New Locations for Speed and Stop Sign Cameras


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new photo enforced locations beginning on or about January 5, 2015. The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will be sites where speeding and pedestrian safety have been identified to be a problem.

The 30 day educational phase, or “warning period”, will commence on or about January 5, 2015. During this period, violators will receive warning citations. After the 30 day warning period, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. The new photo enforcement locations are as follows:


You can see a list of permanent speed camera locations here.

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  • “30-day warning period” is a lie. As soon as these cameras go up, they are live and you will be issued tickets. I have already had to deal with this twice and tried to fight the “warning notice” citing the 30-day period.

    Good luck DC drivers.

    • OR, you could just go the speed limit. With you on the road, that should read, good luck DC pedestrians!

    • I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. It’s all about choice.

    • Accountering

      Good. There shouldn’t be a warning period. The warning is the speed limit 25 sign. Don’t drive more than 12 above that speed limit, or kick in some cash to DC. Pretty simple really.

    • DC1

      These cameras are a joke. TWICE I have been issued ‘speeding’ tickets at the same location, which I obviously know very well and drive at least 5 mph under the limit, yet both times it supposedly clocks me at 5 above!

      The tickets they send out have 2 pictures (1 second apart from each other), and that is supposed to be their proof. Of course they think people are stupid and can’t calculate the speed by measuring the distance traveled within 1 second. Luckily I have the time to prove their inconsistencies and got both tickets dismissed.

      MPD is just hoping to make a quick buck from folks that have no time to deal with this kinda stuff and rather pay 40 bucks.

  • How is there not a speed camera on NH Ave. NW between Sherman Circle and Georgia Ave Metro station? People drive insanely fast on that road. A woman in a wheel chair was hit there about a month ago on a cross walk even. I’m afraid for my life every time I need to cross that street. OK that’s a bit dramatic but seriously though something bad is going to happen at some point there.

    • “between Sherman Circle and Georgia Ave Metro ”
      I assume you mean Grant Circle?

    • I wish the police would do some enforcement there of the crosswalk at NH and Quincy. So many peds are there during the rush hours due to the metro stop and with 4 lanes of traffic to cross in an unsignaled crosswalk it is very dangerous.

      As a pedestrian at that intersection I routinely get stranded with multiple others on the tiny median when traffic refuses to stop. I have also had drivers give me the finger for trying to cross the street. On two occasions I have witnessed rear-ending accidents when a driver stopped but those behind did not. And worst of all I and many others have nearly been struck by cars driving at high speeds who seek to go around the stopped traffic in the inner lane and fly up the outer lane directly into foot traffic.

      • Could not agree more. Maryland drivers are the worst for this. They drive like they’re out in the country with not cops around or something. Does MD even have drivers Ed. or a test to get a license? It’s not an exaggeration when I say 95% of the time when there is an accident or near accident whether I’m in a car or on foot it’s one of them causing it.

      • The drivers were probably all taking pictures of eagles, or something, so no worries there, really, right?

  • “The 30 day educational phase” — people need to be educated about whether or not to break well established speed limits? Here’s a better idea: Triple the fines for the first 30 days.

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