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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: No more Olympics nonsense in DC.

    • I’m with you on this one… granted, who knows what DC will be like in 10 years, but I can’t envision that our infrastructure (esp. Metro) would be radically different. I highly doubt the funds are there to improve it even for us the day-to-day commuters!

      • When it comes to the legendary ineptitude and dysfunction of the metro, it is not about funding- it is absolutely about the people who work there (from top management on down to the surly, apathetic station managers), the lack of accountability, suspicious contract activity, etc. Rather than throw more money at that mess, we should be starving that beast. There is no way Metro could handle the Olympics when they barely can handle day-to-day activity and fail miserably on a regular basis.

        • How is “starving the beast” going to help the people who rely on metro every day?

          • It probably wouldn’t help, but I am tired of throwing good money after bad, or whatever that phrase is. We continue to dump millions (billions?) year after year, and they neglect the system, offer overwhelmingly awful service, and fund questionable contract work on things that always remain broken. We’re getting ripped off by this transit system, so I’d prefer to starve the beast until the powers that be wake up and demand real accountability, transparency, etc. This joke of a system should be put out of business and restarted.

  • Rave: my new beautiful Frye boots! Lovely Christmas gift!
    Rant: Blisters.
    Rave: I guess I must wear them and break them in!

    • SFT

      Which ones did you get? I’ve been eyeing the Melissa shortie boots for a while now, but have yet to pull the trigger!

      • I got the Melissa Scrunch in taupe. The Melissa line is so good. Love them all.

        • SFT

          Those are so cute! Is the entire back panel stretchy?

          • Yup. Hugs your leg! I got them b/c normal boots were too tight on the calf and the wide calf models didn’t come in the taupe color that I was after.

          • Should have says… yes, the back panel is stretchy but it is leather. The leather is sewn in such a way to give it that stretch.

      • I’ve been eyeing the Melissa short buttons for months, but still haven’t done anything about it. I feel like if I’m going to spend that much on boots, I’d like to try them on in the store. But, getting to G’town is such a pain in the arse.

        • Yeah, I went to the store first. I didn’t buy them there b/c they didn’t carry the color I was after in this style. But it was a good idea to try on the size and fit with the right pants.

        • SFT

          They had a pair at the Pentagon City Nordstrom before Thanksgiving. Maybe they still do?

    • Blithe

      Yay on the Frye boots! One useful break-in strategy is wearing warm, wet socks (yup, I put clean socks in the microwave!) when you wear the boots for a bit while you’re breaking them in. I also can highly recommend using first aid tape or even those clear (silicone?) bandaids used for blisters to prevent getting blisters. So don the bandaids and the socks and wear them for a few hours at a time until they conform to your feet and become blissfully perfect.

    • Boot thread!
      I want a pair of red Frye boots – have been looking at the Calvary and Melissa, saw a pair on 6:00 pm yesterday but wasn’t ready to get out my credit card.
      Next time I’ll be ready!

    • Are your boots made for walkin’?

  • Rant: “Basic” as a slang term. I’ve only heard it two or three times so far and I already hate it.

  • SFT

    Rant: I’m pretty sure that my coffee joint didn’t give me half-caff today. I am flying high!
    Rave: Date night with my man tomorrow night. It’s been hard to get any time alone this past year, especially out of the house. So I’m sooooo excited to have a babysitter and a plan!

  • Rant: Not sure if I have a 2nd date or not. No response from my text yesterday afternoon. I figure one more this evening after working hrs, and that’ll be it.
    Rant: Outgoing roomie managed to lose a cup of mine which was from a venue which is now closed. His room is apparently a black hole or one of his friends thought it was neat. Ugh!
    Rave: Last day before I start working like mad. Plan to relax and watch awful tv.
    Rant: Must find time to knock out some testing on my own to avoid a trip out to American U.
    Rave: Getting to help out in the community.

  • Rave: Friday! Almost at the end of my first work week of the year.
    Rave: An unplanned weekend at home. I plan to sleep, work on emptying out my DVR, and cooking a lot. Bliss.
    Rant: I’ve got none today.

  • Rave: taking a late night bus to NYC w/ bf for weekend with our friends up there. Excited, but not excited for the cold. I always go around this time of year, and it’s always super cold
    Oops: been walking around my office in my commuter shoes all morning. Which are grey sketchers with lime green laces, lol. No wonder I felt so comfortable.

    • Enjoy NYC! The plus-side of going when it’s really cold (as I remembered last weekend) is that everything is less crowded! I can’t remember a time when it was so easy to get dinner reservations and when stores and museums were as empty. I felt a bit like we had the city to ourselves.

    • Just got to NYC and its not too bad. No where near as cold as it has been in D.C. this week. Have a safe trip!

  • I got invited for a baby shower for someone I didn’t know was pregnant. I’ve probably seen her once in the past two years and I don’t think we said more than 20 words to each other then. She’s a nice girl and all and I’m happy for her, but we’re not really even friends, more like colleagues who used to work together. There’s something like 90 people invited! I really hope her friends throwing it just went through her email contacts or something because this looks really tacky.

    Oh, and in lieu of a card, you’re supposed to bring a children’s book for the baby. Not in lieu of a gift (book showers are great), you still have to bring that, but in lieu of a card.

    I RSVPed no.

    • “Oh, and in lieu of a card, you’re supposed to bring a children’s book for the baby. Not in lieu of a gift (book showers are great), you still have to bring that, but in lieu of a card.”
      Ugh. Carolyn Hax and Miss Manners would not approve.

    • That’s a huge shower. I randomly showed up at a shower I wasn’t invited to, and now I’m taking the woman to have the baby. Sometimes its good to reconnect, but at a huge shower like that probably not the best place.

    • SFT

      That’s out of hand. I had 20 people at my shower and felt overwhelmed! Where does one even host a shower this big?

      • Plenty of places: restaurant, hall, someone’s huge house. I imagine that if you got to the core group of friends it would only be 20, but the inviter is obviously just inviting random people.

    • Allison

      Dear god I hope no one throws me a baby shower. I can imagine nothing worse for an introvert like me than sitting around with a big belly having everyone stare while I open presents (which I haven’t done since my 9th birthday party.) Just looking at photos from my sister’s shower gave me palpitations.

      • Pablo Raw

        It’s been hard for introvert me to see that scene, I can’t imagine how it would be for the mother to be. It’s one of those times when I want to believe in UFO abduction, a ray beam comes from a spaceship above and extracts me from the party. It applies to all kind of showers.

        • +1! I could have really used a UFO abduction at the last shower I attended. Over an hour and a half of slow present opening which included the bride reading out every word of every card then taking a picture with each gift and gift-giver. Then came the awkward games.

          • Pablo Raw

            Now I’m wondering if UBER would be willing to offer that service. UFO abductions from showers. You can call them using an app.

          • Love it! I work with transportation startups– must pass this idea along.

          • Pablo Raw

            *runs to the patent office*

          • Allison

            Haha, I’m imagining a totally normal, human Uber driver wearing an alien antenna dealibopper headband walking into a baby shower full of bored women and reading from an index card in a monotone voice “uh… take me to your leader. Yes, this one will be a fine speci…specimen for study. Come with me.” He grabs her by the wrist and leads her out to an idling Uber car. SUCCESS!

        • Pablo Raw

          “My best friend is a baby shower” For the record, I have nothing against showers, it’s just that I have a hard time when I am in one.

      • epric002

        +1- i fought tooth and nail against a bridal shower for the same reasons. we compromised by not calling it a shower, limiting the # of invitees and only having people bring a bottle of wine & a favorite recipe. i still would have preferred nothing, but it wasn’t terrible either.

        • That seems like a great compromise! My mom really wants to throw me a bridal and I REALLY don’t want one. I’m going to bring up this idea to her and see what she thinks.

      • Unless it’s a surprise baby shower (is there such a thing?), you’ll need to make sure that you have the courage to say “thanks but no” to anyone who says they want to throw one for you. Hopefully your friends and family know you well enough that the chances of it happening are fairly low anyway.

        • Allison

          Oh yes, I will be very vocal about not wanting one! I just hope no one thinks “oh she’s just saying that to be modest” and throws a surprise one anyway.

      • I feel the same way. But my mom’s solution was to still have people over, just not to CALL it a shower. So I still have to go to a catered lunch at my mom’s house with all of her friends, but I’m not getting any gifts out of that torture.

      • Allison

        Heh and on that note I put up pictures of my baby niece in my office and now my co-workers seem to be glancing at it and then giving me inquisitive looks like “when the hell was she pregnant!?!?” Yo guys just because a female has a picture of a baby in her office doesn’t mean it’s hers!

        • epric002

          +1 for a very longtime i suspect that many of my coworkers thought i was an unmarried lesbian with kids, b/c i only had (a few) photos of myself with girlfriends and sometimes their kids.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I had my eldest early and conveniently missed my shower ;). But, it was thrown by the same family friends to gave my bridal shower, so I know it would have been a nice, low-key event. No games – just food and fun. As it was, they went ahead and had the shower without me, and everyone had a lovely time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You ought to find I etiquette book for kids and send it to her. Just in case.

      • Send to the hostess, definitely. But it’s possible that the mother-to-be doesn’t have any idea what her friends are doing on her behalf. My shower was a complete surprise to me, and everything about it reflected the wishes and the personality of the people who hosted it. (Who are awesome, I’m not complaining.)

        • I’m convinced that her friends went through her Facebook friends or email contacts and just invited everyone. They invited her boss too (awk-ward).

    • When I was a kid I thought a baby shower was some kind of ritual where people get together and wash a baby in the shower. Don’t ask me what I pictured a wedding shower to look like. πŸ™‚

    • I found it really tacky when I got an e-mail from some random woman in France, inviting me to a “virtual baby shower” for a second cousin of mine who lives there.
      The cousin and I hadn’t even been in touch much — like, for several years I didn’t know that she’d gotten married and moved to France — and IIRC, the “virtual baby shower” was really just an online gift registry.

      • epric002

        lol. i don’t know if that’s better or worse than being invited to skype/watch someone open presents from thousands of miles away, which is what i first thought when i read “virtual baby shower”.

    • justinbc

      LOL yeah, this entitled BS because YOU decided you wanted to breed is nonsense. Buy the kid a damn Kindle.

      • Could you be more offensive to parents? Trying throwing in a reference to “popping out” kids. That might up the rude quotient a bit. But really, good first effort.

        • Hipsters have a hard time understanding that they too were once “bred / popped out” and may well breed / pop out babies at some later point in their life.

        • justinbc

          If I matched the level of insensitivity of telling people they have to bring your kid an extra gift, instead of a card, in addition to the gift you already have to bring, because you decided you wanted to have said kid, then my job is done sufficiently.

          • Except for pretty much everyone here is sharing personal experience (of which you have none), or somehow managing to say that this 100 person shower with gift mandate is in poor taste, without being insulting about the mere idea of reproducing. Why do you have to be the only guy who makes a blanket negative statement about parents? Were you somehow not aware that it’s offensive to apply biological terminology to the most emotional and life-changing thing most people experience?

          • justinbc

            I apologize Miss Patty, I sincerely did not realize biology offended you.

          • You weren’t using the term “breed” here in a biological sense.
            Your use of sarcasm as a defense mechanism is kind of sad.

  • Rant: Not sure if I have date 2 or not. Haven’t heard back from a midday text yesterday, but I’ll try again tonight and leave it alone.
    Rant: Roomie lost a cup of mine from a closed venue. His room is either a black hole or his friends thought it was nifty. Argh!
    Rave: Somewhat relaxing evening ahead before working like mad.
    Rant: Have to find time for online testing; otherwise, I have to head to American U.
    Rave: Giving back in the community.

  • epric002

    rave: wearing my new tsubo galena boots today.
    rant: i do *not* have large calves, but they are quite snug. was worried that i wouldn’t be able to fit them over skinny jeans. soles are a bit stiff so far- i feel like i’m walking really flat footed in them.
    rave: i DID fit them over my skinny jeans (technically, “flocked denim”), and so far they are comfy.
    rave: very focused on outfits lately?
    rant: no one had any opinions on the chantelle t-back bra, so i’m gonna have to wing it in the size department πŸ™
    rave: friday! was invited to celebrate ukranian christmas tonight! will be my first ukranian christmas πŸ™‚

    • I don’t have large calves either but on Frye I went with the “scrunch” boot or would have needed a wide calf. Are designer boots designed for skinny legs or what? I’m 135 lbs, fit, not athletic (so its not like I have muscular calves from running or sports).

      • epric002

        i don’t get it either! my calves are either swimming in them or i can barely get them on. where is the in between?

      • I bought my Melissa Buttons in wide calf but they have stretched out a bit over time– I probably should have gone with the scrunch. I bought the Jane 14L this year in normal calf and had to put boot stretchers in them for two days before being able to pull them on. Now they’re great but it was a frustrating couple of days trying to squeeze into them.

        • What are boot stretchers? Mine could use a little bit of stretching so that they don’t pull my tights so tight against my feel & maybe so that I could wear leggings under them without them riding up.

          • I picked them up at Bed Bath & Beyond just to keep my boots standing up in my closet but if you put them in right they do seem to help stretch them out. I guess they are called boot shapers, I have this set http:// www. bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/black-boot-shapers-set-of-2/1041413036?Keyword=boot+shapers

          • Neat, thanks! I’ll check them out.

    • Sorry I didn’t reply about the Chantelle bra — I meant to reply yesterday that I didn’t know, sadly. Also, I just googled the Galena boots and they’re really nice!

      • epric002

        no prob, and thanks! i totally couldn’t decide b/n the black or the grey but went with the grey. if these loosen up i might have to try the black too- they’re on hella sale on the tsubo site!

    • Blithe

      Yay! It’s Bra Talk Friday! lol I don’t have an opinion about your bra question — except that Chantelle is wonderful — and seems to have pretty consistent sizing. . Before winging it, you might want to call Sylene’s, or even better, one of the on-line stores that carry Chantelle, and , ideally the particular bra that you’re interested in. They’re very used to addressing sizing questions either by phone or via chat. Off-hand I’m thinking HerRoom, BareNecessities….

      • Allison

        Lol for some reason when you said “Bra Talk” it reminded me of Car Talk. I am now imagining ladies with infectious, chukle-ly laughs talking about bras on the radio. “Like I put mah girls in there and it made a sound like WHERURWHEUERWHERUER! What’s that mean?”

        • You know who should host that show? Melissa McCarthy. She has the most infectious laugh, and you would believe her when she talks about foundation garments. (She’s gorgeous, settle down. I’m just saying I would trust her taste in bras more than most people’s.)

          • Allison

            Agreed! I would listen to that show. Sometimes I put a rerun of Mike & Molly on in the background not because it’s an especially well written show, but just because I like having Molly (Melissa) around.

          • Another reason to start binge watching gilmore girls again sometime soon….

        • I love everything about this. I can imagine this being a podcast and if it existed, I would most definitely subscribe.

          • epric002

            omg, you should start a bra talk podcast! i am soooooooo serious! bra bloggers are amazing but there are a ton of them now (though i still can’t find one in my size who has posted recently) so a podcast is totally the way to go!

          • My husband and I periodically talk about doing a podcast and are held up because it’s actually super expensive if you want to do it right (or approximating right). If I had a friend with access to a podcasting set-up, I’d probably start podcasting right away. Maybe about bras.

          • Super-expensive how? Website-hosting space isn’t all that expensive.

          • textdoc, I’m thinking more about the recording equipment. It seems like you would need equipment that’s more like what you might find at a recording studio or radio station, rather than, say, a simple microphone + editing tools. I also have no experience with recording and editing, so this seems like it would be a steep learning curve.

          • Admittedly, my concerns about the challenges of podcasting are based on two sources — my brother who doesn’t podcast himself, and the Call Your Girlfriend ladies. And to be honest, I’d probably rather listen to Call Your Girlfriend than make a podcast that would probably be a lot like theirs πŸ™‚

          • For me the main barrier was not knowing how to write an RSS feed.
            I could already produce audio MP3s, as I had the audio editing software. However, I had to borrow a quality mic from a friend; it turned out that the cheapo mic I had (part of a package deal with some other audio equipment) was no good for certain sounds, like the letter P.
            (This was an audio-type mic, not a computer-type mic; maybe a mic meant for a computer wouldn’t have that problem.)

          • Textdoc, it sounds like I would have a lot of barriers, namely almost all of them! If I had any assurance that people would listen and that the experience would be a good one, I might power through — I think I’ve learned harder things — but it seems like a ton of work for something that might just be a vanity project.

          • Shawess, as long as you have a computer mic and some free sound editing software*, you should definitely be able to produce an MP3. Making it an automated podcast is another matter that I don’t know much about, but don’t get discouraged!
            * I can’t remember offhand the name(s?) I’ve heard mentioned before, but will see if I can dig it up.

          • Textdoc, we actually have both of those things at our house, so maybe I’m just absurdly overthinking it. Maybe if I end up going forward with it, I’ll bug you with some follow-up questions. Now we just have to come up with something to actually record.

      • epric002

        good ideas on calling/emailing/chatting! it’s not a total wing- i have 2 chantelle bras (unfortunately in 2 different sizes) that both fit well, but the t-back’s smallest back size is a 32 (i’m usually a 28 but chantelle’s 30s work for me) and on top of that t-back cup sizes tend to run small…so i’m just not sure how many cup sizes i should size up, especially considering you’re supposed to size down when going up in band sizes. (am i over-thinking this?)

        • Blithe

          No, you’re not over-thinking this. And you didn’t even get to the issue of different shaped cups yet! πŸ˜‰ It’s also possible that given the sizing issue, the t-back might not be a good fit for you. I’d make at least one phone call, noting your measurements and what size/style Chantelle has worked for you, and go on from there. And be prepared to return anything that doesn’t fit you well — so that the time and money that that might take is figured into your purchase.
          I might be a bad person to comment on over-thinking though, since I make purchases with likely “cost-per-wearing” in mind. Which means that Chantelle and Frye make the cut, but inexpensive “disposable” clothing might not.

          • epric002

            t-back’s are definitely not an ideal style for me, but i have a couple tops that require one, and they’re practically impossible to find in my size, so i just keep trying them with the sister-sizing. i chatted with a herroom fit specialist and she recommended i try the 32E. i thought that bare necessities also had an online chat but i can’t find it and i’m in an open office so i certainly can’t call, but i’d like to get a 2nd opinion before i order. and the whole reason i’m going to all this trouble is b/c i found it on ebay for $30 and it’s $78 on BN and HR! ebay (and amazon!) can be kind of amazing for deals on undergarments sometimes, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

          • Blithe

            Would an X-back work with your tops? If so, a convertible bra or an X-back might give you some more options. I’m thinking that Bra Smyth might also have chat. I hope you end up with something that you’re happy with!

    • epric002

      random: the entire lionshead condo building in coheights/petworth is for sale according to redfin. (see yesterday’s post “Judging New Buildings – Lionshead Condos”.

    • Yay for Ukrainian Christmas! A few years ago I hosted a Sviaty Vechir for 35 of my closest friends…a lot of work, but so much fun. Π Ρ–Π·Π΄Π²ΠΎΠΌ Π₯ристовим i Π‘ΠΌΠ°Ρ‡Π½ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ! (Merry Christmas & bon appetit)
      Now I want holubtsi and pyrohy for dinner…wish I could find where to get decent pyrohy around here, they take so too much work to make.

  • As much as the Flyers suck this year, it sure was nice to beat the Caps last night! That one was for you, Accountering!

    • I only saw part of the first, so I don’t have too much to say about it, except Caps picked up a point and that’s something. Also, I love RMNB recaps. Tortz is the boy who lived and he sorted all the Caps into Hogwarts houses.

    • Whoooop! Don’t care about the flyguys, but I love this post.

    • Accountering

      Yuck. I only caught overtime, but got to listen to the radio for much of it. A good performance on the Flyers part. Didn’t sound like there were any brawls in the stands, and the general cheapshots/jackassery of the Flyers players seemed to be kept under wraps too. Both big accomplishments for Philly.
      Oh well, we got a point, will win on Wednesday at home, and are very likely going to the play-offs πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Woke up really early this morning thinking it was Thursday. It took a few minutes to realize it was Friday.

    Rant: Now I have that “Friday” song stuck in my head. Also, haven’t biked to metro in over a week. I don’t like paying $5.10 a day to park, but it’s worth it to avoid wrecking from ice on the road and/or freezing my ass off (I’m used to biking in cold weather, but not this cold.)

  • Rave: second session with personal trainer this morning. Yay, endorphins!

  • Rave: I got an unexpected award at Toastmasters and am half way through the manual of speeches.
    Rave: SmartWool leggings.
    Rant: I’m all thrown off my eating and exercise routine. The holidays always mess me up.
    Rave: more French 75s and I tried some sherry I actually like.

    • skj84

      +1000 on French 75’s. I had a few at Chez Billy last night.

      • Another rave for really great wine stoppers. I’ve been on the same bottle of champagne for 4 days and it’s not flat at all.

        • Emmaleigh504

          If it ever does go flat or you just wan to be rid of it, cooking chicken in a bath or champers makes really good eats. I loosely follow this turkey recipe www. food.com/recipe/juicy-champagne-thanksgiving-day-turkey-401313

    • I’m also a French 75s fan — that was almost a signature cocktail at our wedding, actually. And I’m with you about being thrown off by the holidays. Between surgery recovery and holiday eating, I don’t feel like myself at all. I just treated myself to an unlimited week at Solidcore next week and hope that will set me back on track a bit.

      • How is Solidcore? I live right by it but I’ve been too intimidated to try it…

        • It’s wonderful and awful and way too expensive. I hate it while I’m doing it, but feel amazing — Amazing — afterward. They have “101” classes, which I’d definitely recommend for first-timers. It’s not the easiest class to jump into unless you’ve been doing pilates reformer classes and weight training before going. I would never pay full price for classes, but they have a few deals that are more palatable, like the one-week unlimited, which is perfect for the week I’m taking off of work.

          • Hmm. I’m going to have to walk by it a few more times before I work up the courage to sign up for a 101 class!

          • Jeslett, sorry to inadvertently hijack your thread!
            SparklyKittyTacos, I don’t know what type of exercise you usually do, but I’d recommend pilates reformer if you don’t already do it and want to work your way up to Solidcore classes. The principles are the same, but Solidcore is just a lot more intense and fast-paced.

          • It’s a thread about working out, I’m happy to hear about it. I’ve heard that solidcore is super popular, but I don’t know anything about anything pilates related, so this is pretty interesting to me.

      • To pick up on the exercise/eating theme Jeslett raised, can I bring up the topic of juice “cleanses,” since I expect that to be a fairly spirited and maybe even interesting discussion? Here are my thoughts and I want to hear yours.
        I have done a few 3-day juice “cleanses” starting maybe in 2012 — BluePrint and Gouter’s are the ones I have tried and I liked both. I don’t buy the claims of “detoxing” or “cleansing” being necessary to remove toxins, but can say that both “cleanses” really did a hard reset on my system. After doing them, my impulse to overeat basically went away for months and I felt more energetic and sharp. I considered them to be big successes until the backlash came and I started to feel embarrassed about them. Now I kind of want to do one again and might just go ahead and do it, haters be d-mned.

        • Omg, I tried one for just that reason. I refuse to call it a cleanse and don’t get me started on detox, but I wasn’t eating super well and wanted to try it out and maybe get ride of some cravings and stop being an idiot. I kind of consider it a weak point in my life, it was stupid expensive and I fell for it. By the third night I was laying on the couch waiting for it to be over.
          It’s not enough calories! Not even close. Not to mention almost no protein or carbs. If it works for you and you understand what it actually does, ie not detox or cleanse, then go right ahead. It sounds like your reasons are good and you have appropriate expectations. I, on the other hand, continue to be embarrassed to admit I did one.

        • Emmaleigh504

          So you did the cleanse and had a positive experience but stopped because there was a backlash and you felt embarrassed? You know they don’t detox you, so you going in knowledgeably. If you want to do it again, just do it.

          • Emilie, that’s it exactly, and I think I will do it again — especially since you and Jeslett seem to be behind me on this. It’s a little annoying to deal with the questions that inevitably will come up at the office, but I can take it πŸ™‚ Now that I’ve actually written this out, I’m feeling more determined that it’s okay.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Now question from me, are you doing one of Gwyneth’s? I don’t remember the brand.

          • No, Emilie. I think she promotes Aloha (?) and that doesn’t appeal to me — too extreme and it looks like it tastes nasty. Gwyneth also has helped peddle the Clean Program, which seems a lot less extreme, but crazy, crazy expensive if you buy their branded products. I’m also moderately embarrassed that I know all of this, but I think I’ve made my opinion about basics quite clear a long time ago πŸ™‚ If I do a juice “cleanse” again, I’ll make my own juice and nut milks.

          • Emmaleigh504

            cool. I was just curious b/c I love all things GOOP πŸ™‚

          • I also really like GOOP and a Google search indicates that Gwyneth doesn’t promote Aloha, raising her higher in my esteem. She did have a post on Organic Avenue, which I’ve tried and also liked.

        • Blithe

          You’ve done it before, you seem realistic about what to expect — and what not to expect, and it was a positive experience for you on multiple levels. It’s also only 3 days, so I say go for it. If you’re including nut milks, then that also means that you’ll be getting some protein. My only suggestion is that you plan to do this when you can both minimize stress and have the option of changing your mind (i.e. adding lentils or brown rice or something like that if you feel you need to). Many of us have a 3 day weekend coming up soon, so maybe overlapping with that could work for you.
          . As to the haters, I think a lot of the “hate” is directed not to the fast itself, but to the many erroneous benefits ascribed to doing a “cleanse”, and some people’s insufferable habit of over-sharing about their experiences. So, again, I say go for it if it works for you!

          • Thanks, guys πŸ™‚ I just decided to do a 3-day “cleanse” next week when I’m on puppy vacation and won’t run the risk of office questions or my own oversharing. I’m probably guilty of the latter, as evidenced by the fact that I’m talking about it here, so that’s a very helpful comment (as usual), Blithe!

          • Blithe

            Shawess, it’s late, but I hope you get this message. I did not IN ANY WAY mean to imply that you’ve overshared in the slightest. What I mean is things like eating lunch with people who say things like “are you going to eat that? But, but that’s…do you KNOW that you’re KILLING yourself with iceberg lettuce?” And then go on to describe their digestive functions in excruciating detail while I’m eating daal.

            I for one, am looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. Although I’m more interested in the results part then the details of the, um, process part. πŸ˜‰

          • Haha Blithe, I did get this and no no way thought that’s what you meant. But I’m afraid I -have- been that person before and your message was a nice reminder that it’s not cool to overshare about this stuff. Or about food/eating generally, since it seems to strike nerves more often than not.

    • epric002

      i didn’t know smartwool made leggings! are they itchy? smartwool is the only wool that i will wear b/c otherwise i itch/scratch constantly…

      • No, they are wonderfully soft and the waistband is wide and comfy. I wear them under jeans for cold weather outdoor things, like the Winter Classic and inauguration.

        • epric002

          thanks, will definitely be checking those out! how does their sizing run?

        • I love smartwool & the leggings/tights look amazing, but I’m not sure I can pony up that much for them. At least they seemed quite pricey last time I checked….

          • They are pricey. There needs to be a word like “hangry” but for being cold, that’s me. My fear of being cold is tremendous. It drives me to spend good sums of money on extra warm things.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m with Jeslett, I’m allergic to cold. I will pay extra for things that will keep me warm in cold weather. I have more pairs of long underwear than a person in DC really needs, but my legs are warm!

          • epric002

            concur with jeslett and emilie504. i have found that my undearmour running tights make an excellent base layer. bonus- they’re kind of slinky/silky so they don’t stick to whatever i’m wearing over them.

          • Lol, the cold doesn’t bother me as much so perhaps not worth it. But my wife gets cold easily, so perhaps a good gift idea for her sometime in the future…

    • I didn’t know what a French 75 was. (It’s gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar.) Now reading up on champagne cocktails and wine cocktails…

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant-Raveish: My co-worker (older man) whistles. Sometimes is “Highway to Hell”, other times “Smoke on the Water”. Today is “Maria”. I just met a girl named Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m only an hour into my work day and I want to go home. Been yelled at by a rude person on the phone and hung up one twice. I know it’s the nature of the job and all, but too much so far.

    Rave: Happy hour with friends tonight! And no plans this weekend. I look forward to just chilling. And not talking to anyone.

    • I hate getting yelled at. On Tuesday morning, I was shoveling before yoga class at 6:20am, and stepped aside to let someone walk through. I said something along the lines of, “Go ahead” and she responded angrily, “I don’t need your permission to walk through here” or some such thing. I was stunned speechless–I was just trying to be polite! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with rude people, I hope your day improves from here!

    • Let it roll off your back. People who yell at others at work or people who are rude to strangers on the phone have no class.

  • Rant: toddler sleep issues. NO idea what the problem was last night. At least it only took 30-35 minutes to resolve instead of over an hour? And it was earlier in the night so plenty of chance to get several consecutive hours in a row? Argh.
    Rave: fun things planned for the weekend and dinners for next week already planned out, so just need to get a shopping list together & de-clutter the den so my bestie can stay over tomorrow night.
    Rave: productive night last night. AND my wife went out in the cold after the kiddo was in bed to buy me beer since we’re out! She even picked up a seasonal favorite – port city tidings. She really loves me πŸ™‚
    Query: I’m eyeing these boots on zulily, which of course doesn’t take returns. I don’t have a huge need for brown boots, but I think they’d look really nice with jeans. Thoughts or opinions? (spaces included for easier posting): http ://www. zulily.com/p/shitake-modesto-leather-boot-115140-22877193.html?pos=4&e=1&fromEvent=115140&pos=4&e=1&fromEvent=115140&.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think the are cute and would look great with jeans. get them!
      love, the Enabler

    • I think they’re cute and noticed that the both Zappos and Amazon sell the same model. If they are more expensive at one of those places, maybe you could order them from Zappos to try them on, then return them and get them cheaper at Zulily if you still like them? Both companies also have reviews that might help you make a decision.

      • Oh – good idea. Some of the reviews sound like they might be too tight in the toe box for me, so not being able to return them would be unfortunate. Thanks!

    • Ear infection? Those things are sneaky and have led to lots of wake-ups in my house.

      • I don’t think so. She didn’t have one before when she was wrapping up congestion & was more interested in playing than anything else. I went up the first time, and she tried to convince me to read her a book. We read lots of books during the day, but not at 1:30am! I think she likes having some light in her room so she can look at books if she wakes up but I’m not sure if it also disturbs her sleep some. It’s hard to tell what the happy medium is.

    • SFT

      Growth spurt? My guy is going through one and has needed an extra cup of milk at bedtime. If he doesn’t get one he is a mess!

      • Possibly, but she eats right before dinner & we give her food/milk until she’s done. Eh, who knows. It’s just been a bit erratic.

  • Rant – This week at work SUCKED big time.
    Rave – Friday!!!
    Rave – Have an appointment to meet with an adoptable dog and her foster mom today after work!! I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I’m so excited!

    • epric002

      squee! who is the dog???

      • We’re going to meet May! We might go to the GA Ave shelter to meet Missy this weekend, too. We like that she’s a bit older, and I have soft spot for black dogs. But I’m not sure if she meets the weight limit for dogs in my building, which turns out is 45 lbs, not 50 lbs like I thought. I’m going to have a hard time picking a dog, I starting following the WHS dogs on Instagram and now I want the all!

        • epric002

          so excited for you! (especially b/c they’re WHS dogs πŸ˜€ ) they should be able to tell you how much missy weighs- i’m pretty sure she was a medical foster for a little while before she went back to ga ave- you can definitely call or email and ask. so awesome that’s you’re interested in a black dog. for some reason female black dogs languish in shelters much longer than other dogs.

        • Yay! I volunteer at GA Ave and mostly work with the cats, but got to meet Missy last Sunday – she is very sweet and friendly and super affectionate.

        • Are your apartment managers really going to notice the difference between a 50lb dog and a 45lb dog? Do you get evicted if your dog gains weight?

          • Probably not, but I’m renting an apartment in a condo building and just want to be on the safe side, so the smaller the dog, the better. I don’t want not cause any problems for my landlords or with the condo association.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: All this talk of boots makes me want new boots. But I have no room for more boots, and I need to save for upcoming travel.
    Rave: I did order some new loafers for work. I need them and they can live at work out of the way.

  • Rave: the recommendation (from OP Anon, I think) to try to the 4-7-8 breathing technique to fall asleep. I’ve tried it for the last two nights and although it didn’t immediately knock me out, it definitely got me to sleep more quickly than usual. This is going to be a new go-to trick.
    Rant: In spite of falling asleep more quickly last night, I feel completely exhausted today, like I might be getting the flu. I really hope I don’t get sicker because that might delay puppy pickup.

    • I have trouble staying and falling asleep even with double doses of sleep aids which of course make me feel very tired the next thing. I am usually up after 4 hrs; although, I’m able to sleep through phone dings and the door opening and closing. I’ve cut out my naps, don’t play on the computer in bed, try to go to bed the same time nightly, etc. Any recommendations Popville?? I’ll give that 4-7-8 thing a try though.

      • Allison

        Try downloading a program like Flux (or whatever works for your operating system) for both your computer and phone. It “warms” the screen tone so the blue light is less likely to keep you wired. Quit the computer and the phone at least one hour before you plan to try to start sleeping. Try to avoid activities that stimulate your prefrontal cortex, like planning your day tomorrow.

      • + Allison’s recommendations below.
        Insomnia is contagious it seems. Usually I fall asleep right away, this past week+ I’ve been going to bed and feeling wide awake. I’ve been listening to relaxation tracks which has been very effective; I’ve yet to hear what happens at the end. Note: you’ll want to set this up in a way that the screen isn’t glaring while you’re listening to the track.
        Highly recommend the CDs that focus on deep sleep/nighttime relaxation (from itunes):
        http:// http://www.siddharthshah.com/ index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=57

        And free: http:// http://www.doyogawithme.com/ content/yoga-nidra-sleep

    • special_k

      +1 I thought the video explanation of the technique was very helpful. I’ve definitely been falling asleep much, much faster this week.

    • Allison

      Another weird thing that helped me a lot was letting to of the idea that I “had” to have a certain amount of sleep to be functional, to be successful at whatever I was going to do the next day, etc. Last year I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get “the right” amount of sleep — especially before job interviews — which just triggered my anxiety and made me unable to sleep. If you don’t get a full 8 hours, you’ll be fine, and heck, I’ve accomplished some incredible things on ZERO hours of sleep. Once you let go of the “gotta get enough” hang up, it eliminates some of the bedtime stress.

      • I don’t have that particular issue. I am used to working all sorts of schedules, 2 jobs, etc so I’ve moved mountains on very little sleep. I just want to feel rested and not wake up in the middle of the night. I do sometimes get the rested feeling after waking up in the middle of the night but not often. I think a new roomie who isn’t coming home late, having friends over late will also help as those woke me up often. I will check out all these cool suggestions. Thanks!

    • Shawess, when is the puppy pickup supposed to take place — this weekend, right?

      • Tomorrow! Couldn’t come quickly enough πŸ™‚ Our entire pup setup is now in place, so all we have to do is make the epic 3.5 hour, 200-mile drive (x2) to West Virginia.
        Semi-related: Petco Unleashed just put up a sign for a new store in Shaw, right next to the new Beau Thai. Perfect timing!

  • rant – apartment in shaw lost electricity and HEAT last night, apt was 50 degrees trying to fall asleep
    rave – woke up to electricity and heat woooohoooo!
    rave – trying doi moi tonight and getting some spicy thai food yum yum

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Missing PoPville!
    Rant: Almost 3 months into my new job and I know it’s not what I want to be doing. Feel trapped by my poor decisions.
    Revel: Good friends to talk to keeping me from being a depressed lump
    Revel: Freelance clients who pay me to do what I want to be doing
    Revel: Working from home with PJs and dogs
    Question: For those of you with tall boots – how do you store them? I need something better than them getting tossed in a pile in the coat closet. Does anyone have a hanging solution?

    • If you have someplace to stand them and don’t want them flopping over, get some pool noodles. Cut to the right height, and voila. Paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes might work, but they’re probably too lightweight and fragile.
      If you have extra hanging space (in my closet, hanging space is scarce but floor space is better), there are many products on the internet for boot hanging. I liked the look of the Boot Butler, but it’s way space-intensive.

    • Allison

      You can clip them and hang them up on a normal closet rod using pant hangers.

    • Make a roll from newspapers (as fat as you need) and tape it up. Slide a newspaper bag (or cut off the leg of a pair of tights with a run/stockings if you have them around) over the whole thing (optional)

    • Not a hanging solution, but if they’re already on the floor this might work. I have it and I love it. I store 4 pairs of tall boots, one par in each slot, and my LL Bean boots, each Bean boot goes on top, facing down in its own slot.
      http://www. walmart.com /ip/OIA-Organize-It-All-Stackable-Boots-Rack/26410680

    • Don’t beat yourself up about your decision to take this job – when you made the decision three months ago to take the job, it was the right decision at that time. Now you know more about the job and it isn’t a good fit, but you wouldn’t have known that three months ago (right?)
      Might the freelancing lead to more work doing what you enjoy?

      • GiantSquid

        Thanks MP. It’s definitely a “hindsight being 20/20” situation. I’m starting to explore the possibility of freelance more. However, both me and Mr. Squid are nervous about the non-guaranteed income. If we had money saved up for a house, it would be a different story.

  • Rant: school started on time today.
    ?: my lurker roommate found me on here. Granted, I’m not at all difficult to identify. Good thing I like her! She had very complimentary things to say about Emilie.

  • Rave: Dating, hopefully successfully this time
    Rant: Dating very busy people
    Question: How and when do you go about bringing the exclusivity talk up? I have been on about 8 dates over a little over a month and a half (with several adult sleepovers), and it feels exclusive, but I obviously can’t make that assumption. We talk almost everyday when we don’t see each other. There seems like no good way to have the DTR talk. Advice?

    • Allison

      Sometimes acknowledging that a conversation could be awkward eliminates it from the start. Maybe try something like “hey, I don’t want this to be awkward, but how would you feel about being exclusive, if we aren’t already? I don’t really know where we stand on this.” Also you can use the tried and true parenting method of having awkward conversations while engaging in another activity (cooking, driving, etc.) so it’s not so stare-into-eachother’s-eyes.

    • Oh, I love dating stories. I agree with Allison. I’m a fan of “let’s talk about something while we do something else” mainly because eye-contact when dealing with awkward convos scares me.

    • The best way the exclusivity talk has been brought up with me = The guy suggested we play the ‘question game’ where you each ask each other fairly random questions and the other person can answer/pass, etc. It’s not even really a game. But about the third question in he was like “So, have you been on dates with anyone else since we met?” And then the next question was “So, can we say we’re officially dating?” Something like that. He was more suave about it, but you get the jist.

    • My boyfriend brought it up after about the same amount of time, we were winding down after going out with his friends (first time I met them) and he asked, “so, what are your thoughts on this [us]?”. It started up the conversation without really putting on a whole lot of pressure right from the outset since it was a little vague. Me being me, I wasn’t quite sure what he was asking at first, but he got me to be more specific.
      Otherwise, having another activity to do at the same time is also pretty nice for handling the awkwardness factor.

    • I have no useful advice but just wanted to say good luck and keep us updated! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the suggestions!! I will post an update when there is one!

  • Rave: Not getting chosen to be the U.S. bid city for the 2024 Olympics. I’ve been to the Olympics (as a spectator) twice — once in a city I was living in, and once when it was a ~3-hour train ride away in a city where a friend lived — and I think the benefits of hosting an Olympics are overrated.
    Rant: Just realized I forgot to bring lunch, which means so-so cafeteria pizza instead.

  • epric002

    well, the religion isn’t cutting people’s heads off, misguided followers of said religion are. and while that’s currently true, let’s not forget that all sorts of terrible things have been done over the course of history in the name of many religions.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working at home! Warmth! Kitties!
    Rave: Names of New! Baby! Cousins! finally released. They’re only, oh, 3.5 weeks old.
    Rave: Friday!
    Rant: Nothing at the moment.

    • Emmaleigh504

      what are the names? Are they terribley hipster?

      • Emmaleigh504

        yes one is terribly hipster. poor kid.

        • Allison

          It’s Brynndle, isn’t it.

        • Quotia Zelda

          I’m judging on so many levels. With the exception of Favorite Girl Cousin’s older child, I’m more than a little disappointed with this new generation of cousins’ naming abilities. Addison, FFS?
          I mean, really, our family has traditionally been excellent at names, and they are just letting us down.

          • Emmaleigh504

            At least favorite girl cousin’s oldest has a family name, even if the previous owners of the name were sort of terrible.

          • I’m picking this thread up late today, but think I’ve commiserated with you before about bad naming of small children. It’s a sort of pet peeve of mine, even though I try to tell myself that it shouldn’t be. It just baffles me sometimes that people think that names inspired by, say, the Hunger Games might seem like wise choices once the child reaches adulthood. Or next year. Or ever.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We don’t know the middle names yet, I pray the boy with the normal name also has a normal middle name, and the poor hipster kid has a normal middle name he can go by.

          • Please, please tell me that Addison is the twin brother or sister of Wesley.

          • Blithe

            Yes, textdoc, Yes!!!! lol On a related note, I once dreamed that I was in the hospital, having just given birth to twins. I was woozy and irritated, and saying to someone in a very curt tone of voice:” Yes, their names. are. Taylor and Gibson.” (Yes, this is the moment when I admitted to myself that I am indeed a guitar nut. )

          • Quotia Zelda

            (I feel like this is a reference I’m not getting)
            Addison’s brother is named Evan. Addison is a stupid name (and also a disease). Evan is fine, I guess, but we’re just used to better in our family.
            Full disclosure: I am rigid and judgmental about names.

          • I’m judgmental about names as well. It took me a long time to get over my sister’s name for the new niece. I’m determined to just call her by her middle name, which is also my beloved grandma’s name.

          • Blithe

            Sorry Quotia Zelda — Addison Wesley publishes textbooks. For those of us who have spent a LOT of time in libraries it’s almost impossible to hear “Addison” without associating it with “Wesley”. I like the names, and actually didn’t think of Addison’s disease until I read your comment.

          • My baby niece is named Scout, a name the mother loves and the father clearly did not like at all until the baby was named that. Even now I’m not sure he likes the name. This drives me crazy — the name is terrible, the mother clearly imposed the name on the father and the girl’s middle name is my first name, so I can’t default to calling her by that. It seems like a terrible name for a child and even worse for an adult. [end rant]

          • Let me guess: the mother is a huge fan of To Kill A Mockingbird?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I am rigid and judgemental and still maintain that Quoatia Zelda’s youngest’s middle name is COMPLETELY WRONG. The first 2 started a pattern and his doesn’t match!

          • Goinganonymousforthisone, does your baby niece live in the DC area? I have a coworker whose daughter has the same name.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Scout is pretty popular these days.

          • epric002

            i must chime in with my own judgieness about names. am still not happy about the name given to my favorite nephew. his adorableness/snuggliness almost makes up for it though…

          • Emmaleigh504

            Let me clarify that all the Zelda children have excellent names (and nicknames!), and I do like youngest Zelda’s name, I just thought the pattern should continue. Also the name he should have as a middle name is one of my names πŸ˜€

          • anon for this – no, not in the DC area. Emilie504, would you say the same thing if your own niece was named this?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Scout is a popular name for girl babies these days, but is not a name I care for. It seems like a really bad idea to name your kid that if your spouse doesn’t approve, but I’ve never been in that situation, so what do I know? I say you just pick a nickname for the kid and stick with it. I call youngest Zelda a made up nickname b/c it’s fun. (We do lots of nicknaming.) How about calling her “Pipsqueak.” That can morph into Pippa or Squeaky or Pip etc

          • Emmaleigh504

            ack NOT SQUEAKY! never Squeaky, I forgot about the Manson chick called Squeaky. oy (This is why people need to think carefully when naming their kids!)

          • Good idea, Emilie504. My first thought was “Munchkin,” but that could quickly turn into “Munch” and that isn’t good either.

  • Rave: going a second/third date (long story) tonight.
    Rant: aunt flo has ruined my chance of getting laid tonight. πŸ™ Hope date doesn’t mind.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Parking at the gym has been absolute hell this week, I guess since everyone is starting their resolutions or whatever.
    Rave: Knowing that most people won’t keep them and I won’t have to rush over every day not long from now.

  • Rave: En route to NY! Just a quick overnight but looking forward to catching up with family friends.
    Rant: The outlets and Wi-Fi on this bus don’t seem to want to function.
    Rave: All of this boot talk! I’m listening to the Kinky Boots soundtrack right now, which seems appropriate.
    Rant: My laptop is haunted and I’ve had to re-type this four times.

  • Additional rant: Condo bs. Grown adults pouting because they are expected to clean up after themselves. We pay for a PM with a task portal, but rather than post there, people feel it better to post on the discussion board the PM would never check then complain when things aren’t done. We’ve had the PM for a long time now, and people keep doing it after I’ve directed them to the right place. Small bldg are the pits.

  • Happy Friday, Emilie! gawker.com/chill-ass-rhinos-take-relaxed-stroll-through-zoos-wide-1678513581

  • Rant: overuse of the word “hero”
    Rave: no Olympics in DC!!!
    Rave: I hope this makes it harder for Dan Snyder to move his team into the city. Football stadiums belong in the ‘burbs.
    Rant: Mayor Bowser. She seems to have developed a position on moving the football team into the city since asked during the campaign.
    Rave: almost the weekend!!!
    Rave: buying a fisheye lens shortly!

    • Why should Football stadiums belong in the burbs? Seattle does a great job with both of their stadiums right in the middle of the city, so does Baltimore…

      • justinbc

        Worked great for Charlotte too.

      • Why don’t they just tear down and rebuild RFK?

        • That would almost certainly be the plan; I think most people would consider that “in the middle of the city” for purposes of this discussion.

      • Seattle’s stadium isn’t really in the middle of the city. It also is used for soccer, that helps.

        But football stadiums should be in the burbs (generally) because:

        1. Lots of people like to tailgate. More space in the burbs to have huge parkings lots to tailgate.
        2. On a related note, if large parking lots are made for that stadium, that’s a lot of wasted space in the middle of the city for a big chunk of the year. And even if there are minimal parking lots…
        3 As noted in #2, the stadium itself used just a few times a year (8-10 football games, plus a handful of other times for concerts and other events). Not like a baseball stadium (81+ games) or arena (41 games for NBA, another 41 for NHL), so a lot of the time the stadium itself is just unused space.

        That being said, I think it would be pretty sweet if they tore down RFK and built something in its place. It’s near the Metro, has sufficient space, and yet not central enough to deter smart urban growth.

    • Let me clarify – I’m okay with a football stadium in DC as long as it is 100% privately-funded.

      • And there aren’t acres and acres of surface parking lots that only get used 8x per year around it.

      • The city will have to spend money on the RFK site no matter what ends up there. So if it is a football stadium you may need to be more precise about how you define “100% privately-funded”.

        • What will the city have to spend money on?

          • Site preparation. Demolition of existing structures, environmental remediation, infrastructure upgrades, that sort of thing.

          • The city can sell that land and let the developer take on those costs. In that sense, the city would “pay” for those costs through a lower sales price, but the city would not “have to spend money.”

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Peking Duck Tacos from Scratch DC delivery today
    Rant: This cold! Brr.
    Rave: Lovely kitties who make me get out of bed in the morning.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: just chipped a tooth. The dentist did warn me almost 100 years ago that my tongue ring would break all my teeth. Now it’s begun.

  • Rant: waiting in doctors’ offices
    Rant: Dealing with government bureaucracy
    Rave: thankfully my own fed office of employment doesn’t have much red tape
    Small rave: at least today isn’t as brutally cold as yesterday

  • Rant: the neighbor’s dog that barks constantly. Not because the barking bothers me (I don’t know why; I have a dog and it just doesn’t bug me. screaming babies on the other hand…), but because that dog is outside all the time, no matter how cold or hot it is. I’d bark too, ya jerk! What’s worse is that I have no idea how to report them! I live on a square block with no alley, so all of our backyards butt up against each other, and all have high fences. I can’t see which yard it’s coming from, and I can’t hear the dog when I walk around the outside of the block. (The set-up is hard to describe, but basically there’s no way to tell which of the 15+ buildings housing probably 100+ units it’s coming from.) Help! What do I do?

    • epric002

      call WHS at (202) 723-5730. i have definitely reported dogs who bark so much that it makes me think they are outside permanently, and where i couldn’t tell whether they had adequate shelter/food/water or not. they will send out an animal control officer to check on things and s/he will find out where the dog is. thank you for being concerned and wanting to help out! (you could also ask neighbors if they have any idea who has the dog)

  • So I don’t ask this as a humble brag but because i’m struggling. What do you do in a professional setting where you conflict with coworkers due to your desire to excel at your job and do above what is required? I’m new to the agency but not to the field but a couple of my coworkers are within 2 years of retirement and have made it quite clear they resent me “making them look bad” by seeking out opportunities to better myself and take on new responsbilities. (Examples starting new support groups, presenting at a conference, willingness to help out other program areas etc) To make matters worse I share an office with them. I work for a federal agency that serves Veterans and has been in the news a lot for incompetance so I strive to not be incompetant and to serve those served us. My coworkers, not so much.

    • Allison

      Go ahead and make them look bad. You’re only going to have to work with them for 2 more years tops.

      • Do your best and forget them, but be polite and cordial always. Those oldsters you’re talking about are part of the problem. Their retiring will do you and, more importantly, our veterans a favor. Good luck and keep your chin up!

    • Just don’t do it in a showoff-y way. I had a coworker who was like this. The rest of us were hard workers, but this coworker always seemed to be tooting her own horn.

      • I am definately not a horn tooter, in fact, I’d rather not talk about my accomplishments. Its just that I think people are saying “Clearbluewater is doing XYZ why arent you” rather than me saying anything since they rarely engage me in conversation anyway.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh hey! Are you still in Seattle? Or was in Portland? Real Maria has moved there, y’all should have an unofficial popville happy hour, Pacific Northwest chapter.

    • Anonynon

      Another VA person! Welcome πŸ™‚

  • Allison

    Rave: I just had a stroke of genius at work! This was much needed as I’m still only 6 months in and the amount of time I feel like an idiot far exceeds the amount of time I feel good at my job. I found a creative way to do what my client wants for once instead of telling them “no, you can’t do that” which is normally the answer I have (or rather the law requires me) to give. Now the question is whether my idea will be able to be practically implemented.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I carried a watermelon.

  • Really late Rant but… Am I the only one getting pop-up ads that won’t go away every few times I visit the PoPville website? They don’t stop until I reset my browser even though my pop-up blocker is on. :[

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