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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Got myself to the gym this morning. It is so hard to get there, but I always feel so much better after starting the day with a work out.
    Rant: Very unmotivated to finish a work project. It is one of those things that requires attention to detail but not a ton of thinking. I just need to clear it off my to do list.
    Rave: Half way through the week! I have a lovely weekend planned: visiting my new niece and then having a date with my favorite toddler.

  • Rave: That photo!

  • epric002

    rant: awakened at 5am with a pounding migraine.
    rave: meds worked! was mostly functional by 7:30, albeit a bit groggy.
    rave: yoga tonight, which i will not skip b/c it is too cold out, b/c i brought all my stuff with me to work so i’ll go straight there.
    rave: made really yummy daal last night. am really enjoying the indian meal options from plated and homechef lately.

    • I woke up this morning with a nasty headache too (although it felt like a regular headache rather than a migraine) — I think it was from the air being so dry because of the heat being on, even though I’d turned the thermostat fairly low.

      • Andie302

        I had a terrible sore throat and headache all day Monday. That night I ran the “fan only” feature on my AC window unit and felt like a new person when I woke up on Tuesday. I love radiator heat but I think it was to blame for both my throat and headache in hindsight.

    • Emmaleigh504

      will you share what your migraine meds are? I”m always looking for something that may work better than what I have (Relpax).

      • I took Propranolol as a preventative for years and thought it worked. It required some tweaking on the dose – I was still getting the occasional migraine so they upped it and I was so tired I could barely get out of bed – and you have to wean off it. Now when I get a migraine I take a massive dose of Excedrin and get a large coffee and that usually takes care of it within a day or so.

        • I also agree with the Excedrin and Coffee suggestion above. I take a small dose of imitrex if I feel like it’s going to be a terrible migraine, but sometimes the side effects just aren’t worth it… it turns me into a zombie with a stomach ache for a couple hours.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Thanks! none of those work for me 🙁 But I just remembered that Gabapentin which I used to take for RLS prevents my migraines and I have no bad side effects (Only side effect is no headaches of any kind). I really need to make a Dr appointment!
            Gabapentin is really safe and also prescribed for pain relief and migraines among other things. Some people get groggy, I don’t. Y’all might want to check it out. It’s also generic and super cheap.

        • emvee

          Imitrex did not agree with my system, at all. I, too, support the Excedrin and giant coffee approach.

        • Prophylactic daily Propranolol also worked for me, with Fioricet (Butalbital/acetaminofin/caffene) when I did get one.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Fioricet works great, but made me too high to keep using it. I had problems sitting in a chair when I took it.

      • I take topimax (had to work a bit to get the dose right), 300 mg of CoQ10, 400 mg of magnesium, and 400 mg Riboflavin daily. I used to have daily migraines and now they’re down to about once a month.

        • Emmaleigh504

          yikes! daily?! glad you’ve got them down!

          • Yup. And it took the neuro about 6 months to figure out how to stop them. So not the best time in my life. VERY glad we figured out a regime that works.

        • I took Topamax for about 4 years and finally had to stop. I lost a shit-ton of weight and it made me VERY irritable and cranky. Did you have any nasty side effects?

          • I initially lost some weight (which is OK, because I had some weight to lose), but other than that have been fine.

      • epric002

        I’m currently on Axert (and fighting my insurance to continue to cover it) since I’ve tried everything else listed in this thread and then some. The side effects aren’t ideal, but 90% of the time it works!

      • Anytime there is a storm front, the high pressure system triggers migraines for most people. My doc says his busiest time is in the spring when all the rain comes through.

        I’ve had migraines for 32 years and found Relpax to be a lifesaver for me–it was much better than Imitrex or anything else. And I’ve taken them all! I usually take that with Percocet and found it’s the best combo for me right now. Have you tried steroid packs? If you get migraine that lasts 5 or more days, you can start taking one and it usually break the pattern. Also, try DHE injections.

        My neurologist, Dr. Ruben Cintron who is the BEST and I highly recommend, says that new meds will be hitting the market in the next 2-3 years and they are revolutionary in their approach to migraines.

        Good luck! I feel your pain.

        • epric002

          yup, pressure changes are def my biggest trigger. I’ve had them since I was six and definitely had many miserable months/years trying to find a good rx. Fortunately at this point I only get 1 or 2 a month, so axert & the side effects are mostly manageable.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Aldi! I am in love with this store. We went from spending $120/wk at the Columbia Heights Giant to $44/wk at Aldi and I’m never looking back. Although it is a bit of a drive, I actually get my shopping done more quickly because the store is much smaller and therefore faster to make it through. There is also less time wasted debating items because they basically just have one of everything. The store is very plain and they don’t have everything, but I highly recommend it to my fellow frugal peeps.

    • I love Aldi. It would be nice if they took credit cards, but I really can’t complain since I have two debit cards. I occasionally go to the one in Beltsville. I usually go there after shopping at Costco, which makes for an interesting contrast.

    • I Dont Get It

      Which Aldi’s?

    • I’m an Aldi fan but don’t go due to a lack of a car.

      I also have never bought a single item in the Columbia Heights Giant, and I’ve lived in CH for 5 years now. That’s mainly due to living closer to Harris Teeter most of those 5 years, but also because there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to go to that Giant. Long lines, average prices, hit-or-miss customer service, etc.

    • They don’t take credit cards?? How odd.

    • It’s so funny because when I lived in Denmark, Aldi was the WORST. BUT it was open Sundays so you knew you were desperate if you went to Aldi on a Sunday.

  • Rave…I guess. After the ANC and Council member had to get involved yesterday, DPW just came by a few minutes ago and “picked” up the recycling after having missed it for two weeks in a row. They of course made a hell of a mess and quite a bit of the recycling (cans glass bottles etc) ended up in the alley which will now require us all to pick up.

    They also failed to pick up quite a bit of recycling put out for them next to the recycling cans because it was ostensibly not “in” the can which isn’t exactly a surprise because they were two weeks behind and no one had room left in their cans, but I guess they atleast came. Weird…lived in Boston for 4 years with all the snow and cold they get and missed a pickup maybe twice, which they then came and rectified a couple days later. I would say my alley here in CH has recycling or trash pickup issues atleast once or twice a month, regardless of weather.

  • Rave: Broad City returns tonight!

    Rant: I don’t have FXX so I can’t watch the Always Sunny premiere tonight.

  • Rant: Too much work=not enough gym time. I’m wasting away.
    mini-rant: I don’t mind answering questions, but every day I’ve come home to at least 3 questions that my roomie could have figured out by investigating…like what utensils we have, etc. I’m working long hours, and I just want to go into my cocoon after work.
    Rave: Second date planned!
    Rave: Friend had her baby. Already put out the offer to babysit.
    Rant: No pictures yet.
    Rave: New tv is spectacular!

    • I totally understand your mini-rant sentiment… but is it possible she is just a very “my things/your things” type person and is worried about digging around for stuff? That’s kind of funny as a roommate, but I know when I stay over at my friend’s houses I don’t like to just haphazardly look for things so I usually ask, even though they don’t really care about my investigating.

      • Nope. I’ve given him carte blanche to use what he wants at least twice like this: use anything in the kitchen you want. Yesterday he asked me about a barbershop…I’m a woman with long hair, why would I know anything about that one?
        On a related note I’ve had this happen a few times, so I’m wondering if it’s common: new roomie uses your bar of soap rather than buying their own until you complain then they get some? I have both body wash and barred soap in the bathroom (same product), and whenever someone is unprepared they go straight for the bar. My last roommate didn’t have body wash for a week even after I offered to buy him some on my store run, and we have a convenience store very nearby (I suspect he wasn’t showering). I am really OCD about barred soap, toothpaste, etc when it comes to someone else using it, and I typically use somewhat expensive specialty soap for eczema, so I’m even more annoyed by the practice. Do I just have bad luck?

        • Andie302

          How do you know he didn’t use the body wash? If I were in his position I’d be more apt to use that than the bar. I haven’t run into this, but I don’t share a bathroom with anyone and I don’t think I would care. Is it possible he’s asking about stuff to start conversation/build rapport with you?

          • I know the bar was used because it was moved from the sink to the shower.
            Maybe it’s not a big deal in reality, but I don’t want to find someone else’s body hair on my soap. I could care less if he used my body wash, and the fact that someone would choose the bar they have to move vs the body wash right next to them seems very strange to me, but apparently common amongst my roommates at least.

          • Andie302

            Ooohhh agree about the body hair! I feel like if I were him I also would’ve put the soap back where I found it.

          • Just saw the rapport portion. This is possible, and I’m not complaining about him asking for recommendations on bars and such, but when it is inane stuff like if he can use my blender after telling him he can use any and everything including my juicer, it becomes annoying. If he wants to hang out, all he has to do is ask.

        • I find it’s common for roommates to use soap/bodywash/ect. once in a while when they are in a pinch, but all of the time is unnacceptable. Some people are moochers though. Not saying your roommate is, but I certainly wouldn’t be cool with it happening all of the time.

          • I left him a separate small size body wash I wasn’t going to use and advised him not to use my stuff. No problem since then. If my previous roomie was sapped financially, he should have taken my offer to buy some and just delay reimbursing me. I never complained about petty stuff esp. not $4 for body wash.

        • oh my that is disgusting! sharing bar soap with a roommate?! ugh.
          When I shared an apartment with roommates, I had my own body wash, never shared bar soap.

        • I would be totally freaked out and not use that bar of soap anymore, to be honest. But I’m pretty OCD about stuff like that, too. In college, one of my suitemates (there were 4 of us using the one bathroom) kept using my semi-expensive conditioner and it really made me angry, because they all had their own on the shelf! You should definitely say something about that if you haven’t. Especially since he apparently feels like he can use your soap but not look for utensils…. Geez.

          • Ha. Yes, my thoughts exactly. The irony is he was the first person to ask about seeing a lease agreement upfront, so I gathered he read it, and I mention in the lease that he’s on his own food and toiletries. I guess next time I need to just leave the sample in there and take out my stuff until I see they’ve bought some.
            I’m the anomaly here who’s never used anything of my roommates without permission from salt to soap.

        • I have a former roommate who not only used another roommate’s toiletries, but TOOK THEM WITH HIM when he moved out. I kid you not. Then again, he also didn’t fully close the bathroom door when inside & took hour-long showers. And he tended to kick off his shoes at the entry to the house & leave them as tripping hazards, despite multiple requests not to. He was an odd duck.

          • Try multiple hour long showers at various times throughout the day and night. Once 2 hrs at one time. Also leaving a “personal cleansing device” (he was gay…I think we know what I mean) out in such a way that I have to move it to utilize the bathroom.

  • Rant: Major pothole on Montgomery avenue and Wisconsin in Bethesda. I can’t wait to see the damage. Fingers crossed I don’t have to pay a fortune… The cherry on top was when I went back to the scene less than 5 minutes later, there was a cone in it’s place.
    Rave: My boyfriend listening to me and trying to help me as I’m hyperventilating over said incident. It doesn’t help that he’s in Baltimore and I’m down here, but I’m grateful he helped me cope.

    • Ugh, I feel your pain. I hit a pothole a couple of years ago that did about $2,000 in damage when all was said and done. Two new tires, two new wheels and had to have my axle repaired. Hope yours doesn’t turn out as bad. I have serious pothole PTSD because of that experience.

  • Inquiry: who out there has a “work spouse”? I’ve had them at the last 3 places I’ve worked. Asking out of pure curiousity and the realization yesterday that I have one at my current job.

    • I Dont Get It

      I don’t have one currently but I’ve had three over my career and in retrospect just realized they looked like sisters. To be honest though, the last one due to the age difference I was her work uncle (work Dad seemed too creepy).

      • Ha, well the 3 I’ve had don’t resemble each other in looks whatsoever. And the first two were around 10 years older than me. This is the first time I’ve been the older one (by 3-5 years).

    • My roommate has one. I guess you could say that I do, but my wife & I are also really close friends with him and his wife outside of work. They’re my daughter’s godparents. So maybe not?

    • I do! He keeps me sane in our sometimes ridiculous office.

    • epric002

      never had one. is this an extrovert thing?

    • I had one for a while at my last job. We worked in different divisions, but often worked together on one particularly stressful project. It was really nice to have someone to call up and commiserate with, go to the gym with, and work with who was smart and resourceful. Unfortunately it fell apart when we developed feelings for one another in a really clear and unavoidable way (I was engaged at the time). When I changed jobs I tried to keep up with work spouse, but the feelings, even once acknowledged and packed away, made the friendship unworkable.

    • I’ve had a few! They didn’t look alike but were around the same age.

    • hispanicandproud

      I learned a really hard lesson about becoming friends with coworkers. My guard is way up and I’ve vowed never to fall into that again.

    • He was 10 years younger than me, and not my type. So I called him little brother. But yeah, we were inseparable. Same sense of humor, same work style, same thoughts about work politics, etc. All that work-spouse stuff. We tag-teamed all our projects, ate lunch together at least half the time, and never ever saw each other outside of work. He moved away, and we didn’t keep in touch.

    • SFT

      I used to, but haven’t had one in years 🙁 Work spouses make the office such a happier place!

    • My dad did. But it was more like a “work son”. 25 year age difference, but great friends and always went on business trips together. We always joked that when they were going to the west coast, they were visiting their other families (they used to go all the time). When my dad first retired, I think he was going through more stress missing his work spouse/son than missing work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      how are these “work spouses” different from “work besties”? I don’t get it.

      • I haven’t heard the term work bestie, so I don’t know. “work spouse” though generally means people of the opposite sex. Now that same sex marriage is legal in many places, I suppose the term is now either a) an anachronism or b) could also apply to a pair of gay colleagues of the same sex.

        • Emmaleigh504

          ok not work bestie, but good/best friend at work. I find the term “work spouse” creepy. I have really good friends at work who are men, I do not consider them spouse like. Maybe b/c I’ve never had a spouse? But I wouldn’t consider them work boyfriends either b/c that’s weird.

    • I have a work wife, and I don’t what I’d ever do if she took another job. I adore her.

    • Yup, I have one. We started our new jobs with our time at same time and both have the same off-color sense of humor. We are both VERY self-deprecating. We can give each other crap about things that would usually be deemed offensive to say to a co-worker (questionable haircuts, office fashion faux pas, weight/body crap, foot-in-the-mouth comments, etc).
      I attended her wedding last month – of course, she ridiculed me during her speech, LOL.

    • Whoa, I totally do have one, and I hadn’t even realized it!

  • Rant: Feeling melancholic today
    Rant: made the mistake of looking up multiple ex’s online to see how they were doing
    Rave: 2 seem to be happy and successful since our parting
    Rant: Found out most recent ex’s mother passed away recently
    Rave: Smart enough to know I can’t be of help in the situation, will just send positive thoughts her way

  • Rant: Bowser saying that the DCFD responded within a normal timeframe. Not long ago she praised the (unproven) improvement in safety culture at Metro, and just recently said she was actually surprised at this failure due to the (unproven and undocumented) improvements at Metro.
    Pretty crazy that everyone (from Bowser to the fire chief to Stessel to anyone associated with DCFD or the WMATA) is more concerned about covering up incompetence and protecting their jobs programs. Given their promises to come up with an evacuation plan after the people had to self-evacuate near College Park a couple years ago and then again on the Green line a year ago, it is pathetic that they just continued to sit on their hands- and it cost someone her life. Absolutely shameful. They think that if they keep their mouths closed long enough and don’t say a word, the public will forget and move on. Let’s hope that isn’t so.

  • Rave: Heading to Florida tomorrow for a girls trip away for the weekend, and bringing the kid. Looking forward to warmer weather!
    Rant: Flying by myself with a one year old, so I am super nervous about it. And it’s her first flight. I’ve been reading up on tips for flying with a little one (bringing lots of snacks, got a new toy and a new book to entertain her, giving her a bottle on take off/landing). Thought I would source any last minute tips from the PoPvillagers. Anyone have any tips on flying with a one year old?

    • If you can get to the airport early enough to run her around a bit, that helps too – get the energy out in advance. You may need to walk her up & down the aisle some as well. If she uses a pacifier, that can also work for take-off/landing. You can also use that time to relax any “no screen time” rules you have–games or videos on a phone or tablet may entertain her too. You’ll be fine!

      • I didn’t realize the pacifier would work for that as well! That is a great tip, thanks. She loves her pacifier. I planned the flight around nap time so I am hoping (probably in vain) that she will sleep most of the flight.

        • Oh yeah – it’s a sucking/swallowing thing that alleviates the ear pressure, so the pacifier should help too. Sleeping during flights works well for some kids but not for others. Mine doesn’t sleep well on flights most of the time, but many do. So be prepared either way 🙂

    • So, I’m not the mom, but the aunt and it sounds like you’re ready for the flight. The thing that threw me when I helped my sister take her little ones is the security screening. It will be tricky to fold the stroller and get it and all of your stuff on the belt, but people are generally really forgiving about it. Just take your time, if people aren’t nice about it that’s their problem.
      The first time my sister and I took the oldest to the airport we found out she had pooped through her diaper, all over the carseat/combo stroller when we removed her for the screening. Like, as we were taking her out to go through the metal detector. It was a good time, especially watching my sister carry her through by the armpits like last week’s trash.

      • HA! That’s a fantastic story. Your poor sister. Yeah, sometimes things go totally, utterly wrong–but then at least you get a good story from it & people generally help you out. Much of the time, things go fine 🙂
        Oh – another suggestion with that story in mind: pack an extra set of clothes for your daughter & at least an extra shirt for you in your carryon. You never know if/when you’ll need it, but you’ll be SO GLAD you have it if you do. And if you have a wet bag, throw that in there too. Because if you need the extra set of clothes, chances are, you’ll need the wet bag (or even a plastic grocery bag) too.

    • My mom traveled around the world with us kids when we were little (3 under 3 at one time) and she was a big proponent of cough syrup to put us to sleep. I recommend it.
      A friend delays feeding her kid so that when she gets on the plane and gets food she is completely absorbed by eating and is well behaved.

      Yes I just recommended drugging and starving children – clearly I am not a parent.

      • As a non-mother as well, this sounds like a great idea haha. Maybe things will change when I have my own kid, but I don’t think I would be above it.

    • We definitely relied a lot on the iPad with some headphones to watch some “tv” as a special treat on the airplanes. Also, if you think she might fall asleep on the plane, they make special “ear muffs” for small children that have a comfortable elastic headband and block out noise. We used those a lot.

      Check as much as you can, bring as little as you need onto the airplane.

    • I bring at least one diaper per hour of the flight plus at least 3 more. For some reason, especially when he was a baby, my son would start pooping like a madman right when we got to the airport. Definitely a change of clothes (maybe two) for the kid and a shirt for you. Snacks that you eat one at a time (like Cheerios) are good because they take up a lot of time and concentration. Ask a flight attendant for some extra cups; for some reason, those cups are like the greatest toy ever. If you’re bringing a carseat, just check it with luggage; no need to haul it through the airport. Have fun!

      • Quotia Zelda

        I always took the carseat on the plane. The kids were used to being in it and would sit still better than they would in just an airplane seat.
        This only works, though, if your carseat fits in the airplane seat (not all do, and some flight attendants are clueless) and if your kid likes the carseat.

    • Be prepared for the seat pocket to be fascinating, and the window shade to become a toy. My son usually is thrilled to watch TV, but not on the plane – he wants to touch everything and play and sing and wiggle… whew! So play games with the magazines (“Do you see a kitty on this page? What does the kitty say? Let’s look for more kitties!”).
      Also, remember that most of the complaining that happens about kids on planes is on the internet. In reality, most people are super understanding, incredibly helpful and patient, and will either politely ignore minor infractions (the accidental seat kicks) or make a point of saying things are okay, especially if they see you’re alone and doing your best. Try to go easy on yourself – I get stressed flying anyway, so my toddler feeds off that, and we jointly can spiral downward!
      Let the flight attendants know of any possible issues. Last time I flew with the kiddo alone, I was in the middle of horrifying morning sickness. I let them know, they made sure I had a big bag, plenty of fluids, and were very patient with the kiddo. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I think that I am most afraid of annoying the other passengers because I don’t know how she will react. She is generally a really happy kid, but I don’t know how she/her ears will react to the pressure changes. It is good to hear from someone that in reality most people will be understanding.

  • Rant: Toddler that wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to play when I go up to administer ibuprofen and help her settle back to sleep.
    Rave/Rant: Toddler prefering me means that she seems less likely to pull that crap when my wife goes up.
    Rant: Power struggles over meals: not wanting to sit in her chair, throwing food on the floor, etc. Argh.
    Anyone noticing a theme here? Oh and toddler antics are not helping my back. Boo.

    • I really hate being the default parent. Why can’t he love my husband this much?! Just once?! We have very similar kids (except mine’s 14 months). Last night we brought him in to the kitchen for his dinner while I was cooking ours. I’m trying to ignore his antics at meal time to see if they wear off. My dog is happy – lots of food on the floor.

      • Emmaleigh504

        hahaha we had a dog that always sat by me b/c as the youngest, I was the one who spilled food. As a teen we got another dog who learned from the old dog to sit by me at meal times, even though I was no longer spilling food. (I did feed them my onions, so they were happy.)

      • It might get better. My kiddo occaisionally picks my wife over me to read her a book these days, but that’s quite recent. And she’s much more willing to be entertained/held by my wife if I’m trying to do something than she used to be.
        For what it’s worth, I had a chat with one of her daycare teachers who suggested to consistently tell her no & make her help clean up. (She’s in a Montessouri program, so she’s used to cleaning up after herself. Though she’s better about it at school than she is at home – probably because they’re more consistent with her!) The thing I’m not sure about is whether clean up should be after dinner or right when she throws food on the floor – leading to multiple ups & downs from the booster seat. Something to strategize with my wife on. And we have a cat who would LOVE to clean up after my daughter, but can’t always tolerate everything and gets sick when he can’t. Ugh.

        • My kid thinks “no” is hilarious. We have a book called “No No, Yes Yes”. He only likes the “no” pages. But as my husband said, how do you really discipline someone who doesn’t speak? Or no consequence? We just use a stern “no” and then move on. I’m sure it’ll fail as a strategy! lol

          • I think the cleaning up is supposed to be the consequence. Or ending the meal. Or pausing it. I think “no” by itself may not have a ton of meaning at this stage, but “no” plus a consequence might work a little better. But I’m really just feeling my way through these issues these days and trying to find something that works.

  • Rave: free electricity, or rather How Pepco Lost Our Info and Never Charged Us for Four Months. Our electric is under my roommate’s name and since we moved in Sept we never got a bill. She called them almost every month since and only yesterday found out they lost our info, had never charged us, and now our electric metering begins today.
    Rant: offloaded at Gallery Place on a red line train. I was reading and listening to music so I didn’t even hear the announcement, but it was a full car and everyone started getting off so I figured what happened.

    • Allison

      Warning: they may randomly start backbilling you, or send you one big huge backbill. Have seen accounts of this in the past.

    • emvee

      This happened to me, too! I moved in August and had set up the account in July. When no bill had appeared by September, I started calling them. There was a huge cluster due to the prior tenants not paying their bill (or rent, for that matter, and getting evicted) and them putting a giant red flag on our unit. They even tried to get us to pay for the six months prior with no payments. Once they finally got their act together in November, they started billing us for Nov 1. I still fear the day they’ll change their mind and backbill, likely forgetting our various conversations about our not being the ones that didn’t pay for six months.

      Morale of the story: Pepco is satan.

    • Happened to me too with Washington Gas. I finally got a notice when they were about to send my stuff to collections. Bills came, but I think the person who lived below me at the time got the bills (they’re unit A, and I’m B and bills weren’t labeled), but he decided not pass them along. They wanted me to pay an extra $15/month for a year (bills average $15), but I was able to avoid the fee by paying $100 every so often, so I always had a credit.

  • Rave: I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months, primarily through calorie counting.
    Rant: The successful weight loss plus the winter weather=sooo unmotivated to run.

    • Wow! Keep up the good work! Don’t beat yourself up too hard over having no motivation right now – it’s hard! Had you been a runner before you started counting calories?

      • Yeah, I ran regularly (3-5 times a week) for a couple years. Stopped due to a health problem (now resolved), haven’t really gotten back into it since. Started biking instead (which I’ve also stopped doing due to the weather).

        Honestly, I wouldn’t care that much about not running, but I signed up to do the cherry blossom run in April- whoops.

  • Aglets

    Rant: Woke up at 3am due to all the coffee (I’m guessing?) I drank over the course of yesterday.
    Rave: Today has been quiet so far (knocking on wood)
    Neither: Last night’s date was fine. The person was nice.

    • Andie302

      Sorry to hear it’s just neutral on the date…but glad that it’s not a rant! Good for you for going 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Dates that are fine with nice people are raves in my book.

      • Aglets

        i know- i feel like a turd. I just feel kinda unmoved.

      • Agreed. Okay dates are raves too esp if you’re just getting back into dating.

        • +1 Any not bad date is a good date. You’ll see a new bar you like, you’ll learn more about what attracts you or something else. Every date is a brick on the yellow brick road.

      • Accountering

        I completely agree. It is supposed to be fun. Try not to focus on everyone one needs to be the one. Justin said something along the lines. Go out, have fun, get a drink, meet a new person, and move on if its no good.

    • Pablo Raw

      Since yesterday’s comments, I’ve been (over) thinking about how much going to a date with low expectations affects people’s behavior consciously and unconsciously and how much of that the other person sees it and then considers that he/she “is not a good match” or don’t feel butterflies, etc. This is not love advice, consider it more like a search for psychological drama. Discuss.

      • Yes! It totally affects behavior! And also, I’ve definitely been on dates with people who clearly just aren’t really looking – and I want to be like “So, why were you on [insert dating site here] again?”

      • I am guilty of not being excited or having butterflies before dates nowadays. I always wondered if guys can tell I’m iffy about the date and if that changes their opinion of me. I’ve learned that when I try to be cool because I’m nervous or try to be seem interested because I’m not excited, I end up leading guys in the wrong direction. I’m just waiting for a natural easy interaction.

  • Rant: Why is it so hard for new (mostly younger) residents on my block to say “hello” to their neighbors? Half the time when I greet my newer neighbors, or wave from my porch, I get a blank stare, or a quick look away.

    • laduvet

      they think you are a creepy or are hitting on them 🙂

      DC is not a friendly city sometimes.. especially with all the new younger people moving in.

    • Try it with pants on next time. Might get a more friendly response.

    • I think it’s a cultural thing — the idea that you don’t talk to or otherwise acknowledge people you don’t know.
      After moving to my current neighborhood, I made a real effort to say hello to people, lest I be perceived as a haughty white interloper. What’s interesting to me is that whereas almost all of my black neighbors return my greetings, the neighbors who look most like me — youngish white people — don’t.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 def cultural. In my small town in the frozen northland people did not say high to each other when they passed on the street. My larger city in the south people do say hi, but usually only in less dense areas.
        Fun celeb interaction: I was in the Quarter with my mom and Gerald McRaney passed us. He gave us a nice neighborly greeting. Made my mom’s day.

      • I have a similar experience, to the point where I almost completely stopped acknowledging white yuppies as they either look down or away most of the time. I will look up and smile/say hello if we make eye contact, but that’s increasingly rare. Black folks (across the age and SES spectrum) are much more friendly on the street than youngish white folks.

        • There are four houses on my block (used to be five but that mean old man on the end finally died) where the long-time residents are downright hostile to the white residents. Never mind that I’ve been there for 10 years, or that I’m loud and friendly and helpful. When I call hello to someone sitting on a porch, I get a suspicious side-eye from these four houses.
          Then, there are the group-house renters. They aren’t hostile, but they sure aren’t friendly. I don’t think they know who their neighbors are. Or care.
          Then there are a dozen or so houses with middle-aged families. All ethnicities, all orientations. Those are my people. I wonder if it’s an age thing… all the mean people are old (though not all the old people are mean).

      • Pablo Raw

        I have a similar experience except that the african-american neighbors keep talking to me even when I’m like half a block away 😀

    • As a younger person, I am so thrown off by who I should and should not say hello to. Sometimes I will try to say hello to people who look like neighbors, but most of the time I also just get blank stares in return. I was not raised in an environment in which to say hello to people was expected, so the whole experience is awkward and foreign to me. Honestly, I do just avoid all contact sometimes. I wouldn’t take it personally. Sometimes I assume people are saying hi to someone else behind me if they are saying hello from a porch.

      • I agree with the first part of your comment — I also get really confused about who to say ‘hi’ to. I went to undergrad in LA and people never seemed to mind me saying hi! But here some people appreciate it and some don’t, and now I find myself being the awkward person who doesn’t say hi very often….

    • Maybe they’re condo owners and all they hear about is how they’re ruining the city for homeowners, so they feel ashamed and or judged.
      No? That’s just me?

      • Huh? I think it’s just you.

      • How? I’ve heard investors or laws requiring licensure is affecting affordable housing, but this one is new.

        • It’s mostly a joke, really. But, you have to admit there is a lot of “ruining the neighborhood” thrown around my anti-pop up folks and lots (most?) of these pop ups are condos. I believe potential people moving into the former Ella, now Eva were told they should be ashamed of themselves. And yes, it’s hideous, but still, you should be ashamed of yourself for buying a home that suits you?
          I don’t really see how saying that pop ups are ruining the fabric neighborhoods can be de-linked from the people who will move into them.

          • I took pop-up hate as more of a visual problem which in turn shows what is happening to neighborhoods…lots of building up without care for continuity. I would think the same sort of things could be said for any home turned into condos re: loss of affordable housing, but I believe all those luxury apartment buildings have a greater effect.
            Eva residents should be ashamed of living in such an ugly building.

  • Rave: Interview went pretty well yesterday (thanks for the encouragement all!) and got another interview scheduled for tomorrow with a different organization.
    Rant: Skype interviews.
    Rant/Rave (jury’s out): Thinking I might be ready to start wearing some makeup (never have before except for a few weddings I’ve been in). But I don’t want to have a long routine or something difficult – just something to even out the color in my face and make my eyes stand out…any ideas as to where to go to learn about makeup but not someplace that will do my face up like a clown and sell me ridiculous amounts of expensive shit?!

    • Andie302

      I saw an article by a makeup artist recently that said her day-to-day only involved filling in her brows, mascara, maybe a bit of eye shadow, and a tinted lip gloss. Maybe start there? For very light skin stuff, bare minerals seems to be popular…but it’s not cheap!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Mascara does wonders for making eyes pop. For evening skin tone I sometimes use Oil of Olay bb cream. It’s light and mostly sheer. On most days I just do eyeliner and mascara. Lipstick if I”m feeling fancy.

      • Definitely just had to wikipedia bb cream. I’ll check that out – is that something that has to match your skin tone? I think mascara works really well on me but I’m terrified of eyeliner. Is it ok to do mascara with no eyeliner…? (Oh my, I really know nothing about makeup)

        • Emmaleigh504

          you can always do mascra and no eyeliner, but NEVER eyeliner and no mascara. BB cream is not matched exactly, just in the same family since it’s sheer. Also seems to work best for white people and not POC. It tends to be ashy on POC.

        • Higher end BB creams, like the ones you get from sephora need to match your skin tone. Even the ones from the drugstore should, but the ones from the drugstore offer far fewer tones.

          • I really liked Dr. Jart’s BB cream, which is available at Sephora, but which doesn’t come in different colors. I’m really pale and it worked well for me.
            I’m in scale back mode though, and now I’m replacing nicer products with drug store stuff.
            I recommend reading the Small Things blog, she has good reviews of high and low end products.

          • I’m also switching over to drug store products. I love CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara and I actually like Almay eye shadow palettes better than my usual MAC eye shadows.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I like the green and pink drug store mascara and Loreal eyeliner pens (so easy to use!). But I stick with my Dior and Lancome eyeshadow. It’s a finer powder that sticks to my eyelid better. All the drug store eyeshadows I’ve used have larger particles that want to fall in my eye. I also use cover girl pressed powder b/c I do not like the “dewy” look.

          • I’m still going strong on my Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet, I fear the day I need to switch that. I make an exception for the Benefit They’re Real mascara though, it’s just too good.
            I’m digging the ELF primer, Cover Girl Outlast lip color, and I use Revlon foundation. I think it’s Color Stay or something. It’s actually hard in some more expensive brands to find a really really light color with cool undertones, but for $10 at CVS I found a great match.

          • Emmaleigh504

            you know who has really light foundation and powder? Dior and Guerlain. Dior’s is slightly lighter. My pal who worked for Guerlain who is just as white as me would use Dior’s foundation (she had to wear the full face for work). I just use Dior powder when I’m feeling rich (other wise cover girl). The color is 100 if you want to try it.

      • +1 for BB cream instead of foundation. I use the Garnier version.

    • Emmaleigh504

      And if you want to learn from an expert, don’t be afraid of the cosmetics counter a department stores. Tell them what you want and they can show you. You are not obligated to buy anything, but buying a mascara or eyeliner is nice. Or just have me over, I’ll show you! I love makeup!

      • Really? I just figured they’d want to paint your face instead of listen to what the customer wants (even if I don’t really know what I want….) it’d take a big push for me to get my ass to the store for a “makeover”…

        • Emmaleigh504

          They want to sell you something, so if you tell them what you want, they will do it. If you don’t tell them anything they will give you a “full face.” And sometimes they seem over eager b/c the are bored. BORED! Relax, they aren’t evil people.
          Actually getting to the department store is another story.

        • This is a great idea. I also think it helps if you ask for assistance from someone who is wearing more natural makeup. Bobbi Brown tends to have less overdone makeup artists.

          • Emmaleigh504

            not always true. The department store folks have a requirement on how much make up they have to wear (a full face) and sometimes they get bored and get wild. It has nothing to do with how they will put make up on someone else.

          • Interesting, I didn’t know about the requirements– good to know. I tend to just look for someone with a makeup look that I like but I can see how they would get bored and experiment. I do that too for time to time.

        • I do not wear much makeup at all. A few months ago I went to a makeup counter at Nordstrom and told them I wanted something easy and neutral, and that is what I got. I actually now wear makeup about once, maybe twice, a week. It was good to not have to guess what works.

          One thing I’ve liked is Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow. Even when I don’t really wear makeup, I put some on with a little eyeliner and it brightens my eyes. Super easy.

        • SFT

          Just be careful of the MAC counter. I wear MAC and love it, but every time I’ve asked to try a product (with makeup artist assistance) I’ve ended up feeling a little clown-like. The Chanel counter usually errs on the conservative side, give them a whirl. And you don’t have to buy anything, just tell them that you want to think about it before you buy.

    • I could use this advice, too. When I wasn’t interested in make-up in middle school and high school, I figured once I was an adult I would just wear make-up because that’s what adults do. I’m just shy of 30 and I still don’t wear any. It would be nice to not look like a zombie in the mornings…

      • I’m in the same spot! I feel like learning now but I don’t want to use a bunch or hide behind a layer of makeup. I know nothing about any of it and feel like it’d be good to know and use occasionally.

    • I just do drug store makeup. A combo eyeshadow (maybelline in “dusk”), filling in my brows with a pencil, dark brown eyeliner, and mascara. I have freckles so I tend to think I look weird with foundation covering them up, so I usually skip it (but if I have to, I do the bare minerals concealer and some light cover girl BB cream), and chapstick. Works for me and it’s usually done in 5 minutes. I would start with eyeliner and mascara, and play from there.

    • I had the same realization a few years ago. I had really good luck at Sephora. Their people are great, they’ll listen to what you want and suggest a few products (and put them on for you), and usually pretty low pressure to buy something. I only wear a light powder and mascara on a daily basis so I splurge for the nice brands at Sephora that I know match my skin and won’t make me orange or ghostly and buy cheap(er) Maybelline mascara at the drug store. Round it out with some tinted chapstick and I’m ready in less than 5 minutes.

    • I use Benefit’s Fake Up to hide dark circles, and regular drugstore mascara/blush and that’s it. I like to give particular props to the Fake Up because it doesn’t go on like a huge layer of gunk, but more like a moisturizer.

    • I personally like the sales people at Blue Mercury more than Sephora. That said, I like to try as hard as possible to use “natural” products. I use Jane Iredale dream tint tinted moisturizer (it’s really good – better than Laura Mercier, which I used for YEARS), RMS Beauty lip2cheek, and whatever else I’m feeling (stila eyeshadow in kitten is a great neutral). The Urban Decay Naked paletts are a great way to have a bunch of colors at your ready (and a good brush). Eyelash curler. If you don’t want to put mascara on, go for an eyelash tint. If you want an artist to show you how to do your own look, I recommend my girl Flami at FYUBI on U Street – she does my brows and is the bomb. And for the record, I don’t put on make up really anymore. I don’t have the time. But those products are amazing and worth every penny.

      • +1 for BlueMercury. The location on Connecticut Ave has really nice salespeople who won’t give you a hard sell and the selection there is nicely edited. I find Sephora a bit overwhelming, but really like shopping at BlueMercury because I like almost all of the brands and salespeople.
        Also +1 for RMS products. I’d also recommend ILIA, which has colors that are just a slight boost from natural tones.

        • I always feel too old at Sephora. It seems like lots of tweens and college kids asking for free makeovers before they go out. And the music. Blue Mercury all the way. I enjoyed my experience at Folian when it was at Union Market and think they’d do great here.

          • Yeah, Sephora can be good if you know what you’re looking for and they have it. The two times I’ve asked for makeup advice there, I’ve gotten makeovers that make me look like a drag queen.

    • I highly recommend Bobbi Brown tutorials. That’s how I “learned” how to put on natural, classic makeup.
      My routine might be longer than you would like but it’s a “natural look”: tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, light bronzer, light blush, eyebrow powder, mascara (always curl lashes), and lip stain. I look more “alive” if that makes sense. It takes no more than 10 minutes.

    • I am a fan of bare minerals for basic makeup. It evens out skin tone, is quick to apply, and not very expensive in the long run (it lasts a long time). I also like it because it reminds me to put on spf moisturizer every day (I use it as a base). That said, you should find what YOU like. Macy’s is great for this. You can go to a bunch of different makeup counters and have them put makeup on you. Tell them you are new to makeup and they will explain what they are doing as they go!

    • Wow – thank you all! This is an incredible wealth of knowledge. Looks like I need to get out there and try things. I feel a bit overwhelmed – a bit, the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know… I was so blissfully ignorant ;-).
      Thanks again!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: can do unscheduled telework even tho I don’t have my laptop
    Rant: Java is blocking my work’s site b/c their security isn’t up to snuff.
    Even? I wasn’t going to got to work anyway b/c I busted up my ankle falling on ice last night
    Rave: If I ice the ankle enough I can hit the HH tonight
    Jeslett! Had French 75s last night, they are wonderful! Thanks for introducing me to them!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Also: Justin amuses me.

  • Rant: saw THREE drivers going the wrong way on 1-way-streets this morning. And not to be predictable, can anyone guess where the cars were from??

    Rant: The metro. Thank goodness Im able to bike to work most days, but when i cant, what a nightmare it is to take the bus/metro. The other day a ‘full’ bus pulled up to my stop, and the driver wouldn’t let anyone on. There was CLEARLY space in the back for people to make more room, they just refused, and stood watching me standing in the rain as the bus pulled away. So for me, metro sucks not only because of their incompetent management and infrastructure, but also selfish riders and inconsiderate people!

    Rave: Made a delicious dinner last night and leftovers at work today!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Wiccan housesitter came over yesterday to pay his rent and then cleaned my bedroom and bathroom, cleaned out the litter box, and swept the hallway. He said he didn’t know what to do with the full laundry basket in my bedroom and I refrained from saying “Take it to the basement and put it in the washer.”
    Rave2: I’m feeling better and my appetite has returned.
    Rave3: I had a great night’s sleep last night.
    Rant: Paradoxically, I think I may have Sleep Apnea or Restless Leg Syndrome.

    • I am confused by your arrangement. He “comes over” (meaning he’s not there all the time), gives you money, and does chores? I may need to get a wiccan housesitter of my own!
      Oh, and I would never let someone else do my laundry. It’s personal, I have a system, don’t touch. 🙂

      • I Dont Get It

        Haha I wondered who would be the first to catch that. He is part of team taking care of an invalid a few blocks away. When he has a night off or afternoon off he doesn’t want to stay there since it is stressful and the nurses still want his help. For $165 a week I let him stay on my third floor part-time. In exchange he does minor chores around the house, grocery shopping and helps with the no-longer housetrained dogs and the increasingly hateful cat. So it is sort of like I have a cleaning service that pays me…win-win for everyone. As much as I would like to find a full-time tenant, I think it would be difficult with the current elderly dog situation.
        “Dear PoPville I came downstairs this morning and found dog poop and pee in the hallway again. Is this even legal?”

    • Glad to hear you’re feeling better, IDGI! Any chance of your making it to tonight’s HH?

      • I Dont Get It

        No I’m still not up to 100%. Someone else will have to be in charge of smudging, min-cauldrons and frozen Christian rat stories.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Come to the HH tonight & lets talk about RLS. I can share my coping mechanisms!

      • I Dont Get It

        Actually now that I’ve read more about RLS I don’t think I have it. My legs don’t hurt or feel uncomfortable it’s just that several times a night it seems like my rock hard six pack flinches and pulls my legs slightly forward and upward (I sleep on my side). Maybe it’s a result of the sleep apnea?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My colleague brought me a madeleine her (crotchety French) husband made. Delicious!
    Rave: Daydreaming about silver. Why don’t I have cream soup spoons? Or proper dessert spoons? At least Emilie fixed my salad fork deficiency.
    Rant: Nothing at the moment. I’m feeling pretty content.

  • Bear

    Rave: Back in Kampala after week in northern Uganda. Very, very happy to have a hot shower, water pressure, and a comfy bed.
    Rant: Everything I saw and heard over the past week. Close to ten years after the LRA conflict ended and people are still in desperate need of assistance to recover from what they went through – physically, psychologically, and economically. It’s just so, so heartbreaking.
    Rave: I’ve never been through a war, mutilated, forced to kill someone, sexually assaulted, forced into marriage, etc…really thinking about all the things I usually take for granted.

  • Rant: Woke up with a nasty headache this morning, I think from the dry air.
    Rave: Last night I started reading British writer Caitlin Moran for the first time — the memoir “How To Be a Woman” — and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard or that frequently in a long time. Extremely funny writing!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Buckeyes! It feels good to be National Champions!
    Rant: Bulk pick-up. I scheduled a pick-up of a mattress, and an old sink and a couple old doors. They didn’t pick it up because the mattress wasn’t wrapped in plastic. When I wrapped in plastic and tried to have them re-do the pick-up, the guy yelled at me and hung up. When I called to reschedule, on Saturday, the earliest available appointment was 1/21. No wonder people just dump mattresses in dumpsters around the neighborhood.
    Rave2: Caps Flyers tonight. They took one point from us in Philly, but we are firing on all cylinders right now, and are going to show them who’s boss at Verizon.

    • Re: bulk pickup. That sucks but it says pretty clearly on the website that mattresses MUST (their emphasis, not mine) be wrapped in plastic. Can’t blame them for you not knowing.

      • Accountering

        I agree, and understand why they didn’t pick it up. The fact it is another two weeks is silly though. I would argue bulk pickup in a city is a pretty important function. Making things like this difficult is part of the reason why people just dump this junk in vacant lots or whatever.

        • Bulk pickup is probably backed up due to the weather. A lot of normal garbage is backed up – for instance, yesterday our garbage and recycling was removed for the first time in two weeks. They are prioritizing getting back on schedule with normal garbage pick-up.

          • Accountering

            That is a whole different issue. The whole system clearly has issues. Normal garbage pick-up shouldn’t have been delayed either. I am a pretty big proponent that life goes on when it snows.

    • Let’s go Flyers!!! Bummed to miss the happy hour, especially since I’ve wanted to check out Barrel, but it’s the only time I’ll get to see the Flyers here this season since I’ll be away the weekend they come in Feb. I’m usually at the big bar on the club level behind section 200 between periods if you want to look for me. It used to be the Dewer’s bar, but I forget what it’s called now. I’ll be wearing a Flyers winter classic jersey. 🙂

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: First hill work out of the season in 20 degrees was a killer last night. Glad super running friends were there to push me up and down our beloved Calvert Hill.
    Rave: Anxious for outdoor bootcamp today again in 20 degree weather. Squat time!
    Rant: Missed two days of work which means no one did anything so today I have three days of work to do.
    Rave: Finally realized I did in fact get a Christmas bonus! It was deposited into savings for some reason. I just moved it to my checking account.

    • Oh man – calvert hill is rough. Good on you for pushing through!

      • hispanicandproud

        Thanks, UDPie. Training for two spring marathons and I’m a bit nervous. Wasn’t able to run for six weeks at the end of last year so I’m ramping up my miles quickly.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have you ever thought of doing an ultra marathon?

      • hispanicandproud

        Oh gosh no, Emilie504! 26.2 is all about I can handle and even then I’m bored at mile 17. Have you ever done an ultra?

        • Emmaleigh504

          hell no! I do not run and find you slightly insane (in a good way) for doing marathons. I just thought since you do multiple marathons a year an ultra marathon might be up your alley.

  • Rave: I’m back! Got to see the boy last night, and trip was relatively uneventful.
    Rant: There was ice in the Potomac. Can I go back to the land of warm weather?
    Rant: Laptop won’t turn on, after I uploaded all of my vacation photos but before I could back it up. I guess I’m headed to Apple soon…
    Rave: Haven’t been too jet-lagged, just moderately so. I’m counting it as a blessing 🙂
    What’d I miss since I was gone? Anything good on RRR?

  • justinbc

    REMINDER: PoP HH tonight @ Barrel in Capitol Hill. I’ll probably arrive around 5PM. If for some reason you don’t see any of us there is a large downstairs area and we might be there, because it works better for groups. The whole bar/restaurant isn’t that big, so check before you bail!
    If this is your first time and you’ve never met me or any of the other PoPville folks, here’s some photos of me to give you an idea of who to look for:

  • Rant: Fun trip to Ft. Lauderdale canceled this weekend because I got put on a last minute work trip to Russia
    Rave: United is running a bonus mile promotion – and flight isn’t looking full, come on upgrades!
    Rave: Bought a new dresser last weekend and am loving the new storage space. Slowly replacing my grad student Ikea purchases for well made furniture.

    • I need a real dresser; where did you get yours?

      • ABC Carpet and Home – great store in New York

        • Ahhhh. My heart just went pitter patter. They were having a great sale there a couple weeks ago and it made me want to refurnish my entire house.

          • I like that its made in the USA, the hardware is solid, and there isn’t any cheap pressboard like from the big box stores.

            There are a bunch of items on chairish.com that I’m coveting but need to save.

          • andy2, I hadn’t heard of chairish.com — looks great!

          • They are doing an online “auction” live from the West Palm Beach flea market Feb 8th via their instagram feed. They did their first this past weekend at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, sadly I missed a few cool things.
            Full disclosure my cousin started Chairish – but I still think they are pretty awesome

      • locally, we bought our dresser at Macy’s. They have some very nice stuff (and some gross stuff) and good deals.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Y’all, go to Frederick. I got a veeeeeery nice Federal Revival dresser for super cheap at one of the antique stores there.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 cheap and cute and don’t fall apart!
          We need to go to fredrick soon ish. I’m looking for a hat rack.

        • QZ, when you find something you like in Frederick, how do you get it back to (IIRC) Rockville? Do you transport it yourself? Arrange for delivery?

          • Quotia Zelda

            I’ve done both. I have a big car (used to have a Sienna, now have a Forester), so I can fit a lot.
            On the occasions when I couldn’t fit everything (impulse sideboard purchase!), I’ve asked the store what they suggest. In one case, the stall owner (it was one of those multi-vendor places) delivered it for a very reasonable fee.
            In another case, the store gave me the name of a delivery service they recommended. It was expensive, but it was a lot of furniture and a complicated delivery (some of it was going to Emilie).

  • Rant: Our housing. We found a great place, told the LL that we would move out and leave him a ready-to-sell apartment (clean, empty). We’ve given him examples of how difficult it is to sell a unit in DC with tenants in it. He has not responded at all. We have no way to contact him other than email (he never provided a phone number, since, you know, he lives in Dubai…). We don’t know if we should pass on the townhouse, or just move out. I think at this point it’s not fair to the owner of the townhouse to expect them to wait, so we’ll have to stay put and make our LL’s life hell. It’s so infuriating and my anxiety is through the roof.
    Rave: cuddly toddler.
    Rant: cuddly toddler who only wants mommy. Ever.
    Rant: Metro. I’m still freaked by how they handled everything.

    • Accountering

      What a dummy. Your LL is an idiot. He should know if he is trying to sell, he should be responsive. Sorry you are going through this 🙁

      • we haven’t heard from him in days. I really don’t know what to do. The other property is ready to go with a local, registered landlord. What should we do?!

        • How much money do you stand to lose if you just move? If that’s something you could afford, I would simply move and forget about your old LL. Otherwise, good luck.

      • If he lives in Dubai, this house he owns in DC might be very small potatoes. Heck, no matter where he lives, this house might be small potatoes. I don’t think you have nearly enough information to determine that he’s an idiot.

        • He told us that he has “never come close to covering expenses”. He bought the place in DC in 2008 and has never lived there. The fact that he has not armed himself with any understanding of DC law on being a landlord shows me that he’s an idiot. I think the back taxes he will owe DC alone for not paying the franchise tax make it worth it to him for us to move out by the end of the month.

          • I didn’t say he was a good landlord, it sounds like he’s definitely not. But none of what you or Accountering are saying makes him an idiot.

          • Maybe maybe not. The unincorporated biz tax can be really low…I think minimum is $250 which with depreciation, condo fees, and other expenses you could reach fairly easily.

          • the DC franchise tax is 10% of your total rent. Not the income you generate, but your total rent. that’s on top of declaring the income on your taxes (which I’m fairly certain he does not)

          • It’s 10% of taxable income. See below pulled from office of the DC CFO; same rate for both incorporated and unincorporated businesses:

            The franchise tax rate is 9.975% of taxable income, a 9.5% base rate plus a 5% surtax on the base rate.

            •$250 minimum tax, if DC gross receipts are $1 million or less
            •$1000 minimum tax, if DC gross receipts are greater than $1 million

            Declaring the income can easily generate a loss since you’re able to deduct all your business related expenses, interest, depreciation.

            I know you’re a LL too…have you been doing this wrong on your taxes?

          • no, I have an accountant. I’ll be sure to follow up.

        • Accountering

          Yes, he is an idiot. If this is small potatoes, then he is an idiot for owning it and not divesting it to focus on bigger potatoes. If Bill Gates owns and runs a rental property in DC, (and runs it poorly) then he is an idiot.

          • Accountering

            Just to clarify, actively burying your head in the sand about investments makes you an idiot. If you are going to be actively bad at it, just invest in an index fund. If it is small potatoes, sell it and focus on big potatoes.

          • He’s selling it so it sounds like he’s doing what you think a non-idiot would do. Not all investments work out for the positive, you should know that. Simply having a losing investment in your portfolio at any given time doesn’t make you an idiot.

          • sure, if it’s a losing investment one would think he would seek to unload it as quickly and pain free as possible. Instead, he’s doing the opposite.

          • Accountering

            I don’t think you are reading what I am saying at all. If your investment thesis was reasonable, and you lose money, of course that’s fine. Buying a house to rent when you have no interest in doing the necessary things to rent a house successfully (like responding to your tenants who are trying to bail you out) makes you a dummy.

          • A losing investment with ever increasing equity…why get rid of that? You lower your annual income and know you’ll make money on the sale. Win-win, but yes he is a dummy for so many reasons.

          • OK, well, for some reason PoP moderated my original response. My basic point is that you are all making assumptions about what is and isn’t important to the landlord. *Right now* this investment property isn’t necessarily the most important thing (or heck, even in the top 10), and it’s not stupid to attend to the most important things first. Just because you can imagine scenarios in which this landlord is stupid doesn’t mean that he is in fact stupid.

        • just checked – you’re right! Been paying $250. Whew!

          • Good! I was really worried after having just screwed up my taxes big time on some rental related stuff. Thank goodness I can amend it.

          • Accountering

            You had me worried as well! If you were remitting 10% of gross rent to DC, I was going to be very worried! A beer at HH and we would have sorted this out for you quickly 🙂 Amended tax returns and all! 🙂

    • Just move out. Send a letter registered mail to his real estate agent, and an email copy to him, notifying them that you’re moving out effective X date to help him sell the unit per your earlier discussion, and he can forward your deposit to X address. There’s a serious chance he won’t send you the deposit back, but he can’t sue for rent since he’s renting illegally in the first place, IIRC.

      • We need the deposit, though (it’s not chump change).
        What legal recourse does he have to go after the last two months rent? The concern here is really a ding on our credit for future mortgages (we’ve never paid a mortgage late – this is our first time renting in years)

        • You’re generally on the hook for remaining rent if you leave a lease early. He may be required to mitigate this by trying to find another renter to cover the period, but I’m not sure. Again he’s unlicensed, so I don’t think he can sue you for the remaining rent.

        • You may want to ask a LL-tenant law expert here, but my understanding is that he could take you to small claims court. That’s where the registered letter comes in handy, as proof you notified him in a timely manner. As well as your other correspondence. But since he was renting illegally, he doesn’t really have a claim. Sending it to a collections agency would require him to show a legally binding lease, and telling them he’s not a registered LL would shut down their operation pretty quickly.

          • yeah, that’s what I thought. I just don’t get why he isn’t responding.

          • Andie302

            If I were in your position and really concerned about getting my deposit back, then I would stay in place until the end of your lease and find something that’s available when your lease isn’t renewed. Then the LL has no recourse but to return your deposit, and in the interim you will make his property less attractive to buyers. If you move, he could come after you for the unpaid rent, or keep your deposit to make up for the unpaid rent (from what I understand in a brief reading of the OTA). I would call OTA and talk to someone who knows this stuff inside and out.

          • Deposits cannot be used for unpaid rent, but given his location, I think getting it back would be a big fight for jindc.

    • Really tough spot. I’m not sure what best to do as the courts could see you moving out early without confirmation as breaking the lease, so you could be on the hook for more rent. He couldn’t keep your deposit for unpaid rent, but he could sue you, btw. Also since he’s not registered, I’m not even sure he could sue you for the remaining rent. I’d recommend contacting the OTA and see what they say.

      • I contacted them – they weren’t helpful. My husband’s going to contact them today.

        • There is always landlord tenant down at the Courthouse. DCRA may be able to help as well. OTA does answer emails. I sent in a question and someone got back to me in a day or 2.

        • The only important question is: can an unlicensed landlord sue you for unpaid rent on a lease? He’ll keep your deposit, but he cannot do so for unpaid rent. With him being out of the country, service is going to be a pain for you to sue him.
          I think the best option is stay there and use every bit of your rights. You’ll be good for many more months. Inventory on rentals should be better then, and hopefully, you’ll know if you need to move by then.

    • Ironically, we received a junk mail yesterday from an agent detailing all the units in the building we have lived in selling in the last year – all have been under contract within 8 days and over asking. WHY wouldn’t he want that to be the case for his unit? Instead, he’ll have to deal with a legal battle against us. And my husband can be a huge jerk when it comes to this stuff (he goes full Israeli!). I’d love to sell my property in a week for more than list price! Who wouldn’t

      • Andie302

        There is always the chance that someone would buy it as an investment and you could stay in place!

        • I think the rent would likely increase though. I assume the place will sell for a decent amount of money. Your thoughts?

          • I believe according to TOPA they have to rent to us under the current lease conditions.

          • But with a mid-late Feb listing and lease ending in March, you’ll probably be month to month after the sale. They couldn’t increase the rent then even though the original LL could have in the same spot?

          • well, it wouldn’t matter because we have 90 days to consider buying it and then have the ability to look over any offer causing many delays. But as I understand it, they have to offer me the same lease terms.

      • If the new place is really nice and just what you want, you might need to jump on it or risk losing it. I had an open house for my apt. on Sat. – 5 couples all wanted it, and any of them would have been great (it was awful to have to pick!) but one of them emailed me within 20 min. with all their details, W2s, rental references etc. Another waited until Sunday, and another on Monday. I signed the lease with couple #1 last night.

        But if it is not your perfect place, I think I’d agree with the advice to stay put. You have lots of power as a tenant when the landlord wants to sell.

  • Rant: The guy in the cubicle next to me burps all day, every day, loudly and deeply, several times an hour. I’ve been at this desk for a year and it hasn’t ceased to be disgusting–actually it’s gotten even more disgusting because I can’t believe he thinks this is okay. Sure, sure, he probably has a health issue, but I don’t really care. It’s just gross.
    Rave: When schools open with a two-hour delay, my bus commute is 100x quicker and more pleasant!

  • Rave: First date last night went well! Seems like there is potential. We’ll see how that goes~ planning a second date for next week.
    Rant: Unfortunately, my feeling slightly off yesterday has developed into a definite cold. Home sick today. Cannot… breathe… Hoping I feel better tomorrow, have a lot to do for work and can’t do it from home. x.x

  • Rant: sad today. found out something we have been planning for a while won’t be quite what we expected. won’t be bad, it’ll just be different, but I find myself mourning the alternative. I couldn’t sleep last night and was up an hour early crying in the shower. I’m frustrated at myself for not being grateful or accepting of how things are going to be, but at the same time it’s really hard to let go of those expectations.

    • Andie302

      Are you willing to elaborate?

      • I’m not comfortable doing so right now, sorry. Just wanted to get it out.

        • Andie302

          Sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I asked because this sounds like the type of reaction I’ve had to things in the past when I was struggling with depression. Knowing full well that I had much to be thankful for, but just not caring and letting things get to me in a way that they normally wouldn’t. Take care of yourself and hope it’s not as bad as you’re anticipating.

    • I hope you find some peace and can move forward – I know it’s difficult.

  • Rave: PoPville book recommendations; I finished the Light Between Oceans and have a few others on hold at the library. Textdoc, I’ve added the book you mentioned to my running list of books to read.
    Re-reading the book Deep Survival in light of my rant => Metro (and reading The Atlantic article about sinking of the ferry Estonia)

  • Rant: Still haven’t heard a follow-up on this, but disheartened to hear about an attack in my beloved Adams Morgan. My housemate witnessed a few young guys carry out a robbery at gunpoint a few blocks from our house on Columbia and Ontario Rd.—a decently trafficked area around 9:00pm on a Monday when this happened. My housemate gave an account to police, as I think some other passersby who saw the tail end of the attack, and it seems the victim was stable, although he had a bloody face from being punched. The guys who did this were able to flee the seen (not sure if they also fled with the stroller they had with them—a strange twist).

    Unclear if the guys were caught later that night or in the following days. All I have seen is this message from the Metro Police Department on social media:

    “Robbery Force and Violences at 2100 hrs in the 1700 block of Columbia Rd. Lookout for 3 blk males wearing blk mask.//6587”

    I really hope the man is doing better now. And that they caught these guys already.


    • flee the *scene

    • Similar rant:
      At New Hampshire Ave and Upshur St NW on Sunday evening (still light outside) a group of high school kids tried to steal a woman’s phone — her friend stepped in to get it back and the group beat him up. He was knocked out in the middle of New Hampshire Ave. I heard the commotion and went outside in time to see the guys just walk away like nothing happened. Luckily the victim was okay and neighbors came out to help anyway we could before the police and ambulance arrived. On Tuesday I got a follow-up call from an MPD detective working the case; nice to know they are looking into it but doubtful anything can be done.

  • Rave: Listening to C&C Music Factory. Probably kind of lame, but putting me in a really good mood.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Everything happened for a reason
    Rave: Novo Amor

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Started the day musically with The Iron Maidens. Watching them play makes it hard to breath.
    That’s it for now

  • any Nest renters out there who have run into the arbitrary $200 “roommate swap fee” they impose onto group houses? any advice for getting out of it? it’s not something in our lease, not a policy that was presented to us when we signed the lease, and not something that has even been applied to all the original signatories on our lease.

    • If it’s not in the lease, then it’s no good.
      I’ve seen it from some property managers or large buildings. $200 to print out some paperwork? Hell no!
      It’s really hard to stop someone from subleasing/assigning if the person has been vetted and found sound, so if they refuse to do so because of this fee, I’m not sure that’s legal. A reasonable fee for a background check would make more sense. They’re getting someone without having to look for them; seems like a win-win to me.

      • hell no as in, it’s not ethically sound, or it’s not legally sound?

        • I also don’t want to jeopardize our existing month-to-month lease for my remaining roommates…

          • They could certainly ask you to leave, but they’d need a reason and usually you get a chance to fix any problems before they can really evict you. It seems strange they’re doing this all of a sudden if people have been swapped without the fee.

        • Hell no as they cannot force you to do something not in your lease. The lease is the agreement you made with them. I’m not sure but believe that they couldn’t refuse to swap the people if the person is of equal soundness as a tenant simply because you refuse the fee. Make sure you read the lease thoroughly. It could be buried in there.

    • The apartment building I moved into a few months ago has a $350 roommate change fee, which was really annoying. It is in the lease though, so I just paid it.

      • I would never think of having such a fee for my tenants. They broke up and 1 stayed with a new roomie. All they had to do was get checked out by the PM and esign. Why would I charge anyone for that one? PM’s are just out for extra money.

    • It might not be in the lease, but if it is a part of their policy then check to see if you signed anything that obligates you to the company’s policies when you signed the lease. We negotiated that term down in our lease from $500 (!!) to $150. I am not positive, but I think there might be something in the DC tenant’s rights guide about that a change fee must be “reasonable.” However, what reasonable is could be inclusive of a $200 fee.

      • Awww…didn’t consider that one as my lease is all inclusive with my PM. $500…What the what?!?
        Given how tenant friendly DC is, I think a LL/PM would have to show where the fee is allocated to prove they aren’t just getting a bit of free money.

        • I don’t think my landlord even realized the $500 term was in the lease. When we brought it up, he was just like huh? what? sure? That’s what he gets for renting to a group of lawyers, haha. I agree, if it came to a complaint the company probably would have to prove how $200 was reasonable.

      • Our lease terms say:

        a. Landlord and Tenant agree that this Lease Agreement and any attached Addendums, Rules and Regulations, and/or Special Terms and Conditions accurately represent all terms and agreements between the Landlord and Tenant regarding the Leased Premises.

        But the Roommate Swap Policy was NOT one of the ones presented to us upon signing the lease (there is an email with a host of attachments), and it’s not written in as an addendum. So.

        • I’d tell them to pound sand.
          Our landlord (who is a mid-sized private individual landlord with about 20 row houses and small apartment bldgs in the District) stipulate a $100 fee in the lease for roommate changes because it involves redrafting the entire lease, having it sent via registered mail, getting it signed by all roommates, photocopies made, and filed away. It probably takes one of his assistants about an hour of total work to do it. I’d agree that the person moving out early should pay for that expense.
          $100 seems fair, if just a tad high. Anything more than $100 is a money grab, IMHO.

  • Rave: One of my best friends and I have an insanely high match percentage on OkCupid. We laughed it off. We clearly love each other just not like that.
    Rave: reopened an online convo with a guy I liked before I tried to date someone else. Let’s see if I get an actual date out of this.
    Rant: going to parties and shows this weekend, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to run into last weekend’s awkward hook-up and the previous guy who dissed me in a major way after only wanting to be friends. Welcome to dating in DC.

    • DC is way too small sometimes. One weekend I ran into a guy I had gone on a few dates with at a bar, narrowly avoided running into a terrible ex, and then ran into a coworker of a guy who I dated for a bit (and was still sore over it ending). That was not a good weekend.

      • My friend shared a story how she saw two guys she hooked-up with recently on the metro platform on her way to a first date. THIS TOWN.

    • Anonynon

      What shows are you going to this weekend?

      • Definitely going to St. Stephens on Saturday. Possibly Velvet Lounge on Sunday. There are a bunch of DIY house shows I want to go to on Friday but I have an event that night. Ugh.

    • Saw 2 girls I dated in 2 very different parts of town on the same night. My population is even smaller. Ugh!

      • Dating around can be fun. Must remember not to be a complete jerk because you’re bound to run into these people again.

        • I only get jerk-like when someone starts texting me after midnight when I saw her holding a girl’s hand all night after I initially broke things off. Bye Felicia!

        • laduvet

          sounds like we all need to all get together and have OKC stories or refer people to other people to date 🙂 Oh this town!

          • Oh, the stories we’ll tell! I don’t go on a lot of dates. I like to think I vet my dates well beforehand, but based on what happens on and after the actual dates, my vetting process is clearly flawed. My friends have similar experiences. Are our types just not good for us or what?

          • I haven’t had any complete disasters, but I generally find that dates I even feel a little “meh” about beforehand I usually end up being right about. And the dates/boyfriends that have worked out for bit and then failed have been because they wanted to search for that “perfect” person, which, imo, doesn’t exist. Since no one’s perfect, ya know? But… Anyway… I don’t think it’s completely us is my point….

          • If people met up in person, I wonder what the chances are that at least two of those people would have been on a date together…

          • Anonynon

            not to rain on your parade but you all sound a little bitter….honestly it takes two to tango (no matter how bad the other person is, its up to you to make the most of it). Why would you bother going on a date and wasting both of your time if you were ‘meh’ about it to begin with? (Personal Story) Why would a girl ask a guy out to drinks and then cancel the day before saying something came up, and then say you are already seeing someone and want to see if that works first. Why why why? Girls aint perfect either, just saying’

          • People can have the perfect person for them, FridayGirl. My married friend put it as the 80/20…80 you must have and 20 you’d like but won’t kill things if not there. My dating stuff has failed because something was lacking in my 80…most recently, it was an out of control dog. I know I coudn’t deal with that for the next 50 yrs, so no point in hanging on.

          • Anon: I’ve had almost the same thing happen. Why would I play 2nd string QB? I asked the girl out after talking/texting for a bit, and she said she was going out with someone and wanted to see how it went. Then maybe 10 days later she texted me out of the blue asking to meet. She was horribly offended when I had no idea who she was.

          • Anon: I’d rather go on an iffy date and possibly be pleasantly surprised than not go on a date and wonder what might have happened. As for your personal story, it happens to men and women. It still sucks that people cancel on dates. Some people would rather date one person at a time and move on if that person doesn’t pan out. That’s fine.

          • Shawess: I once met a guy at party, and we talked but he was kinda a bore. I literally walked away from our convo with a fake excuse to talk to my friend. Later that week, he liked me on OkCupid. Okay, we’ve met, and we did not hit it off. Just “x” me man, you know we don’t get along.

          • LA: I’m with the dating one at a time thing. I usually end up doing the same, but getting to the point of meeting someone else only to say hey do you mind if I put you on the back burner for a minute is really crappy.

          • justinbc

            It’s a good thing I went through my dating phase before PoPville. Some stories are better left undocumented.

          • LA: I’ve gotten OKC likes from people who said they would only date in their own race…and I’m not that race. He very well may have forgotten that he spoke to you before. Plenty of folks look different in person vs photo.

          • 80/20 rule is pretty sound. Here’s the best/first I’ve heard it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcd2haXsCPk

          • justinbc: you are very lucky. PoPville dating stories would be a good little column though. Some blogs have Overheard columns, which is okay, but dating stories are so much more interesting.

          • Anon Spock: same with the race thing. I’m not white y’all. Longer story about how 90% of my matches are white guys. I have to filter out for race (like a jerk) if I want to see any POC “top matches.”
            As for the guy, he better remember me (LOL)! Not too many 20 something vaguely Asian & Hispanic women running around the city.

    • I have managed not to bump into anyone I’ve dated (even just one date) yet. Thankfully. I honestly think it’s because I take the bus and they metro. But watch me end up jinxing it and running into someone this week.

    • skj84

      I’ve had guy friends pop up in my Ok Cupid feed. 2 of whom I’ve dated. I had this internal debate over whether or not to look at thier profiles since they would see who’s viewed it. I’m actually pretty friendly with most of my exes. There are a few who I’m even close to thier current partners as well. I can only think of one person I just don’t want to see. And one who I’m not quite over. The day I had to meet his girl friend was one of heavy drinking

      • On OKC: Open all recent unvisited visitors’ profiles in new tabs. Switch yours to anonymous. View your friends’ profiles. Close the friend profile tabs. Switch back to non-anonymous. Refresh previously unvisited visitors’ profiles.
        And that’s how I’d check out exes’ and friends’ profiles on OKC when I didn’t want them to know I was checking them out and I also did not want to miss out on checking out who had visited my profile.

    • Anonynon

      @Anon Spok yeah this was just odd because we chatting a little, she preposed grabbing drinks and i thought she was cute so i said yes. Then we didn’t talk for a day and she already had a guy she was seeing and really liked. I was just like alright whatever and deleted her number. I was pretty down about it for about 30 seconds, until a girl i had been talking to before (in real life not an online date) asked me out for drinks on thursday 🙂 ego is back up!

      • I got a good laugh out of mine, and good for you on moving on and having a woman ask you out. Hope it works out for you!
        I have 2nd date this week with someone more intelligent than me who is still down to earth and fun. Trying not to drool too much LOL

  • Rave: Really quiet week at work.
    Rant: How come people push the button to call the elevator, then walk away to take the stairs within less than 20 seconds? And I think I’m impatient….
    Rave: Finally getting my rear in gear and actively seeking new opportunities that will make me happy if they work out.
    Rant: … still getting random, unexpected urges to tell a certain someone all about aforementioned opportunities, and hear all about their life, except that we don’t really talk anymore.

  • special_k

    Rant: The snow day that wasn’t. I love working from home on snowy days.
    Rave: The 4-7-8 breathing exercise someone mentioned last week. I’m falling asleep so much faster.
    Rave: The joy of animal rescue!
    Rant: The heartbreak of animal rescue! Does anyone happen to know of a pitbull rescue or trainer that may be able to provide assistance for a dog saved from a drug trafficking/dog fighting ring, who has received a lot of rehabilitation services, but now needs an appropriate place to go for the next part of her journey to becoming a more balanced dog? Any leads would be appreciated.

  • Rave: caught another Timmy Sells His Soul set last night. Not a fan of the name, but what he does with a sampler is amazing.
    Rave: Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar. Probably one of my favorite bars in the city. I don’t think the Going Out Gurus or Esquire could mess this up.
    Rant: a little on the sleepy side today and was really hoping for a snow day.

  • I have a question for folks. Do you tip hotel room cleaners?

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