pretty desperate, so relocation and such is certainly a possibility (though admittedly, I just know they are having a very difficult time finding someone)

        • Sure! She’s getting married in August so moving probably isn’t high up on her list of things to do, but can’t hurt to try! Your friend can send me more details/the description at juliaknox at gmail if they want.

  • Need some advice on how to deal with a un’neighborly parking situation.
    Our rear parking pad holds two cars and abuts our neighbor’s parking pad (which also holds two cars). The spacing is tight, but both parking pads can hold two full size autos. The parking pads have a clear dividing line in the concrete that runs straight down from the fence, signifying the property line.
    The issue is that our neighbor has recently begun renting out their spare parking space to a random young lady from the neighborhood. The owner of the house next door has a child and has told the renter to give them plenty of room so they can get the kid in & out of their car seat easily, plus all the crap that parents need to lug around. This has led the parking renter to put her SUV over the property lines on many occasions.
    I would have no issue with this, but space is tight. It also completely cuts off our alley access, as her SUV blocks the gate we use to go in and out of the backyard. I also drive a Vespa daily, which is parked in my backyard. I went to leave today and couldn’t even get out of the gate because the renter’s SUV was blocking me from even entering the alley. I had to wait 15 minutes this morning to leave my own backyard until the renter showed up to claim her car. I promptly chewed her out.
    I’ve discussed the issue with both the neighbor next door (who owns the house) and the renter of the spot. They’ve agreed to be more conscious of the parking situation, but this keeps repeatedly happening. Any other recourse? Can I contact DDOT and get them to ticket her car?

    • If you own the house, you could put a fence between the pads.

      • gotryit

        If you don’t want to go the route of a full fence, you could put some of those little rods with stop signs on top on the line to make it clear where the divide is.

        • I don’t think I’ve seen ones with stop signs, but I’ve seen ones with little reflectors on top — the kind you might put on a suburban mailbox to keep people from backing into it. I think they have those at Home Depot, so it’d just be a matter of drilling into the concrete (?) to put them in.

        • Or maybe just orange construction cones?

    • RANT: People not updating their calendars on VRBO and Homeaway. Trying to do a last minute cabin rental with some friends this weekend. I inquired with four places in Shenandoah and the owners emailed me back to say they are all booked, despite their calendars showing full availability. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      • Here is a perfect house in Front Royal I’ve rented 3 times now. It shows availability tonight & Sat. if that would work for you – but Sunday is booked. http://www.vrbo.com/321691

        • Thanks, I will investigate!
          I put out inquiries on 4 other houses today. We really want a place with a hot tub 🙂

          • I haven’t stayed in any myself, but check out “Hot Tub Heaven.” And the Front Royal house has a great hot tub!

          • The Front Royal house looks amazing and is exactly perfect for our needs.
            Unfortunately, I don’t think we can get our act together to leave today. Still need to do grocery shopping, finalize the list of friends attending, etc. I’m definitely saving it to my VRBO favorites for a future weekend 😀
            <3 VRBO!
            Hot Tub Heaven seems ok, but their pricing is expensive. The price they show is only for 2 people (even if the house holds 10!). They then add $50 for each additional person for each night. Rip-off….

          • Good luck! But if you change your mind about the Overlook House. It is honestly no more than 1.5 hour drive (though could be more at rush hour.) And you pass right by a couple of grocery stores on the way. You would be best to call the owner – Sean O’Reilly directly as he lives nearby and cell phone/email in the mountains can be spotty. 540-660-1738.

    • I see no reason why you couldn’t get her towed.; she’s over the line and blocking your access. This situation may seem extreme, but you have addressed directly to no avail. it sounds like he should never have rented to an SUV if the only way to give egress to the kid car is to block your access/come well over the line. Not being able to get a vespa out sounds like a huge about of blocking to me. I may address it more time with the caveat that if it continues you’ll have to it get the car towed. Hopefully, that will make them take you seriously.

      • Well, my issue is that in order to get her towed, I need to prove that she’s blocking me when the tow person shows up. I don’t have time to deal with that in the morning when I’m trying to get to the office. The procedure for towing is also complicated (you need to get a police officer to show up and write a ticket; then you can call to tow her – from what I’ve read, it’s an all day affair of waiting for the various parties to show up).
        The renter has an out-of-state plate. I’m wondering if I can report that and get them ROSA’d?

        • We learned in another RRR that Rosa applies if you’re parked in DC…the statute doesn’t say public or private matters, so I think you could. I would try to scare tactic with the tow or put up a barrier of some sort before doing Rosa though.

        • Shouldn’t be all-day. In my experience of people parking illegally in my driveway, MPD comes reasonably quickly & then you just need to call the tow truck from there. Perhaps an activity for a weekend if you’re time-constrained since this is a recurring problem? Or just get the car ticketed regularly. Those tickets are something like $200, so not chump change & will add up.

    • Andie302

      Would switching spots (so the owner is closer to your house, and the SUV isn’t) make a difference. If so I think that’s a completely reasonable request, even if it makes it tougher for the other person parking on their lot. They shouldn’t be able to block your access! I would tell them that if this happens again you’re going to call a tow company. This should hopefully make the renter check and double check that you can still get in/out.

    • It wouldn’t be DDOT that would do the ticketing — my recollection is that if someone is parked in your private (off-street) parking space, you call MPD to come ticket them, and after they’ve been ticketed, you can then call a towing company to have them towed.
      Not sure how it works when the vehicle in question is partly on the property where it’s supposed to be and partly on someone else’s property.

      • I think you’re right that DDOT won’t ticket on private property. I’m not even sure MPD would. I would think that if a car is illegally on your property, you could just call a towing company and have it removed without involving the authorities. But this is DC, so I could be wrong.

        • I was told that towing companies won’t tow unless the car as already been ticketed.
          One day not long after I’d moved into my house, I was working from home one today and a pickup truck suddenly appeared in my parking pad. I called MPD — not so much for ticketing purposes, but because I was freaked out and wondered if the person who parked there didn’t realize I was home and was casing the house for a break-in.
          MPD showed up and looked inside the vehicle (whose windows were rolled down, IIRC). The whole thing was rather spooky, but fortunately there were no dead bodies or anything like that inside.
          The MPD officer gave the vehicle a ticket. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a hassle to get it towed, so I decided to wait a bit. A couple of hours later, it was gone.
          After that, I got the gate to my parking pad fixed.

        • MPD will absolutely ticket the car for you. We’ve had them ticket cars in our driveway on more than one occasion.

    • Just keep talking to them. With as big a smile as you can manage (no matter how fake it really is.)

      • When I talked to the home owner, she seemed pretty entitled to the fact that she needs PLENTY of room to pull the car seat in and out of her Prius. I kindly asked: “Hi, can you ensure that the SUV on your parking pad does not park or hang over our side of the line? We’re not able to get our bicycles and trash cans out of our backyard, as the SUV blocks the gate entrance.” Her response was: “Well, I need to have access to my baby’s car seat, so I need space.”
        But if that’s their situation, then they shouldn’t rent out their additional spot! Especially to a large SUV. Argh, it’s annoying.

        • Holy crap, that would have made me blow my top. So many responses, but the best probably is, “That’s between you and her, really. I appreciate your concern, but she simply can’t park over the property line.”
          And while I don’t typically advocate vandalism, Emilie’s suggestion has a lot of merit, the biggest drawback being that retaliation is both likely and easy.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Just make sure you sweep your own parking pad regularly. Some construction company left the nails on the other parking pad.

          • +1 to “That’s between you and her, really. I appreciate your concern, but she simply can’t park over the property line.”
            If the neighbor needs that much space, she should be either not renting out the spot at all, or renting it to a smaller car.

        • The fact that she needs space for whatever reason just isn’t your problem. I concur with others who recommend informing her that you’ll call for a tow truck next time your space is blocked.

          It’s not a threat, you are in a matter of fact way letting her know what will happen if she or her space renter continue to block your access to your space.

  • Rant: Need attorney to bless off on my strategy and apparently no one is working on Friday that are needed to weigh in on this issue. Come on folks…its a small issue just say yes and let my project continue!

    Rave: Morning workout was good – endorphins were badly needed.

    Rave: Nice messages from folks telling me to be safe on upcoming trip with all the crap happening in the world – nice to be loved.

  • emvee

    Rave: 3 day weekend with potential Old Rag trip coming to fruition!
    Rant: The piles of work that lie between now and the weekend.
    Rave: My landlord is awesome. After years of atrocious ones, I really appreciate someone who responds in 24 hours, is friendly, and lives down the street.

  • Revel: Getting ready to go on the job market.
    Rant: I’m so out of practice. Does anyone know of good resources to help someone prepare for the interviewing process, etc.?

  • Rant: Bus driver last night doing rolling stops for each stop and not stopping at the stop but instead picking people up in the street. I know the route is long, but more times than not someone is getting on or off at each stop.
    Rant (maybe this should be on the bike post): Listening to a biker complain that cops pulled him over for blowing a light or stop sign. He admitted he did it, but he was still irritated. Are you kidding me?
    mini-Rant: Not feeling 100% but not too bad. I’ll take an excuse to relax.
    Rave: Submitted for a project that is temp-perm possible. I’m crossing everything that I get it.
    Rave: Dragging myself to the gym if it kills me. I’m sure i’ll feel great once I lift something heavy.

  • Rave: Potluck dinner with the kids last night. What awesome cooks they’ve become — homemade shrimp roles, pork belly with Asian slaw, homemade dumplings with a shot of chicken stock that explodes when you chew it, scallops with “Asian” buerre blanc. And, of course, having dinner with both kids. Very lovely evening.
    Rant: realized that if I’d gotten a 15-year mortgage when I moved in, I would have paid it off last fall.

  • Rave: I love NyQuil/DayQuil. I love cold meds. I love being able to mostly breathe again. <3 Not 100% yet, but feeling better than the last couple of days.
    Rave: I completely forgot that it was a 3 day weekend. Yeeessssssss!!
    Rant: Today is my supervisor's last day. I'm really going to miss her, she's been wonderful. T_T Her successor seems nice but super quiet, so I haven't really been able to gauge what she's like.
    Rant: WHY are all my neighbors in my apartment building musicians?! Guys upstairs were playing piano and girl across the hall was playing oboe or something when I was trying to sleep, I could hear her clearly from my room. The building has crazy thin walls. Grumble grumble grumble!

  • Rant: My ex boyfriend is getting married this weekend. Ugh. In hindsight I’ve decided he was pretty emotionally abusive, but it still sucks- especially because my love life is less than ideal.

    Rave: Planning my best friend’s wedding! Love her. Love her fiance. Love is good.

    • When my ex got married, I invited ten of my girlfriends out for dinner and a night of dancing. Maybe not the most mature way to handle it, but hey, I was 26. And it did really help me deal with the day. Even if you don’t want the person, it is still hard to see someone you once loved move on, especially if your life isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. Treat yourself really well this weekend: maybe a massage followed by brunch with a good friend?

  • Rave: trashy fiction
    Rant: so tired
    Rave: what I thought was going to be a boring winter is shaping up to be fun and full of little trips- skiing (or attempting skiing), NYC with a great group, and girls beach weekend. These can’t come soon enough.
    Rant: no three day weekend for me, but at least it’s half off at the thrift store Sunday.
    Rave: new, fun little house project in the planning phase

    • Another day, another extra rant: we have a global site headed by a guy who WILL NOT do anything I ask him, even if it’s simple as replying to an email, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a woman. So, thanks for letting me send another agency a letter that’s wrong, glassbowl.

      • Emmaleigh504

        gross. We have people here who only work done by X. X happens to be the only guy in the office. Coincidence? I think not, since there are 2 ladies with more experience and who do great work.

        • Luckily for me, my boss is pretty great and while I’m not sure he knows what this guy’s problem is, he does know the situation for this mistake and won’t have a problem with what I did.
          I don’t usually jump right to misogyny, but other coworkers have corroborated.

    • Which thrift store? 🙂

      • Unique Thrift, but in looking at the email again, it’s only for VIP card holders. The card is free, but they generally don’t let you get them on sale days, so you’d have to get one today or tomorrow. I will lend my card to someone else in line if I see they don’t have one, so you could get lucky.
        They always have 50% off everything on Monday holidays, open to everyone.
        I frequent the one in Wheaton and it’s good. I also like the one at NH and the Beltway, it’s a double store, so there’s a much larger selection. These all have fitting rooms now.

    • Value Village used to be half off everything on Federal holidays – not sure if this is still the case.

      • Yeah, I don’t understand the difference in names, but I think it’s the same company. The one on NH has the same promotions as the Unique it’s next to.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Carpenter is not sick anymore and will help me this weekend with mini-apartment remodeling.
    Rave: 3 day weekend

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Boss is out sick so I have to be lead in this thing we are doing today.

  • Rave: Somehow managed to drag myself to spin this am, even though I yawned through the whole class.
    Rave: Last minute lunch plans with my adopted mom.
    Rave: Long weekend coming up! Tomorrow I meet the new niece, followed by dinner with a dear friend. And on Sunday I have a date to take the cutest toddler in the world to the zoo to meet the cows, Tulip and Rose. Best. Weekend. Ever.

    • Andie302

      Have fun! Is the new neice in DE? I am going home on Sunday night to catch a glimpse of my neice that arrived on 1/2. Funny about the cows. When asking my 5 YO nephew his favorite part about the zoo he said “the birds.” He meant the pigeons 🙂

  • Andie302

    Rant: The two people having a conversation loud enough that I can hear every word. They are talking politics. I am trying to work.
    Rave: Friday of a 3-day weekend
    Rant: I want to go somewhere warm.
    Rave: So excited to see progress at the house. I haven’t been since last weekend and apparently there are no longer walls on the 2nd floor at all. It makes me wonder if we should reconsider the configuration, but I don’t think so. So far, so good.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Rant: will have to work this weekend. More to do than what I can possibly accomplish during the workdays. Staying late really threw off my sleep last night too.
    Rave: planning my trip to France, getting approval for some work side trips to see some big science toys while I’m there.
    Rave, I hope: Using my new sous vide to cook dinner for friends tomorrow. As long as there is lots of wine I’m sure it will all turn out good.

  • SusanRH

    Rant: We really bought a lemon of a house, it showed really well, appraised well and was inspected and we were told it was a solid house, but beneath the surface it is a mess. We have some pretty bad structural problems. Does anyone have a recommendation for a contractor that can do structural work, like replacing support beams and roof beams without having to tear our whole house apart. We are first time buyers and we really feel like idiots for trusting our realtor and inspector.

    • unfortunately, I don’t know any contractors, but I’m curious for future reference: how did you discover all of the structural problems? Do you think there were signs you could have seen before you purchased?

      • SusanRH

        Yeah, our engineer was able to point out the problems right away, he said the home inspector should have seen them. I am not an engineer, so I had no idea, but once he showed me it was pretty obvious. The beams in question are actually visible in our furnace room and you can see they are not property tied into the structure. It is partly our fault, we bought this house two summers ago when the market was super hot and everything was rushed, so we didn’t get to use the inspector we wanted to because he was too busy and the seller stipulated we had to have the inspection done right away. My advice is to get an inspector who has a structural background. For use the whole process was really rushed, so take your time!

        • Oh yikes, if the beams were exposed for the inspector then he/she should have caught it. I don’t have recommendations for contractor either, but get multiple bids! We’re getting work done on our house and the range in pricing is CRAZY.

        • How awful! Have you considered talking to an attorney? It sounds like you could have a claim against the inspector, so it may be worth looking into.

      • I am interested in how you discovered these issues as well? It’s somewhat unfair to blame your realtor and inspector. The inspector can’t see through walls so I think there’s always the chance something can be discovered down the road. Unless the inspector saw something and said it was no big deal? Was your house a flip?

        • SusanRH

          It was flipped 10 years ago. The beam in question is clearly visible in our furnace room. The inspector noted that it had termite damage, but said that the sister beams that were added are strong and should not present a problem. Those sister beams are only nailed into the termite damaged beam and are in no way tied into the structure of the house, so really do nothing. I totally feel stupid for not questioning this more, but he said this was typical and standard and nothing to worry about. Now the back side of our house is slopping and we need new beams.

  • Rant: Tell me again how on earth we got Bowser? I’m seeing her bumbling responses to the WMATA/DCFD debacle, and I’m just shaking my head.
    Rave: 3-day weekend.

  • Rave: FRIDAY.
    Rant: having someone straight up not believe me when I went out of my way to let them know about something that might be of interest to them.
    Rave: checking out the Chevy Chase Lounge tonight. My mom loves it and it seems absurd.

  • epric002

    rave: went for my first run last night since july. easiest 3 miles i’ve ever done (3 miles was previously my max, and that was after working up to that point). i think that all of my hatred for running over the years was b/c i had undiagnosed asthma. can’t believe i ran in the winter with no chest pain, wheezing, or shortness of breath. i just might become a runner after all!
    rant: puppy ran most of the 3 miles on 3 legs, but didn’t mind at all (he drug me 1/2 the way) and wasn’t even tired at the end. i think he needs to run on grass or other soft surfaces, but i still get pain in my ankle if i don’t run on flat surfaces 🙁
    rave: husband will need to run with puppy on soft surfaces, at least until the weather warms up.
    request: anyone have any experience getting xolair shots for asthma/allergies/hives?
    rave: had ordered a bunch of different underthings lately on figleaves and ebay, and they all were delivered yesterday. and 99% of everything fit! AMAZING!
    rant: only thing that didn’t fit were the bathing suit bottoms, which is annoying considering the same size/brand in underwear fits me just fine.

    • How old is this “puppy”? My uncle has a border collie pup, but they will not have him go on runs until he is 1 year old. I thought that was pretty customary, since the dog is developing, etc… And if he really does only have 3 legs, have you cleared “running” with your vet? Maybe I’m not reading your post right, but it seems a bit troubling.

      • epric002

        he’s 14 months. he has 4 legs, but underwent a toe amputation in november. the vet has cleared him for a return to all normal activity.

        • epric002

          and just FYI (i didn’t know until our trainer sent us a video) there are definitely tripods out there who love to run 🙂

          • Ah, Ok! I was a little worried there. I just had my uncle’s dog on my mind when I was reading this and thought I’d mention the 1-year thing. Glad he is returning to normal!

          • epric002

            no prob. you definitely have to be careful about running dogs before they’re old/developed enough 🙂 i still call him a puppy since he remains very puppy like (high energy, very playful) and probably will until he hits 2 or 3. and compared to my 8+ year old corgi, he is ALL puppy! thanks; we are too! he walks, plays, and sprints on all 4 legs, but he still likes to trot/jog on 3 for some reason…

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Trip to Costa Rica planned and booked for later this spring! Great reward for after two spring marathons.
    Rave: New black and red running shoes picked up last night. I can’t wait to wear them and my new running tights tomorrow on my 12 mile run. They are going to make me run faster!
    Rant: Walked into a dysfunction junction this morning in the office. Huge event and no one was in charge. I fixed it.

  • Rant: I feel like I’m doing more harm than good in teaching my students. I’m like a kiddie drill Sargent and I hate it. And my employers wonder why their teacher retention rate is in the toilet.
    Rave: I’m having a housewarming party tomorrow night. Very excited!

    • Rave: we get to introduce the Chromebooks to our kids on Tuesday!

    • Anonynon

      I love house warming parties…get a keg and you will be the talk of the town!

    • Accountering

      I am sure you are doing a tremendous job. Someone who cares enough to want to do a good job (and I know you do) is doing a good job. I am certain of it. Keep your head up!
      Also, I think very few people in PG have any illusions about why their teacher retention rate is in the toilet. Its a tough district to work in!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Had a nice dinner with friends last night, along with a couple fun games of Sushi Go (a card game).
    RANT? I only realized last night that Allison has been calling my messenger bag my “man bag” because she forgot the proper name for it (and she didn’t want to go with “murse”). Thaaaanks. Haha.

  • Rant: Coworker was fired / escorted out today for looking at porn in the office.
    Rave: Coworker was fired / escorted out today for looking at porn in the office.

  • Aglets

    Rant: favorite coworker ‘s last day is today. He really helped make this place less stressful. I wonder how long it will be before the next one leaves.
    Rave: Nutella Whoopie pies from Grassroots bakery. i picked some up as a good bye surprise. Mostly to cheer me up but goddamn. Grassroots is the absolute best.

  • Oh man, I’m reading these portraits of 14 kids who lost parents in war and it’s brutal. If anyone needs a cry-break, go read these. Front page of the Washington Post.

    • I just can’t. A Marine in my husband’s unit was killed while his wife was pregnant with twins. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they will never know their father (a truly amazing man)….and for what? And then I think it’s just the luck of the draw that some people return, and others don’t. I always told my husband that two deployments is enough – the third, you might not be so lucky.

      • Oh man. Wow, yeah that is terrible (and is similar to one of the stories profiled). So sad. And agreed on your comments. Ugh.

        • I just remember seeing his very pregnant wife take the folded flag thinking about all the strength she had. There was one documentary I saw where a female veteran who lost an arm said that she would never be able to really hug her child. I lost it. Another Marine in my husband’s unit died of an illness that likely would not have been prevented if he had not been in Afghanistan – two young children left fatherless. And again, for what?

          • The pictures of those kids are heartbreaking. The price paid for these senseless wars is really incalulable. I believe that no death in the service of one’s country is in vain, but I hope there is a special place in Hell for Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the clown posse that got us into this mess.

  • skj84

    Rant: Not going on the work trip, because as the only woman going, I would have to share a room with one of the guys. We do have another lady salesperson though.

    Rave:I remembered to bring my lunch to work today! And I ate breakfast at home. Trying to get better about not eating out for lunch everyday.

    • That’s crazy — your office won’t get you a separate room??

      • skj84

        Nope! Not in the budget apparently.

        • That’s ridiculous. What would they do if they had an odd number of men — make two of them sleep in the same bed??

          • Or maybe they do have an odd number of men and currently the odd man out (so to speak) has his own room, and the only way they’ll let you go is to share his room??

      • epric002

        i agree! sharing rooms is bad enough, but i’m really surprised that there’s a policy that allows co-workers of opposite sexes to share a hotel room. everywhere i’ve worked it is totally against policy.

      • skj84

        Were a startup so they can do whatever they’d like with budget apparently. I feel bummed because I’m missing out on potential sales.

    • Could you just pay for your own room and deduct it later (if you itemize)? Seems like the trip could make you money, so it may make it worthwhile to do so.

      • SKJ84 is a renter, so I doubt she itemizes her tax deductions.

        • Getting the experience and sales still seems like a good deal even if she doesn’t itemize. If they’re sharing rooms, I gather it’s not the priceiest hotel on the market.

          • skj84

            I thought about it. But I don’t think I should have to pay out of my own pocket for a room when my coworkers are being covered. I mean yeah, the sales could cover it, but it just doesn’t seem right. Next conference I guess.

  • Rant: Interviewed for a number of Hill jobs and didn’t get any of them, and now most offices are staffed up.
    Further Rant: I don’t understand people who interview you, and then never get back to you. It’s one thing if you apply and don’t hear back, but I sat in the same room as you for 45 minutes, and then you never get back to me.

    • On the bright side, if those people can’t get back to you after they interviewed you, you probably don’t want to work for them anyway!

    • this is my biggest pet peeve. I truly don’t understand. I had an interview recently and they followed up right away, asking me about my current salary. And then radio silence. WTF? Just say, “I’m sorry, we don’t have that budgeted for the position” or something. I take the time to say “thank you for your time” after an interview….have the same courtesy!

      • epric002

        +1 i don’t care how many applications you receive. you likely received them online- figure out how to do an auto response. and to not respond to people who actually took the time to interview with you?! absolutely disrespectful.

    • I am right there with you about the lack of response after an interview. It’s rude and unprofessional. It’s been getting me up on my soapbox for a long long time. If you bring me in for an interview I deserve at least a brief email saying you are not hiring me. That’s all I want – nothing personal, no detailed explanation needed. Drives me nuts.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I just told someone I interviewed that we wold let them know either way. I have no idea if this is true, but it’s what my boss says. I hope it’s true. Someone who takes the time for an interview deserves to know yea or nay.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sorry you didn’t get hired. Keep your chin up.

    • Absolute pet peeve – I think if you have an in-person interview (or even a in-depth phone interview) they owe you a call (or email) to let you know you didn’t get the job.

      Although to be fair, I once had a firm send me a rejection email at 10:30pm at night and I was FURIOUS – who does that then? Really? You couldn’t wait for business hours?

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Wife and kid are out of town for the weekend. I generally like having them around, for the most part.
    Rave: Used last night alone to get caught up on drinking bourbon and playing video games, just like an adult should.

  • Rant: Adorable foster kittens looked like they were about to be adopted but it fell through.

    Revel: Adorable foster kittens are still available for you! Seriously – they are a wonderful pair of 4 month old brothers, playful & rambunctious but also very lap snuggly. See them here on Craigslist. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/4820178055.html

  • canadianexile

    Rave: Just tried Instacart for the first time. Not having to go to Whole Foods in person was wonderful.
    Rant: (my fault – the cottage cheese I ordered had no salt added and has a weird yet boring flavor. I’ll try salting it and see what happens.)
    Question: Are the prices marked up?

    • epric002

      i don’t know about the prices, but i love instacart! mostly b/c i can get costco delivered w/o a membership and w/o having to physically go to the store.

    • I love it too and actually don’t think the prices are marked up. Somehow, my Whole Foods bills manage to be smaller when they deliver, but I haven’t figured out exactly why yet. I’m not sure how (if) they are actually making money on these deliveries.
      The only downside I’ve found is that sometimes the shoppers mix things up a little, like your shopper did with the cottage cheese. The last time I ordered, I got 2 pounds of *baby* carrots instead of regular carrots, which is no big deal. But it made my thai chicken with cashews look a bit funny to me. It’s also going to fun to juice baby carrots instead of regular ones.

      • Oh wait — it sounds like you ordered the wrong cottage cheese, rather than the shopper mixing it up. I’ve had small mixups on items on the shopper’s end, but nothing serious.

    • I’m not sure about whole foods, but they are definitely marked up for the Harris Teeter prices somewhat. The prices also don’t reflect store’s sales. At least this was the case the last time I looked into ordering.

  • Rant: Another day off due to flu. Customers getting cranky.
    Rant: Right side of newish IKEA bed slats collapsed last night leaving me with a leaning mattress to cough on.
    Rant: OMG I’m over 35ish (cough-cough) and I have an IKEA bed!

    • Not quite at that age, but I see nothing wrong with spending money on a nice mattress (not ikea) and going cheap on the frame and slats. I love those old style poster beds, but I can put that money somewhere else.

      • skj84

        Agreed. I think the mattress should take precedence over everything.

      • Emmaleigh504

        dude! my sister has an amazing IKEA mattress on one of her beds. I wish I had gotten that mattress instead of the one I got. I may steal it one day.
        (I know Anon Spock is not a guy, it’s a figure of speech.)

      • That’s what I did – I have a very nice mattress – it’s the most I’ve spent on anything in my condo – that lives on a pretty cheap bedframe I bought at the mattress store. Mattress will last me a long time/bedframe I may upgrade if I ever actually redo that room. But the part I sleep on gets priority over appearances.

    • I had this problem with my current Ikea bed. To fix it, just buy wood screws and drill them through the slats into the frame upon which the slats are resting. It takes $5 and 10 minutes of your time to fix it. My Ikea frame is now as solid as a rock! 😀

      • OMG….YES!!!!!!!!!

      • Damn – wish I had ranted about this when my West Elm bed slats/support broke… Ended up ordering a steel support from Amazon, but then had to get plywood cut to fit at Home Depot, which ended up being a little too big, so had to file it down….the whole thing was a huge pain in the ass, but at least now my mattress is well supported and by bed doesn’t creak like it used to.

      • Ikea beds were NOT designed for strenuous bedroom activities 😛

  • Rave: It’s a three day weekend! My birthday weekend, too! Woohoo.
    Rave: Emailed a really awesome room for rent — hoping they respond and would like to meet me!
    Rave: It’s sunny out! (Rant: I’m stuck in the office) Might take a walk to get some coffee in a bit and enjoy the nice weather.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Got to judge a cookie baking competition last night that raised a ton of money for charity.
    Rant: I don’t really like cookies, and wound up with a massive sugar headache even just taking small bites of each.
    Rave: Some of the entries were way more creative than I expected, here are a few: http://instagram.com/p/x5iCFBJlHu/
    Rave: 4 day weekend means I got to sleep in today and not worry about being sugar hungover.
    Random: Having security company come by to provide estimate on cameras and monitoring for the house. I’m curious what other folks pay per month, and what you get for it?

  • Rant: Eating fish at your desk in a shared office space. Why?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I know. but to be fair, it’s not real fish, just fish flavored disks in my soup. I meant to pick them out before I added water. sorry.

    • epric002

      but does your office then sound out emails to the entire organization (including those people who sit outside the actual office where the offending fish cooking happened) about not cooking fish in the microwave, to which entirely too many nit-wits reply all? that happens where i work. not in-frequently.

      • My favorite is when an aggravated party writes “Stop replying to all!” and it sends out to the entire email list (because they accidentally hit Reply All).
        I just laugh and laugh and laugh 😀

        • Emmaleigh504

          I like it when they say “stop replying to all. I am reporting you to X.” But X has already seen it b/c reply all.

      • Nah. Only emails about keeping bathrooms clean and not leaving stuff in the fridge forever. Usually no one replies all where I work.

  • Rant: Tenacious (though not terrible) lower-back pain.
    Rave: The pain finally seems to be abating, thanks to a microwavable heating pad. (From Dollar Tree, and therefore so cheap I bought one just to keep at the office!)
    Rave: Upcoming three-day weekend!

    • epric002

      ick, lower back pain is the pits. sleep on a heating pad with a pillow under your knees! oh, and some ibuprofen too. feel better!

    • I have had lower back pain on and off throughout my short life. I recently spent around 6 months going to the chiro once a week, and it turns out ice is much better for some back pain than heat. Heat causes spasms (did not know this) and ice will actually be better in the long run. Just thought I’d throw it out there as a suggestion.

    • Pablo Raw

      I learned recently that some of our back pains come from the fact that we are still evolving into a bipede. I know it doesn’t help with your pain but… SCIENCE!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Quotia Zelda

  • Rant: Flyers suck. Congratulations, Caps fans. And if there are any Canucks fans here, you too.
    Rave: Finally got to check out Dram & Grain last night.
    Rave: Heading to the airport at o’dark thirty tomorrow for a week of snowboarding at Vail and Steamboat. Hope to drown my hockey sorrows in fresh powder. (Note to Emilie: I’m not bring my PoP shirt since I already had a snowboarding PoP shirt photo last year, although it was Park City and not Colorado. One is probably enough though.)

  • Rave: My basement tenant will be staying month-to-month once her initial lease term ends! She’s a fantastic tenant, and I was a little worried she might decide to move. (Obviously she could still move at some point, but I’m very pleased she’s staying for the time being.)

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