Popping up on Kennedy Street


Thanks to a reader for sending from the “600 block of Kennedy Street NW- first I’ve seen on this stretch of Kennedy Street”. I’m gonna call this too early to call but I’ll def. revisit when completed for a proper judging.

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  • i am glad the developer set the addition back from the front of the house preserving the details at the top. i wish more developers would do this.

    • Absolutely, Jane, it makes all the difference. I don’t have a problem with pop-ups meeting whatever market/housing demand exists in the city, but aesthetically so many of them are 5h17! Keeping the original facade intact and stepping back the new construction – even just a couple of feet – shows respect for the house/streetscape/neighborhood/history and maintains the beauty of the row…kinda.

      What is happening under the front porch here is likely another matter altogether, but at least they are (apparently) keeping the porch!

      [Insert sarcastic response from one who hates the notion that a 1920s rowhouse could possess beauty and might benefit the neighborhood by its continued existence and hates me for being a sentimental, obstructionist twit. 3…2…1…]

  • Is it going to be a funeral parlor or liquor store with bulletproof glass? If not, I don’t care what they do with the architecture. If so, I guess I still don’t care what they do with the architecture, but I hope its a house or at least not a funeral parlor or liquor store with bulletproof glass.

  • I’m just happy to see developers expect to see a return on that sort of relatively expensive reno in this neighborhood. I’ll withhold judgement until it’s complete, but rebuilding the entire roof and adding a new floor is definitely not cheap. Bring on the pop-ups!

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