Photos from PoPville – I Told You I’m Powerless Over Hawks Eating their meals

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

Phil captions:

“A juvenile Cooper’s hawk stands tall over its prey, a hapless pigeon. The hawk caught the pigeon in midair about 10 feet off the ground near Union Station.

Cooper’s hawk
Accipiter cooperii

Rock dove (pigeon)
Columba livia
Lower Senate Park, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

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  • Looks like the hawk got his afternoon animal fix. *chuckle*

    Seriously, though, beautiful bird. Nice catch, Phil!

  • justinbc

    So many hawk photos lately. Are they more prominent this time of year or regular inhabitants?

  • So awesome! Keep the bird pics coming.

    Aside – any PoPville birdwatchers out there?

    • Mr. Popville himself has organized bird watching in the spring on Roosevelt Island. I’d recommend emailing him.

  • Cooper’s Hawk & Sharp-shinned hawk (which look very much alike) , Red Tailed & Red-Shoulderd (also can be hard to tell apart) are all year-round residents. Broad Winged Hawk migrates through here, and may over-winter.

    This is a good time of year to see hawks with the trees bare. Hawks also tend to like certain “home perches” or territories, so if you see one hanging around, you might find it there again.

    If you ever see a group of birds – crows in particular – flying & swooping erratically – chances are there is a hawk nearby. The crows antagonize the hawk to chase it away.

  • Maybe they can hang out by my house for a day and pay a visit to the pigeons that live in my neighbors roof.

  • FYI that’s a red-shouldered hawk, not a Cooper’s hawk.

    • Which photo are you talking about? There are two photos. One is a Cooper’s/maybe Sharped shin hawk and another with the – probably – Red-shouldered hawk?

  • The bird in the first picture looks ever so proud and the one in the second looks like it would peck your eye out if you tried to pry him off that bird.

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