New 24 Hour Take Out Surfside Opens in Dupont – All Items Under $10

1800 N Street, NW just west of Connecticut Ave

We knew it’d be early January for the 24 hour Surfide opening in Dupont – and today’s the day. Eater DC reports:

All items at the walk-up, 24-hour taco stand are under $10. The hours should appeal to Dupont’s bar crowd. “I just feel that D.C. is becoming more of a 24-hour city,” Blair said. “With all the hotel guests and taxi drivers and people in the hospitality industry, there are like 1,000 places in New York that are 24 hours, and only a couple in D.C.”

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  • Yes! Thank you, sweet baby jesus. While I have my doubts that the 24hr cycle will stay, I’ll be happy if it’s at least til midnight. The # of decet places in this town open after 10pm is few, and 11pm is only a handful.

  • The old boards on the storefront look like Town’s patio and entrance.

  • Love surfside, pretty darn excited for this. Such tasty food and so much more convenient than glover park.

  • FINALLY! The dawning of a new age!

  • I followed the links and found a menu. This is basically across the street from my office; I’m so excited about it opening!

  • The lack of late night eats in DC is puzzling. Logan Circle could use a late night quick eats too!

    • agreed, but that’ll happen with the career-obsessed people that DC draws. stoked on the growing late-night options though!

  • It sounds nice at first that everything is under $10, until you realized you just paid $4 per single taco for something smaller than your palm.

  • I had Surfside for lunch today. The blackened tilapia tacos were pretty good and super fresh tasting. For less than $10, I got two generous tacos on corn tortillas and a side of yellow rice. Service was quick even though it was busy. I’ve had better fish tacos, but it’s still delicious and will be awesome at both 12pm + 12am.

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