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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rave: Uganda! First day of focus groups went well and things are coming together for the rest of the trip.
    Rant: Jetlag….dear god please let me sleep tonight. Please.

  • Rant: Being sick sucks.
    Rant: Recovering from being sick takes longer than being sick.
    Rant: Recovering when it freezing cold and windy outside and cold inside sucks.
    Rant: Recovering from being sick while freezing and then realizing you sill have the whole freaking day to work sucks.

  • Rant: Witnessed shots fired outside the SW public library at 9 am on New Year’s Day. The police were responsive, but pretty nonchalant. And I didn’t have my contacts in, so wasn’t able to provide much of a description.
    Revel: At 3 years old, my dog is finally starting to sleep in on the weekends.

    • My dog is approaching 3 years old and has finally starting sleeping in. I used to have to get up everyday at 7am on the dot, but over the holiday break he allowed me to sleep until 8am, which felt great.

      • epric002

        formerly foster puppy is puppy-like in every way except that he LOVES to sleep in/stay warm and cuddly. i think he has the potential to be an exceptionally lazy velvet hippo as he gets older and fatter 🙂

    • Not surprised they were nonchalant. I live across the street at Capitol Park and heard the gunshots, but no sirens.

  • RANT: Someone blocked out in white paint the corner of a longstanding mural in Mount Pleasant and spray painted green graffiti thereon. Ruined the mural. What were they thinking?

    RAVE: Washington is gorgeous.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Mailed all my thank-you notes today. Even the ones for the things my sister took to her in-laws, so I haven’t opened yet.
    Rant: they are very half-assed notes.
    Rave: Downton Abbey is back and next week Shameless will be back. Good television on Sundays!

    • Kudos for using snail mail!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I love regular mail and I suspect other people love getting it too. Also, email thank you notes don’t count in my family. A phone call or an actual paper note or GTFO. I can’t wait to get thank-yous from my favorite cousins, they write such charming notes. Mine pale in comparison.

    • Yay for Thank You notes! Even if they’re half-assed they’re snail mail. Plus, extra points if they’re awesome cards

      • Emmaleigh504

        I used my Worst Case Scenario postcards that give tips on surviving bad sh!t. Grandpa got survive a mountain lion attack, fav boy cousin got how to take a punch, and favorite aunt got surviving an avalanche etc. Favorite girl cousin got a postcard from Chicago b/c I hadn’t found the scenario postcards when I wrote hers.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Mine are written! Now I just have to beat my children into writing theirs. Tonight will be a fun night at the Zelda cottage.

  • Rave: My backpack is packed and ready to begin Fitness Challenge 2015!

    Rant: My backpack may be ready but I’m not!
    Rant: People who have been on PTO for two weeks and are now back demanding status on items that they would find if they just read their damn email!

  • gotryit

    Rant: Someone died from drug overdose in the building next to me… sad / creepy.
    Rave: I don’t use drugs. Well, it would be difficult for me to die of an overdose of caffeine anyway.

  • I heard some classic Madonna on the radio this morning, and oh my goodness, it was grating and horrible. Why did we listen to that? Auto-tune came a decade (or two) too late.
    My opinion is not at all colored by her recent embarrassing look-at-me shenanigans. Although, I’ll take this opportunity to offer some advice from one old broad to another: STFU Madonna. You don’t get to compare yourself to MLK or Nelson Mandela.

    • SFT

      Those pictures of Mandela, Marley, and King bound in rope were the worst. How could anyone let her put those out. So offensive!

      • Blithe

        I agree — Very offensive. It’s hard for me to imagine a bunch of people around a table all signing off on this as being a Good Idea. If this is some sort of artistic statement, I’m definitely not getting it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Wiccan housesitter asking me to drive him to work so he can take a TV (he’s part of a home care team for an invalid).
    Rant: It’s the TV from my guest bedroom.

    • What???? The housesitter is taking your tv???

    • I still can’t tell if the wiccan housesitter exists, but the stories are fantastically fun reads!

      • I Dont Get It

        He exists, believe me. On the plus side the main caregiver for his home care gig is going to be out of the country for 10 days so I won’t have him hanging around “housesitting” while I am actually in myhouse.

  • Rant- New Office of Planning director. Lackluster, and sketchy background. We deserve better. Welcome to the new world under murial.

    • Accountering

      Don’t worry, she is going to protect Initiative 71. She hasn’t committed to suing congress over it, but she HAS committed to explore all options! (/sarcasm) She is the worst.

    • saf

      Grrr. She should have kept Ellen McCarthy.

  • Rant:I want a personal trainer, but the prices is making me ill, can’t justify paying someone $56 for half hour. That is more than I make an hour.
    Rant: I need a new roof
    Rant I need new windows
    Rant I need to get fit, something got to give!

    • Pablo Raw

      In my opinion new roof is the priority; if it is leaking, it can lead a much bigger expense in the future!

    • Andie302

      I’m with you. I know a trainer would be effective, but the cost is just too much for me to stomach.

    • I know that a lot of people want a personal trainer because it inspires them to get to the gym (one of the reasons rowing works for me is the peer pressure aspect) but it’s possible that the contribution personal trainer’s make to one’s fitness and results is vastly overrated. Interesting piece in the Times earlier this year.

      “As for personal trainers, I’ve known great ones. But the business model is akin to babysitting: There’s no percentage in teaching clients independence by showing them basic barbell lifts and telling them to add weight each time. Better to invent super-fun, high-intensity routines that entertain and bewilder clients, so they’ll never leave you. The science of muscle confusion, in other words, looks a lot like the marketing tradecraft of client confusion.”


      Either way, good luck (and get the roof fixed before the windows).

    • Do you already belong to a gym? Think of classes as training – all you have to do is get there and then someone tells you what to do for an hour. I found it really helps me mix up the routine, and gives me much better workouts. Alternately find a friend who can be a workout buddy and help you motivate to get to the gym. I did not have good experiences with personal training, I think it’s as much about getting your hooked to them as getting you fit.

  • I cannot imagine the kind of person who would demand that a preschool tear down its playground, or would advocate for “silent study time” in place of recess. For preschoolers.

    • Blithe

      So, guy moves into a mixed-use, mixed-income building, decides to use his home for his work as a realtor and an attorney, then uses his weight as an attorney to threaten the playground. Sweet. I guess it’s the kind of person who either didn’t do his due diligence — not a good quality in either a lawyer or a realtor — or who decides that his individual needs matter a whole lot more than the needs of a bunch of kids, teachers and families. The sad thing is that he got the advantages of a “mixed-income” price on his unit; he’s saving money by apparently using his unit as his home as well as his office, and he doesn’t seem to care that the price as well as his ability to use his residence for business purposes likely reflects the presence of the school, among other factors. I guess his budget doesn’t include paying for his own office space and his spirit doesn’t include… a lot of things.

  • skj84

    Rant: I don’t want to be at work. I’m tired, despite falling asleep at 10, a bit hungover, and in no mood to talk to people.

    Rant: it’s going to snow tomorrow. During commute time. It’s probably not going to be enough to call out work.

    Rave: I dunno, I’m sticking to my NY resolutions so far?

  • SFT

    Rave: I love my new job. After a week of vacation I came back to less than 10 emails. I would have had to sort through hundreds at my old gig!
    Rave: Traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be this morning.
    Rant: My nanny is awesome, but she always has something going on. This week her son was caught with pot and she has to go to court on Wednesday, so I have to miss another day of work. It’s always something!
    Rave: My new job is super flexible and lets me work from home whenever I need.

  • Rant: Metro operators who talk too much and try to tell everyone how to ride the train. I get that people are not doing things that are most efficient for YOU (spreading out to all available doors), but they are doing what’s most efficient for THEM (getting on near where they need to get off for the escalator). So get over it and get out of my ear. There is one guy who is particularly bad about this.

    Rave: New Year!

    • Pablo Raw

      My favorite is at Fort Totten when the Yellow line operator starts asking people to exit the train again, and again, and again; turning lights on and off…. without opening the doors.

  • Rave: after two nights of really crappy sleep, my daughter slept in like a champ over the weekend we woke her up at 10am and 9am on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.
    Rant: Bedtime was a little harder last night, but
    Rave: leaving a little light on so she could read in bed before going to sleep worked great.
    Rave: doctor’s office was super quick for my blood draw this morning. Not holding my breath that subsequent visits will be this easy, but it’s a good way to start the process.

    • Bonus rave! Had a fantastic run with my old running buddy and her dog yesterday afternoon. Great way to get myself motivated to get active again 🙂

  • Andie302

    Rave: We got to meet the new neice in person. She is adorable and I’m so thrilled that they have a healthy baby and the delivery went well.
    Rant: Minor neck pain. I think I am overdo for a massage. Anyone have recommendations? I’ve been a couple places via groupon, but honestly nothing that was so great I would go out of my way to revisit.
    Rant: Monday
    Rave: Construction starting
    Rant: So damn tired
    Rave: Rant yesterday
    Rant: albeit very slowly

    • Tusuva in AdMo is my favorite for massages. 🙂

    • I really like Lunar Massage, and they have a couple of locations around DC. If you want hot stones and a super dark room and a total OM zen spa feel, they are not that. But the therapists are really good at doing needed bodywork.

      • Ander at Lunar in Mt. Vernon was my fav. I don’t work in the area anymore so haven’t been over there in ages but he was fabulous.

    • I really like Mary at Spa Room massage. Reminds me… I need to schedule one by the end of the month or my gift certificate expires!

    • SFT

      I love The Still Point in Takoma Park. Nikki does great Reiki and I haven’t met a single massage therapist that I don’t love. They listen. It’s worth the trek out there!!!

    • Saida at Hands Down Body Therapy in Woodley Park. The best massage I have ever gotten, and she is very inexpensive.

    • Anybody got a recommendation for a more sports massage, lower back has been tight all week?

    • If you’re willing to drive out to the ‘burbs – FitPro Massage in McLean is amazing. The owner, Robin, is my favorite and Karl is excellent as well. I haven’t been to anyone else, but have heard great things from friends. They’re reasonably priced and have evening and weekend hours.

    • Melissa from My Massage Place – independent massage therapist in Tenley. She is PHENOMENAL.

  • Rave: After 16 days of vacation I remembered my laptop and found my office this morning!
    Rant: I forgot which to do first, eat breakfast or blow dry my hair.
    Rave: Caps. Three of our guys took each other out, one guy punched Burakovsky in the face instead of first bumping after his goal, and Holtby disappeared the puck for over a minute, then hatched it. It’s kind of shocking Caps won the game after all of that, but they looked good and didn’t have a Winter Classic hangover like everyone expected. NHL tweeted the video of Holtby looking for the puck with Joe B and Locker’s call, which I though was hilarious.

  • Rant: Spent the entire weekend laying on my futon, sick. Stayed home from work today.
    Rave: My sick days are separate from my vacation days so (thankfully) I don’t have to worry about not going in.
    Rant/Rave: Friend that I haven’t seen in awhile came over to make cookies on Friday before I started feeling lousy. She was almost 2 hours late. Last time we tried to arrange something, she ended up not showing at all. Needless to say, “friend” is no longer considered a friend in my book. But I feel surprisingly relieved and got some free cookies.
    Rave: Snow tomorrow!

    • Eeeek. This seems a little harsh. I cancel a lot because of anxiety issues but haven’t lost any friends over it (yet?). I’m at the age where friends don’t come as easily as they once did and so I try to not cut people out because of punctuality.

      • Punctuality is a sign of respect, and chronic lateness or frequent cancelation signals the opposite. I’ve heard about anxiety issues as an excuse for flakiness, but I do not accept it. There are treatments and therapies; you do not have the right to inconvenience others. People who are repeatedly disrespected and inconvenienced have every right to cut off the offenders.
        Yes, that sounds harsh. Mean, even. But you MUST realize how your actions affect others, and take responsibility.
        (The phrase “I cancel a lot” really got my back up. The chronically late and people who “cancel a lot” are a bigger peeve in my book than smokers, metro-doorway-standers, and litterers COMBINED.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          People with anxiety issues that cancel a lot have actual medical conditions that are difficult to treat. They aren’t being late or cancelling on purpose and are probably really guilty about it. They know they are letting you down. Hopefully, if you each value each other you can talk about it together and move forward. On the other hand, people who are flaky b/c they just don’t care, or something better came along, F*** them.

          • Yeah, this is not anxiety. I have mild anxiety and also have friends with more severe anxiety and it’s very different. Both times she was late/didn’t show, it was because “another friend” she was supposed to do something with “earlier” that day was “late.” Which is vague and just rude. (When I have to cancel for whatever reason, I at least try to tell the person more than 10 minutes before I’m supposed to arrive…….)

        • Disagree. Punctual people are on time even for people they don’t respect. And, the same with the tardy.

        • Accountering

          I disagree pretty heartily. My older brother is wildly tardy to family functions (were talking several hours) but a lack of respect is not even close to reasonable. We are very close, and this is quite far off-base in this situation. Perhaps you are just reading WAYYYYYY too much into the situation?!?

          • Hmm. I think respect is not quite the right word, but I would say that it’s rude and shows a lack of consideration for others’ time. I sometimes struggle with punctuality, and I think that’s really unfair to whomever I’m meeting. Since I know this about myself, I try to compromise. If I’m running late, I send a text letting them know. If I’m running more than 10 minutes late, I suck it up and eat the cost of taking a cab (this has been an incentive for me to get it together). I might offer to buy the first round. I aim for group plans–parties, potlucks, picnics, etc.–that have flexible start times so that I’m not leaving one person hanging.

            I have a friend like your brother, and I’ve noticed that people (myself included) increasingly don’t really invite her to do things. I know that she’s not a bad person and she’s not doing it on purpose, but I think it does convey a level of thoughtlessness. Sure she feels guilty, but that doesn’t do much for the people who are stuck waiting for her for an hour plus. To me, guilt with no action just shows that the person is still rather inwardly focused, rather than being genuinely concerned about how their actions impact others. I didn’t make a conscious decision to cut her out or anything, but I have found myself hanging out with her less and less. It sucks. None of us are perfect, but I think friends should at least make an effort.

          • Point taken. I guess it’s really very situational. That’s family and you know them well. It’s also different if you’re meeting someone who is late periodically because they got stuck in traffic, etc. That happens to everyone, myself included. But when you only see someone sporadically, are ALWAYS first to invite them to do something, and then they are late or don’t show with little to no notice multiple times… then yeah, it is thoughtless. It’s not that I don’t like her, she’s a fine person, but it’s just not worth the extra time that I end up sacrificing.

      • “Friend” is a pretty vaguely-defined concept.

      • I have a friend with anxiety issues, who cancels all the time, little reason given. I’m aware that she has anxiety issues, but I tend to think it is just her way of feeling like she can be this way and get away with it, more than anxiety, causing it. I don’t like it, but I deal with it mainly by never planning anything with her in advance. Because I have other friends who will plan in advance and then cancel last minute (while I have foregone making other plans) because they want to make other plans, which I do take as a lack of respect, I tend to not plan in advance with anyone not reliable. While this takes some of the stress out of being friends with these people, since we just plan last minute when they are free and thus don’t cancel, I miss making advance plans, and counting on people, as I used to years ago. The voicemail/cellphone/email/text thing has made people so much less reliable (yes, I realize I’m dating myself here) – because now people CAN cancel with notice last minute, rather than just not show up – which used to not be the case.

    • Blithe

      I’m confused: How did you manage to end the friendship — but still get the free cookies?

      • My guess is that the cookies are at FridayGirl’s house and friend isn’t going to be invited back.

        • Jeslett is right. This is has been going downhill since last summer, so now’s the time for me to just stop making an effort. I tried, didn’t work, moving on.

  • Rave: Perfect weekend in New York. Too many sub-raves there to even write down, so I’ll just oversimplify and call it perfect.
    Rave: Puppy coming home on Saturday. Thanks again to everyone for training ideas and recommendations. Husb and I listened to the audiobook of the Skete Monks training guide on the train and it really meshes with my idea of how I’d like to train. The Other End of the Leash is up next.
    Rave: I’m in too good of a mood to care about the rants right now.

    • (Let’s see how many times I can use the word “train” in one sentence, shall we? Bonus points if I can use the word to mean two different things!)

    • Oh, and I love this list of words to be banished for “misuse, overuse and uselessness”:
      http:// www. usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/12/31/banished-words-list/21092775/
      I’d really be happy to never hear the words “curate” and “foodie” ever again.

      • “Bae” might be my least favorite word EVER. I didn’t really know what it meant for a while and wondered why all these couples were calling each other bae. Then someone told me it stands for “before anyone else” and it made me want to throw something.

        • Emmaleigh504

          ugh gross. I thought it was just short for Baby or Babe and people stuck that E on the end to write it out all cutesy like.

          • Allison

            It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what “tripping/trippin'” meant. Like “don’t be trippin’.” I should spend more time on urban dictionary.

        • Andie302

          EWW I hadn’t heard what it meant, but have seen it popping up. Yuck!

          • I hadn’t heard what it meant either! All I can think of when I hear “bae” is the Korean word 배, which is pronounced the same but made no sense in context.

        • jim_ed

          FWIW, my understanding is that “before anyone else” is a backronym for bae. It was (and still is) just a stupid word invented by teens like so many hundreds of other words before it.

      • I was also really late to hearing about “bae”, and thank goodness. If I could add a word (“word”) that I’d like to see get more use, it’s the peach emoji as a symbol of a girl’s butt. Yes, it’s true. It makes me giggle every single time I see it.

        • Hahahah, I was not expecting your sentence to end in that way. Thanks for making me laugh on the first day back at work!

          • If you like that, you’ll love this: http:// nymag.com/ thecut/2014/03/definitive-emoji-sexting-glossary.html

          • (That is super NSFW, by the way. And if I’m breaking Popville rules, sorry!)

          • That. was. amazing. I can’t even pick a favorite! Possibly “Emoji face is displeased with poor aim.” lol

          • Ha! FWIW, this thread is reminding me that I am already slipping on my new year’s resolution to slow my brain’s atrophy with better reading material. I might have to make an exception for The Cut.

          • I only moderately hate myself for loving a column called “I Like This Bitch’s Life.” IThe newest one is about Molly Yeh, after all, and I do like her life.

    • Now I have a rant: Textdoc doesn’t seem to be here! It doesn’t feel right here without Textdoc.

  • I often take 5 mg of Ambien for the first few nights overseas to make sure I get to sleep

    • Well this is out of place (reposted where it’s meant to be). But here’s my non-reply post:
      Rave: I’d posted last week about my 25% increase in insurance premiums. I looked into the DC health exchange and it looks like I can lower my cost by hundreds of dollars a month. Thanks Obama!
      Rave: New fermentation project is preserved lemons (easier than pie to make) and will be put to good use as my sister and I cook our way through the NY Times top 20 recipes of 2014. We’ve made #1 and #15, next up is #5 (Chicken Tagine) cooked in the newly restored cast iron dutch oven.

  • skj84

    Rave: I decided to take an early lunch in effort to rally. Feeling a bit better.

    Crowd Sourced question: anyone know of a good place to get the lining of a purse replaced? Also a good place to get a zipper replaced on a down coat? So many alterations!

  • Rave: love the org I work for
    Rant: my role at the org is very ambiguous without clear goals or responsibilities. It can be stressful and I often feel incompetent

  • Rant: bad news about infant neice
    Question related to Rant: what can I do for brother and SIL who are out of state and may be staying at a hospital on and off for some time (they have 2 other young kids staying with grandma and they have family in the area). I want to do something but not sure what from 1000 miles away. Thoughts? Thanks.

    • Andie302

      This is tough. My brother and wife spent 11 days at a hospital about an hour away from home when my nephew was born. The only thing I remember is that they were very bored with all the waiting…so maybe a deck of cards, magazines, snacks, travel toiletries that they could put in a purse? Sorry that they are going through this. I hope it’s something your neice is able to recover from.

      • Thanks for the comment. I’ll see if my in-the-area other brother can put together a care package. I’m not sure on the details yet regarding whether they’ll make any trips home from the hospital, so I’m not sure if mailing a care package would work.

    • It would also be nice to offer to pay for dinner delivery for them (a lot of places deliver to hospitals if they aren’t at home). When our daughter was in the NICU for a month, one of our best friends gave us his credit card number and told us to order dinner on him one night. It was a really thoughtful gesture, and we really appreciated it.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. Could you get electronic gift certificates for local restaurants/take-out places? Then you can send it to them easily & not worry about mailing. I suspect having easy ways of getting food would be helpful.

    • FIrst, I am SO sorry about your niece. When my nephew was in the NICU after he and his brother were born, the NICU didn’t allow anything in there other than the parents. So it might be worth calling and asking someone what is allowed in the NICU.

      I was able to go in person, but one thing they didn’t get is a lot of food. If there is a good food delivery service, I’d get them a gift card. That way they can order dinner on the way home from the NICU and have it waiting when they get home. Maybe something like Seamless so that they have a variety to choose from? They also didn’t get to spend a lot of time at home, so maybe a cleaning service to come help out around the house every now and again as they need it?

    • Rant: being back in the office after four wonderful days in Rehoboth
      Rave: the girlfriend really dug Rehoboth
      Rave: tipsily taking photos around Rehoboth on a foggy night
      Rave: all the food and most of the drinks at Pig + Fish and most of the beers at Dogfish Head.

    • Is there a way to order food for them – for instance a pizza or something for the kids, etc?

    • Allison

      I have a coworker who is really sick with a long-term illness so people in the office pitched in to get a bunch of giftcards for a meal delivery service. Whatever is in their area, like maybe Seamless? That way they can get good food at the hospital (and at home) if they don’t feel like cooking.

      • Thanks for the good suggestions, all. I appreciate it. Sounds like the consensus is food delivery to the hospital, as long as the hospital is okay with it depending on where they are, etc.

    • gertie_wickler

      Along with food delivery, you might also want to send them a basic prepaid debit/credit card for all the smaller, miscellaneous purchases they might need to make (gas, coffee, etc.).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: cannot think of synonyms for compromised, as in her security was compromised.
    Rave: the kissing and screaming at the end of “Polk Salad Annie”. scream smooch smooch “I’ve already kissed you. You’ve already had it. You want it again, right?” smooch smooch

  • Rant: The job hunt. So many sighs. It sucks feeling like I apparently qualify for nothing after applying to a ton of jobs and hearing zilch over the last five months. Working two jobs in the meantime and am just so tired. Trying not to get discouraged!

    • You can do it! Good luck!

    • It does suck. My new year’s resolution is that I will try to get people to help me more in the search. Not working at all, and searching full time – am qualified, well qualified, super qualified, and basically considered overqualified, – at least in the minds of people hiring. I’m convinced no one hires off resumes, just people they know. But if you don’t know a lot of people in the this town, getting people you meet networking to help you out seems to be really hard here. If is very hard to crack searching in this market with experience.

  • tonyr

    Rant: VISA card hacked again
    Question: This is the third time that it was caught at a Publix in FL. To paraphrase Lady Bracknall, once is unfortunate, but three times is more than a coincidence. Has anyone else had the same experience (i.e. tried to be used at a FL Publix)? I’m wondering if it’s one of my regular haunts that ripping off my details.

    • Sorry for the visa issue but thanks for the Oscar Wilde love this morning 😀

    • Ugh, sorry to hear. My card was copied/hacked three times in 2014. I narrowed down the places it could have been, but my credit card company doesn’t seem too interested in catching the folks. It’s frustrating.

    • Weird that when my card was hacked, there were also charges to grocery store (in NYC). Maybe they buy gift cards? Since this happened about a year ago, I’ve decided to dedicate one card to physical shopping/swiping and one card to online shopping so that if it happens again, it will be a little easier to track. I actually called and spoke to the manager at my fave local spot and said I love shopping there, I shop with you all the time, blah blah blah….card was hacked and just wanted to alert you to the possibility there is something on your machines. In a very gruffy tone he said “THERE’S NOTHING ON MY MACHINES!” ….and then a few weeks later the news of Target broke, so I wonder if the manager ever thought back to my phone call. I was not blaming or accusing them….I genuinely love to shop and support their local business and wanted to alert them to the possibility this was happening to their customers.

      • I got a similar reaction from a restaurant I used to frequent. After two issues over the past three years shortly after dining there, I let an assistant manager of the restaurant know. The response was basically “it’s impossible that it’s us.” So now I try to use cash when going there, which is much less frequently these days…

      • I had a brand-new card (new number, new account). Used it once at a fancy hotel to buy drinks for a client and then someone decided to buy several thousand dollars worth of Pottery Barn (shudder) furniture and send it to an address in Northeast. Hotel adamantly denied that anyone there would do this.

    • Sounds like Publix has hackers infiltrating their payments system. This is similar to the massive Target hack earlier this year.
      Also, this may be of interest (and worrying!): http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2014/10/publix_cybersecurity_credit_card_hacks_how_companies_should_handle_data.html

  • Rant: unpleasant dream where I was arguing with my bf over something
    Rave: I had Korean new years soup over the weekend at my parents and I hope it brings me good luck!
    Rant: awkward emails to former employer (early 2014) requesting my w-2 to go to my new address. I’ll have 3 different w-2s this year lol
    Rave: going to NY this weekend for a friends birthday. Can’t wait!!

  • epric002

    rant: basement leak. plumber hasn’t returned my call.
    rant: singulair still making it almost impossible for me to wake up in the morning.
    rant: couldn’t bring my self to un-decorate the house from christmas, but
    rave: got lots of other stuff taken care of!
    rave: snow tomorrow? 🙂

    • I was able to get in touch with my plumber right off the bat (see below) – we haven’t needed his services much, but we’ve appreciated his services in the past. Name is H. D. Johnson if you want to try calling someone else. Good luck!

    • I really wish Christmas was in January, then we could have decorations and Christmas music in the doldrums of winter. I feel like it’s over before all of the cold and ick even starts. I’m an atheist, but I still need the Christmas cheer to get me through the winter blues.

      • epric002

        i agree. i was feeling guilty about still having them up, but then saw that lots of other people still (at least) have their exterior lights/decorations up

      • Blithe

        jeslett, have you thought of planning your own celebrations for the winter months? I’ve often deliberately made plans for meet-ups and special projects during the winter — so I can have some things to look forward to. I try to plan something: tickets to a concert, a museum lecture, going to a restaurant with a cuisine that I’ve never tried before… about once a week. I also try to have a Blizzard Project — like knitting, or a book — so that when it’s cold and dark outside, I feel like I have a treat waiting. (Writing this reminds me of some recent posts that described using treats to train a puppy. I’m kind of doing that with myself! lol )

        • I love the idea of a blizzard project! I feel the same as Jeslett, it’s during the dark and cold of January that I really need some Christmas cheer. I’m thinking of leaving the Christmas lights up in my apartment just because they make me happy.

          • Andie302

            I’m with you all…this time of year is harsh! Last year I went to Mexico as a last minute decision and it was an awesome trip that was a saving grace for my winter. This year I think it’s going to have to be more local. Blithe, thanks for these ideas!

        • Blithe, I think those are great suggestions. Last winter my blizzard project was painting my condo, all the snow days worked out really well for me.
          But, I think of Christmas cheer as a collective thing. Leaving up a tree definitely looks nice, I still plug in my window candles, but it’s not the same as everyone buzzing about Christmas and hearing Christmas songs on the radio. The next thing in the winter is Valentine’s Day and there are many divided and strong feelings on that one. So, there’s not really a uniting, exciting feeling. Maybe that’s what snow days are for.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The collective cheer thing is something I really miss about not having Mardi Gras any more. Sure it could be a total pain in the ass when you got trapped somewhere b/c of a parade or just the general atrocious traffic, but everyone was in good spirits. Crime goes down, king cakes show up at work and at school, you make friends with random people b/c you are stuck in traffic and people get out of their cars to talk, etc.
            We also got time off from school, and some jobs for Lundi Gras, Mardi Gras, and the first day of Lent. That extra holiday in the middle of winter/early spring is wonderful.
            Now I’m homesick 🙁

      • I Dont Get It

        My tree stays up at least through my birthday and usually through Martin Luther King weekend. It it gets close too to the Super Bowl I at least shut the curtains when it is lit.

  • Additional rant: There’s a leak between our ground floor and the basement. Tennant notified us Saturday night that water was coming out of one of her ceiling cannister lights, and it increases when we flush the toilet, run the washing machine, and run the dishwasher. Ugh. Plumber coming by on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it’s a straightforward fix…

  • Rant: Monday morning after holiday season.
    Rave: Following through on my New Year’s Resolution to switch careers, and registered for a Pre-Calculus class. Hopefully next fall I’ll be back in school studying computer science.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend full of friends, activity, and fun.

    Rant: Had a two day respite and then tossed back into the throes of being a bridesmaid. I’ve been in f’ing bridesmaid mode since June 2014 with no break!!

    Rave: Sorted through photos and made our 2014 photo album today – MyPublisher is having a ridiculous sale so I could squish all the goodness I want without paying an arm and a leg.

    Rant: Waiting US government travel approval 🙁

  • Rant: Back in the too-cold north after being in Florida for New Years. From reading on the beach to this super cold week… sigh. T_T
    Rave: Granddad managed to stay out of the hospital while we were there, which was a relief. We thought he might have to go back in the day before I left, but fortunately we staved it off so far. *crosses fingers*
    Rave: Ordered a new Macbook Pro, as the one I got almost 6 years ago has been slowly dying. Just so expensive… but if it lasts me another 5-6 years then it’s worth it! Looking forward to having battery life longer than 45 minutes again.

    • Pablo Raw

      I believe we are all guilty (sorry for generalizing) for killing batteries; my mac is never unplugged, that poor battery thinks she never needs to be independent because she is getting all the juice she needs all the time. Supposedly, the best practice is to let the battery die 2 or 3 times and then it will be able to get more hours of power, I may be wrong about that though.

      • Emmaleigh504

        You don’t have to let the battery die (there’s a name for that, but I forget what it is) for Macs b/c they did that for you, supposedly. I don’t have a problem with batteries dying, I just destroy the power cords. Some how the connection gets messed up, but it’s usually after 5+ years, so I just get a new Mac.

  • Rave: I’ve been sticking to a new workout routine pretty well for about a month. Let’s see what happens when I have to switch over to treadmill workouts when it’s freezing this week.
    Rant: Longer runs have aggravated my longstanding hip issue that seems to be caused by severe over-pronation on the opposite foot. Running in a corrective heel lift aggravates my Achilles. Can’t win but luckily I can run through it if I stretch properly.
    Rave: The Bachelor starts up tonight. I’m looking forward to some fun TV after the first real work day in a couple weeks.

    • Have you been easing in to using the heel lift? Like 10 minutes at first, then taking it out? When I was using custom orthotics my PT had me add them in slowly over time. It sounds like a tough situation, good luck!

      • Yeah, my PT also had me add it in for short amounts of time when I first got it. It just seems like it aggravates my Achilles for any run over 5 miles. I might need to try to the re-introduction process again and just use it on the shorter runs. Trying anything to avoid more PT. Thank you!

    • I know one of the girls on this season of The Bachelor. I’ve never watched it before but I think I’m going to have to check it out to see her. Can’t decide if I want her to do well or just crash and burn.

      • emvee

        Once you start, you can’t stop. I started watching a few years ago because I knew one of the girls, and I just kept tuning in season after season. I highly recommend keeping an eye on twitter during the viewing, should you choose to tune in tonight.

      • Oh that will make it much more entertaining! I definitely agree with emvee about following along on Twitter.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Had a great work trip to NYC over the weekend. Lots of good food and intellectual stimulation, and I managed to squeeze in a visit the the exhibit on mourning attire at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art.
    Additionally: justinbc, I think you were the one who recommended Doughnut Plant to someone a few months ago? I went there yesterday morning, and it was outstanding. Thanks!
    Rant: I did all of this with a wretched cold. I got through the weekend powered by my love of history, sudafed, and hot tea. Today, I’m not doing so well.

  • topscallop

    Rant: major case of the Mondays
    Rave: I have leftovers from 2 Amy’s for lunch, which will cheer me up considerably
    Rave: planning a ski trip out west with my family next month; I’m super excited since I’ve only ever skied on the east coast before.
    Rave: two library books I put holds on are waiting for me tonight after work/gym

    Question: I’m ready to start a new show. Top contenders are The Good Wife and Breaking Bad (I know I’m beyond late to that one). Thoughts?

    Now if only we could get enough snow tomorrow for work to be canceled so I can binge read/watch all the things…

    • I started Good Wife a month or two ago and I am really enjoying it. Haven’t seen Breaking Bad so I can’t speak to that one.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I couldn’t finish Breaking Bad, too much anxiety. (I get attached to characters.)

    • Why choose? I think both are excellent, albeit very different, shows. I think BB is one of the best tv shows of all time, but it’s definitely intense. Good Wife is a drama that airs on CBS so it’s considerably lighter than Breaking Bad. Since Breaking Bad is cable, the action is packed into way fewer episodes. I think the acting on both shows is top notch. Depending on your mood, I’d highly recommend both.

      • I second this; both are good. I will say that The Good Wife has gotten more and more convoluted, but I still like it.

        • Yeah, I haven’t been able to get back into the Good Wife since a certain big thing happened, but I think I’ll pick it up again soon.

        • Shawess, I’ve been hearing that. I’m skeptical, but I think I’m going to go for it soon. I do a lot of binge watching during the coldest months of winter and I’m going to run out of stuff to watch!

    • skj84

      coming in late, but check out Broadchurch. It was just added to Netflix. I binged watched the entire 1st series on Saturday. It’s engaging and really sticks with you. Also Orphan Black. If you start now you should be ready for the third season premiere in April!

      • Hmm, I wanted to like Broadchurch more than I did. It was ok, but I think there are way better british mystery series out there. Love Orphan Black. Have you tried Black Mirror?

      • topscallop

        I just finished Broadchurch over the holiday break, and I’m all caught up on Orphan Black. Hurray for the BBC!

  • Rant: It’s the worst Monday of the year so far!
    Rave: It’s the best Monday of the year so far!
    For real rant: I got to work, sat down at my desk, and immediately had a coughing fit followed by a bloody nose. Ugh.

  • Giant Rave for Salt & Pepper Grill on 14th. I can’t believe it took me this long to try them out. The delivery was a little slow (or was it? What’s normal? I don’t get delivery very often, but thought 30-40 minutes for a place two blocks away should’ve been sufficient. This was a full hour.) but the food was fantastic. And the kids liked it! I love love love seeing my kids branch out and eat new things with gusto.

    • binpetworth

      I have never used their delivery service as I’m also only a couple blocks away. But I do recommend just calling in your order to pick up–it usually takes only 10-15 minutes that way. With the delivery, they have to wait for the one person to go back and forth which is probably why it took so long; they have limited # of staff.

      • Yeah, but on single-parenting nights (almost the only times I order out) picking it up myself would mean bundling and herding kids who are too young to be left home alone.

  • Rant: My friend who was always down to go see shows moved. I’m having trouble recruiting friends to go see Wild Child and it makes me miss her more than usual.
    Rave: Smitten.
    Rant: And it’s terrifying.

  • Blithe

    Rave: After years of rolling my eyes at his music and his antics, I’m deeply touched by Kanye West’s song: “Only One”. It’s kind of cool when I can completely change my expectations about someone in a positive way.
    Rave: The black eye peas that I made for New Year’s came out great — and I still have leftovers. This may be the year that I commit to home cooking.
    Rave: Lots of fun with friends over the holidays. Yay friends!
    Rave: I’m trying to find a source for chitlins’ — since the people and places that I knew who cooked them when I was a kid are sadly, all gone. Florida Avenue Grill has them on their menu, so it looks like there’s one place left where I can get them — and start off the new year right!
    Rave: 2015. It feels good to have a nudge towards some fresh starts.

  • Rant – First day at work after a holiday always sucks. Today is no exception.
    Rave – I bought my wedding dress when I was home for the holidays! As much as they stress me out, I’m glad that I went dress shopping with my mom and my sister. The fact that they liked the dress meant a lot me. I was so “meh” about the whole experience, and they were really encouraging and helpful.
    Rave – SO and I are started to look around shelters for a dog to adopt. We went to two shelters over the weekend and I wanted to take all the dogs home with me! I’m going to have a hard time picking out just one 🙂

    • epric002

      congrats on the dress and the dog adopting! what kind are you looking for?

      • Thanks! The dog has be under 50 pounds (condo rules). We’re looking for an adult dog that is past the crazy puppy stage. We don’t have any other pets, but because we live in a pet friendly apartment building and there are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, we need a dog who’s ok with sharing elevators, common spaces, and narrow sidewalks with other dogs. We fell in love with a super sweet and affectionate hound mutt at the shelter, but he had some major issues with being around other dogs and the staff didn’t think he’d be a good fit for us.

        • epric002

          good luck! if you haven’t already, check out WHS’ dogs and for location be sure to select “foster”. there tend to be a lot more “knowns” about dogs in foster (whether they’re good w/other dogs on leash, for example). i thought may (2 yr old female hound mix) sounded like she might be a good match, but no mention in her profile about how she does with other dogs. her foster’s email address is included in her bio though!

        • A dress AND a dog? Double bonus raves!
          Good luck finding your new pup. Have you also looked on Petfinders? My first dog came from the NY Ave shelter, second came via Petfinders.

    • gertie_wickler

      Congrats on your raves! We have two rescue hound pups…one from WARL and one from Mutt Love out of Virginia. Recommend either organization for adopting! PS. Mutt Love has LOTS of hound dogs usually – they are a favorite of the ladies that run it.

    • What happy raves!! Care to share more details about the dress?

  • RAVE: February is looking great with one work trip to NYC followed by two separate work trips to Switzerland.
    RAVE: planning a skiing trip in the Alps with my friends from London.
    RANT: F#ck me, Switzerland is stupid expensive. And most small, budget chalets require a full week rental (we have the time and money to go skiing for only a long weekend).
    RANT: Need to finish a metric butt-ton of work in January to be able to leave the office for nearly the entire month of February,

    • Switzerland is absurdly expensive, but I don’t regret a cent I’ve spent there. What city/cities will you be in?

      • Basel for work. But probably flying into Geneva and then renting a car to go skiing/snowboarding around Vals d’Anniviers (it’s a relatively cheaper ski area frequented more by the local Swiss population rather than the foreign tourists).
        Any recommendations?!? 😀

        • I’ve never been to Basel, but suggested you do everything you need to do to go here in Geneva (or any of their other locations): http:// www. relaisentrecote.fr/ . You know how I’m the opposite of a meat and potatoes person? I have dreams about the steak and frites at this place.

        • I also ate reindeer with juniper berries someplace in Switzerland while skiing and enjoyed it (a lot) more than I enjoyed the skiing.

        • Also, this is your speed, I think. Geneva. Nudie. http:// www. bains-des-paquis.ch/

  • Rant: Bought a horrible lunch from a food truck…now eating morning bagel
    Rave: Leave for Jam Cruise Tomorrow
    Rant: Broke as a mofo
    Rant and Rave: Boyfriend – we were on a “break”, (WTF?) I thought we were broken up (Maybe the Same Thing?) ..but our relationship is now better than ever…leaving him at home for Jam Cruise. Good thing I find this all hilarious.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave anchovy update: made some chicken soup over the weekend and put anchovy paste in it. It was good soup before, but now it’s got a little extra depth of flavor. I’m going to have fun with this New Year’s resolution.

  • Does anyone have a really less expensive idea for a birthday party (maybe 6 people at the most) for an about to turn 45 year old single male school teacher who is pretty basic and no fuss Washingtonian. I was thinking of giving a surprise party but then wondered ‘where’ should it be…Any suggestions?

    • Andie302

      With only 6 people it might be fun to book a reservation at three different places and let the guest of honor choose which they like best (the day before or so, so that it doesn’t mess up the other two places?) You could either pick places all in the same area and one single activity afterwards, or if you’re up for it, pick a coordinating activity with each. This is more work but could be sort of a choose your own adventure birthday thing.

      • Andie302

        I realized just how vague this was after I posted, so here are some examples: Mintwood Place and then maybe drinks on the roof of Roofer’s Union aftewards; Daikaya (or Graffiato, or Zaytinya, or The Passenger) in Chinatown and then karaoke at Wok and Roll or Bowling at Lucky Strike afterwards; and/or if you want to go old school you could do Old Ebbit and then head up the roof of the W afterwards. Good luck!

    • You might want to look into Carmines near Gallery Place if your friend likes (American-style) Italian food. Their menu is designed to be shared by groups and it can be affordable and festive. I know several people who had wedding rehearsal dinners there because it’s reasonably priced and think a group of six would be well cared for there, too.

    • jim_ed

      I assume you mean ‘basic’ in the sense that he’s low maintenance and down to earth, and not in the “he loves Maroon 5 and reading ‘US Weekly’ way” right? And as he’s a Washingtonian, he’s likely worldly and wants something a bit more imaginative than the cheesecake factory? If so, I’d look at some of DC’s lovely, cheap ethnic joints, possibly for catering at your house. Something like Fasika for Ethiopian, or Teddy’s Roti Shop for Trinidadian or Taqueria Distrito Federal for a happenin taco party? Pair with a nice bottle of bourbon and a nice bottle of gin, and you have yourself a nice, no frills party with good drink and good food.

      • Wow! Popville-ers really do come through! Really appreciate all the comments especially the thought of Carmine’s a la Shawess and Jim’eds input and Andie302, a lot to choose from…Thanks a lot. He (birthday boy, that is) is a very high maintenance friend with low basic entertainment taste, so I’ll let you know how this all turns out…I get to call his boss, the school principle later on this evening for her input -woohoo:)

        • If I’m reading your cues correctly, you might also consider adding bowling to the mix. Lucky Strike can be really fun and is close to Carmine’s.

          • I think you’re right on the Carmine/Bowling idea…thanks Shawess, wow, a lot to choose from…(then, I just happen to catch that great photo of that National Gallery courtyard on this site but that’s way too much space, but its a cool spot nonetheless)

    • Emmaleigh504

      If birthday boy is looking for a single lady, you should bring him to the next unofficial happy hour (Jan 15 I forget where, Justin?). Several attractive, intelligent, interesting single women in Popville. If he’s looking for a single man, he’s going to have much slimmer pickins, but he might find one.

  • Rant – just bit into a melted chocolate truffle and got chocolate all over my skirt. Oops?
    Rave – probably easier to clean up then the mess I could have made with the pomegranite seeds I’m snacking on?
    Rant – Metro, I didn’t miss you at all while I was gone. At all.
    Rave – I forgot how much fun the first stages of a relationship are
    Rant – I forgot how little sleep is involved/how much there is to overthink.
    Rave – We’ve discussed how time will make both of those easier and if those are our biggest issues, we’re lucky.

  • RANT: Been having issues with my wrist since mid-October. Saw an orthopedic surgeon today and was diagnosed with De Quervain syndrome. Got a corticosteroid injection to help resolve the issue.

    RANT: Also, had an urgent care appointment at my primary doc’s office due to a friction pimple thingy on my thigh. Had to get it lanced and put on some antibiotics.

    RAVE/RANT: Finally, snow is making its appearance. Not liking the extreme cold that will be following it, though.

  • Sorry for the delayed post on this- But if you drive a dark colored Mercedes that was hit by a lady in a white Acura on FL and 8th NW around 6PM on January first- and you pulled over white the lady kept on trucking- we may have some helpful info for you…..

    Around 6:23PM January 1, my boyfriend and I were driving home for a small new years gathering, when we witnessed a white Acura swipe a dark colored Mercedes right in front of the bus stop at 8th and FL Ave NW. The Mercedes pulled over after the incident- but the driver of the white car at fault, did not. She kept driving. While it is unlikely that anyone was injured in the accident- the crunch the cars made when they came in contact would suggest that damage was done to the vehicle(s).

    We took down the license plate number of the white car and got a description of the driver- but by the time we circled back around to give it to the other driver, they were no longer there. Let us know if you might have been the driver of the Mercedes- so we can pass along the info.

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