Power Outage Restoration for Dupont Circle Pushed Back to 7pm


@MarisaBluestone tweets us:

“@PoPville work on New Hampshire and q”

and @aexia tweets:

“18th Street outage has gone from 11am to 5pm now. Not going to be a fun day for the kitties at home”

Update 3:40pm:

@MelGallantDC tweets us:

“@PoPville New estimate for power in Dupont is 7 pm.”

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  • Anyone know if the Whole Foods on P is open? I might need to throw out the food in my refrigerator when I get home.

  • I live one block from here and somehow everyone around me has no power and yet my building still has power…Feeling so lucky and powering everything up in the event of an outage!

  • Anyone know if Soviet Safeway is open? No luck getting a hold of them on the phone.
    I’m also very grateful to have power. I walked down NH around 6:45 and saw the manhole cover in front of the Argentinian embassy billowing black smoke with that unmistakable transformer fire/explosion smell.

  • No power at the Dupont East condo building at 18th and Q. First time I’ve lost power in 10 years living in DC.

    • Try the Bloomingdale / Eckington area – there was a period of 1-2 years where we had *dozens* of outages! We had to cook by candlelight more than once. Infrastructure has to keep pace with development / re-development if you want to avoid problems…

  • on average, how long would food stay in a fridge and freezer without opening it at all?

    • Especially if you don’t open it, a full day or more. Judge the temp inside when the power does go back on.

      • A while back I found an easy tip for being alerted to power outages (that may have happened while you were away from home) that may have affected food in fridge/freezer – fill a plastic water bottle halfway and freeze it lying down. Then store it upright in your freezer. If it has ever melted (and possibly refrozen) you will know & then should question the food in fridge etc.

  • Everything along the 17th Street retail strip appears to be closed. The Safeway, the CVS, the Mickey D’s, and all the other restaurants, shops, stores, and offices. Also, it appears the Hotel Dupont is without power. And the Reeves Center was without power (and heat), except for a few emergency agencies that have back-up generators in their offices. Most DC municipal office workers in the Reeves Center were sent home this morning.

    A good number of people at the dog park said their places were without power (and heat) and some were staying with friends until power and heat is restored. The dogs, meanwhile, were oblivious to the power outage and frolicking in the snow.

    The extent of the outage is deceptive, because most traffic lights are working (those in the circle are flashing), so you have to look inside stores like the CVS on 17th to see that they are completely dark inside.

    • Thanks, Mike S. for the update! I’m at work today, and really hope the power is back on later tonight. fingers crossed.

  • I Dont Get It

    Is TJs open?

  • We don’t have power on 14th between S and T. Looked like the block below that were out too.

  • Yeah, if the fridge hasn’t been open then the food inside will be fine.

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