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  • hmmm looks like it’s already out of service.

  • justinbc

    Please tell me those seats are not cloth.

    • My first thought too. Weren’t they supposed to be plastic?

      • justinbc

        It’s hard to tell from the blurry photo. It could be either. Cloth (like the buses) would be a massive mistake. At least it appears they removed the carpet from the floor.

      • The original reason for carpet was to lure people in the suburbs from their cars… to be classy and comfortable. Obviously not needed for a long time.

      • not plastic and not cloth. I forgot the name of the material.

        • It’s textured vinyl. As long as you can still slide in and out of the window seats easily, it should be fine although I’m guessing ladies with micro shorts are going to have textured legs when they get up.

  • Not the first pic of a 7000 car from this angle that make the sides look concave.

  • I’m so happy to have carpet gone! Whoever thought that in any universe that was a good idea? I think they’re going to need Hazmat suits and a Superfund site to dispose of it!

  • There was one on the Silver line on Tuesday too.

  • Yeeah! One of the 8 (yes, 8, eight, E-I-G-H-T!) 7000-series car that WMATA owns… It is clearly going to solve all our problem…
    What a non event!

    • 8 cars, one train. It is exciting for those of us who like such things. This is just the testing of the car. After this, we’ll be getting hundreds more and we can retire the 1000 series (unsafe and old) and the 4000 series (break down often).

      Plus new door technology.

      It won’t solve all our problems, but it will solve many problems.

  • Those “Do Not Enter” signs need to be moved to the faregates…or better yet the entryway escalators.

  • Do the people who design these things even ride them? If you’re a daily metro commuter looking at this and are pleased, I am begging you, help me see how this will help commuting?

    • They’ve got seats, standing room, doors that open and close, and they roll down the track. Sounds like it’s got all the right ingredients to me. What exactly is the problem as you see it?

  • I saw these actually running on the Silver Line tracks out around Tyson’s a few weeks ago. Testing, presumably.

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