Not as bad as the last allegation about the Howard Theatre but C’mon


“Dear PoPville,

Friday night I saw a Howard Theatre employee throw a bucket of limes and straws into the grates. There were trash cans five feet away. Sad.”

Certainly not as serious as the last allegation we heard but if he was an employee it’s pretty disappointing.

620 T Street, NW

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  • Anyone notice that U.S. flag is being flown upside down in that picture of the Howard Theatre? Either they are trying making some political statement (a la House of Cards/distress flag), or they are just incompetent. Can we start over with this place? What a mess.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The flag photo is from last year. It was an accident not an intentional statement. Though sometimes I feel it’s appropriate given the negative experiences some have had.

      • Yeah, I figured it was a mistake- but seriously, how do you not notice that when you’re putting up the flag? All I can say is, wow.

  • No surprise here. That area of U St and most every inch between 9th NW and 16th NW are covered in litter and filth. It is abundantly clear that patrons, proprietors, and property owners have very little pride to show for themselves or their nation’s capital.
    The DC area in general is a disgrace in this respect: to deny it is folly. We are covered in litter from Styrofoam, fast food containers, papers, cigarette butts, soda cans, broken furniture, tires, household trash and car parts. None of this should be seen road side or curb side – yet THERE it is, day in and day out only getting worse. Route 50 is known as Route Filthy, drives entering the Beltway – be it in MG CO. or PG CO. must play dodge the detritus at least once per week. A trip on the RCP never lets a viewer forget the lifespan of a plastic bag and bottle. Potomac or Anacostia, the heavy rains create a morphic mass of mess that slow drifts down the banks – clinging, hanging, bobbing like a living eyesore for all to see. I try, you try, some try, communities try to CLEAN it up – yet here we are with an ever growing problem. What shall we do?

    • While I believe that any trash on the roads or in the rivers is too much trash, I do have to say that in my opinion as far as cities go, DC is pretty clean. I’m consistently reminded of that whenever I visit other cities.

      • I walk my dog in that neighborhood three times a day. More trash in the grass with readily available and unused trash cans all over. Its really fun when your walking and a lady just tosses her trash on the sidewalk in front of you and gives you the stink eye when you stare at her. If you want your neighborhood to improve look at yourself, lady.

        • I once saw a female cop unwrap a piece of gum right in front of the Rite Aid on 13 and U and then just drop the wrapper on the sidewalk. I looked at her and said, “Come on! Really?” She replied, “Keep walking.” SMH.

      • Coming from another city, I was shocked at the amount of trash in DC.

  • While I don’t disagree that there’s a trash problem in the area – I live in this neighborhood so I’m well aware – there is a trash problem everywhere. I understand that people are choosing not to use the public trash cans a lot, that’s obvious. But at least there ARE trash cans. I am always shocked when I go to “wealthier, nicer” parts of the city and cannot find a trash can to save my life! The attitudes are different, but the result is the same: trash on the street, dog poop all over, no one really doing anything about it.

  • Ugh, and has anyone else noticed that tons of people have just been leaving spruce and fir trees on the side of the road in the last week or so? What’s up with that?

    • I’ve noticed the same thing as I step outside of my Logan Circle walk-up that I paid a lot of money for. I simply don’t understand why these “urban lumberjacks” think that we somehow enjoy having to high-step over the evidence of their sappy crimes.

  • Saw a mom at a bus station carefully place a soiled diaper in the storm drain. Saw a food cart vendor in the park across from City Bikes pour a vat of grease into the storm drain after her day of food prep was over. When the leaves all fall in RCP, dozens of dog poop in bags are exposed where people chose to throw them rather than take home and dispose of. Drives me crazy.

  • This is just lazy and ignorant.

  • I found a chicken bone on the walkway leading up to my door in Hill East. I can see an empty wrapper, but a chicken bone? It seems so random.

    • SusanRH

      It wasn’t until I got a dog that I noticed just how many chicken bones there are in the city. They are everywhere! My vet was telling me that they see dogs on a weekly bases who have ingested chicken bones

    • keep in mind that a bird or another animal (cat, racoon, etc) could have left that there. We get bone fragments and other detritus dropped on our roof deck that are clearly brought to us from other animals, not maryland residents.

    • You ain’t seen chicken bones on the sidewalk until you’ve lived next to a 7-11. I can guarantee those are not coming from cats, racoons, etc.

  • Oh, let me tell you about an issue I had with Howard Theater. There was a bar right across WIltberger street (I believe its in the same building as “Flava”) and I witnessed a guy come out of that bar and collapse. I thought he was just drunk and tried to help him get up. The car valet guys at Howard Theatre just non-chalantly told me that he had been stabbed. They didn’t even attempt to help him or call 911. I was so mad and one part of me wanted to scream at them for being so callous. Maybe they were undocumented employees and were fearful of talking to the Police. All I can say was that it was a horrible experience to see them not do anything.

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