Pathetic if Deliberate – Destruction of Little Free Libraries


“Dear PoPville,

The little free library at Irving and 11th is gone! If it was vandalized, it makes it the second one in the area. The one at Bruce Monroe Park was also vandalized along with the other signs at the the community garden last month. Sad!”

another reader writes:

“It was heavily-used (I just stocked it with some kid books yesterday) and although I’ve noticed that books disappear really quickly, I never thought that someone would jack the whole library itself. Pretty sad, people. Pretty sad.”

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  • Well that’s a depressing start to the new year!

  • Tried to drop off some books yesterday, and only found the pole in the ground on 11th Street. Then went to Bruce Monroe and that was missing. I just figured DCPS had them removed… Sad if this was vandalism.

  • UGH! One of my New Year’s resoutions was to reduce my book collection!

  • Emmaleigh504

    This makes me sad. It was probably a bunch of teens goofing off. Teens can be terrible human beings.

  • Hi all – Unfortunately we came out on Friday morning to find the library pulled down. It does appear to be a case of vandalism given the amount of force required to pull it off the post. In good news, the library was just left on the curb so we plan to put it back up when we have a chance to replace the base which suffered some structural damage. Looking forward to seeing all the new books people are donating!

    • binpetworth

      Glad you’re able to restore it! I have a few of these in my neighborhood and have used them several times; I appreciate the folks who have taken the time to install them.

    • Ugh, typical DC anti-social behavior.

      • How is that typically DC?

        • Because it’s not the slightest bit surprising to see that such a completely senseless act of vandalism was committed here. It happens constantly.

          • And it happened constantly when I lived in Fairfax County, as well as in rural NJ where I grew up. Teenager boys everywhere like to vandalize stuff. It’s not a DC-specific thing.

      • Pretty universal adolescent behavior, though I don’t condone it. In suburban and rural America they have things called mailboxes. They are typically attached to a post at the end of a driveway and are subject to regular abuse, assault and mistreatment, especially if they stand out.

    • Glad to hear its being put back up! I love walking by and taking a look at the books!

    • Yay!! Thank you!!

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU for picking it up and repairing it. We were very sad to see it gone

  • I went to Bruce Monroe park New Years Morning and found the vandalized signs (all glass smashed), the little library as well, and the wood and screen structure of the compost bins torn down. A vandalized dump! Left behind: half a 2-liter bottle of Rock Creek red drank.

  • Love these things; really nice one on Swann St right off of NH Ave. I use it frequently, usually dropping off a novel I just finished and picking up a new one.

  • Not that I support vandalism but what makes people believe that they can just build and put up whatever they want? I get trying to help people in any way possible (I volunteer a lot of my time to different causes) but for there to be anger towards something that was put up on public streets, without a permit, or without input or consideration from others… I don’t get it.

    Wouldn’t a better idea be to have the books at a library in a bin titled “free” or something similar? Just a thought.

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