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  • epric002

    gross, but +1 for directness. (hopefully the perpetrator was actually a dog…)

  • In other pleasant note news, yesterday someone left a post-it on the For Sale sign at my neighbor’s house that said “DIE GENTRIFYING SCUM.”

    • Well, a lot of gentrifiers (and their contractors) aren’t good neighbors.

      • Well they are better neighbors than drug dealers, hoarders, and churches that park in your car on a Sunday morning.

      • Not being a good neighbor is not a reson for posting a threatining message. You reap what you sew and putting negativity out like this will not attract better neighbors.

      • No one lives there –I should have said “neighboring house.” It was an abandoned home left to rot for years before it was bought, renovated, and put on the market.

  • Crude yes, but not as crude as leaving dog mess. Once again the sidewalks on the Hill are covered in crap, and it seems to happen more often at this time of the year. I am pretty sure it’s professional dog walkers getting lazy in cold and/or snowy weather.

  • MtPCarAlarmGuy

    Anonymous turds vs Anonymous notes
    -1: A nicer note would have sufficed.
    +1: Direct but not rock-throw threatening. A solid thesis as duex deposits are not neighborly.
    Total: Nobody wins except the dog.

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