Photos from PoPville – Eagle in Flight and Snowy Owl

Photo of Bald eagle, Hain’s Point, DC by PoPville flickr user A. Drauglis

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Photo of Owl on a light National Airport, Arlington, VA by PoPville flickr user A. Drauglis

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  • Do we actually have eagles in this part of the country? That is amazing (but obviously very fitting! Sorry Mr. Franklin – the eagle is much more majestic than the turkey)- I had no idea. Despite memories of seeing them in the wild as a child in NY, I always assumed they lived in places like the Dakotas or Montana for some reason.

    • Yup, I have occasionally seen them on Haines Point while playing golf or riding my bike. Also have seen them along the Mt. Vernon trail, heading south of Alexandria. Definitely not all over the place, but they are around.

    • Bald eagles aren’t endangered anymore and nest all over the US.

    • Yes we do have bald eagles here! I’ve seen them around the C&O canal near the DC/Maryland border.

    • They’re all over the mid-Atlantic. Can also be seen in Delaware near the shore.
      Though, isn’t it fitting that the bald eagle is the national bird? One would think that a bird local to the original 13 colonies would be the choice. It was made the national symbol back in 1782.
      Also, Franklin didn’t suggest the turkey be the symbol; that’s an urban legend. He did, however, have some harsh words for the bald eagle:
      “For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his living honestly … besides he is a rank coward: The little king bird, not bigger than a sparrow, attacks him boldly and drives him out of the district.”

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