Props to the Cops – Arrest for Attempted Theft – Auto

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“On today’s date [Wednesday?], at approximately 20:45 hours, members of 3-D VICE Unit were conducting covert operations in the area of 1200 Clifton Street, NW when they intervened in an “Attempted Theft-I Stolen Auto” in progress.

Investigation revealed a 15 year old male suspect had destroyed a vehicle window, entered the vehicle and quickly broke the vehicles steering column and ignition switch in an attempt to hot-wire the vehicle. Members of 3-D VICE were able to catch the juvenile suspect in the act and he was subsequently arrested.

During a search incident to his arrest, the juvenile suspect was found to be in possession of a book bag containing numerous screwdrivers, suspected to be implements of the crime for which he was arrested.

Reminder: Vehicle Theft Prevention

1) Utilize an Alarm System
2) Park in Well Lit Areas
3) Lock your Car
4) Do Not Leave Valuable Visible

Look Out for Your Neighbors…”If You See Something…Say Something!”

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  • Where on earth did they come up with this list? Someone should send MPD a link to the Popville discussion about the Mt. Pleasant car alarm the other week.

    Also, in what world do people in Columbia Heights pass up a spot because it’s not well lit? You park where there’s a spot. If spots MPD thinks aren’t well lit and encourage theft, MPD should ask DDOT to install better lighting.

    • + 1,000,000
      Also, based on other anecdotes I’ve read here on PoPville… wouldn’t the cops not be able to apprehend the suspect if the evidence of him committing this crime were on surveillance video or through eye-witness accounts rather than through MPD’s own covert operation? I certainly hope they didn’t chase him for too long, as they refuse to enter into any chase when it comes to the ATV/motorcycle delinquents. How MPD chooses to pick their battles is baffling.

    • MtPCarAlarmGuy

      There is no compelling reason to be upset about the suggestion that people use correctly functioning car alarms. The discussion about the car alarm last week was sparked by a malfunctioning alarm. MPD isn’t suggesting that drivers install a malfunctioning alarm.
      Amen. COHI parking is straight up Mad Max, and Mad Max don’t care about lights.

  • Not to mention…. Attempted driving without a license????

    Glad they caught this guy. Lock him up!

    • It’s cute that you think a 15 year old is going to be locked up for breaking into a car. Ankle monitor if they really want to throw the book at him.

    • I’d prefer we work on improving poverty/education/etc. before yelling to lock teenagers up when they commit crimes. I’m sure there’s some truly bad apples, but I’m also sure many of us probably have no idea what kind of life many incarcerated youth were born into.

      • I live about 2 blocks away from where the cops arrested this kid and with the amount of broken windows and other car-related crimes that happen in my area on a weekly basis (including one time when my boyfriend’s car was stolen on a Sunday afternoon right by the school), I would like more of these teenagers to get caught and prosecuted. It’s just out of control.

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