Pepper Spray Accidentally Discharged at Tryst Last Night

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

“Dear PoPville,

A friend and I were enjoying dinner and coffee around 8:15pm last night when everyone inside Tryst started coughing heavily. Within the next few moments everyone rushed out of the restaurant for fresh air. Obviously people were concerned considering the recent events in Paris and the smoke incident on the Metro this week. Someone from the crowd shouted that it might have been pepper spray, but I didn’t see or hear anyone get into a scuffle inside the coffee shop. Luckily, we had already paid our bill, so we made a quick exit, but when we drove by after leaving our parking space it looked like police and an ambulance were on the scene. Is this a common occurrence that people use pepper spray in a small public place?”

Ed. Note: Apparently it was an accidental discharge and all are ok. I think I’ve heard about a couple accidents like this in the past but it’s definitely not a common occurrence. Glad all are from last night!

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  • Back in the old country, ppl would set off stink bombs and pepper spray at the local popular hangouts. Coincidentally, outside there would be girls in skimpy outfits giving away coupons for no cover/free drinks at a new place that was opening that week. The police would often be in on the con. So yeah, I’m glad in live in the US.

  • Are they sure it was actually pepper spray? I’ve been in restaurants where large quantities of peppers were being prepped, and it had a similar effect.

  • Finally, someone figured out how to get the seat the wanted at Tryst.

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