“Cats rallying for Net Neutrality” by the FCC


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“funny display outside the FCC that is pro-net neutrality [12th St SW at Maryland Ave.]”

From Save the Internet:

“Stroll by the FCC today and you’ll come upon an unusual sight: Cats rallying for Net Neutrality.

Felines ranging from Grumpy Cat to Colonel Meow (RIP) to the ubiquitous LOLcats have become the Internet’s unofficial mascots. According to some estimates, cat content accounts for a whopping 15 percent of all online traffic — making the average household kitty the Internet’s spirit animal.

And in the wee hours this morning more than 200 kitties gathered on the lawn outside FCC headquarters to thank Chairman Tom Wheeler for signaling that he’ll protect Net Neutrality.”

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  • Where is Laser Cat?

  • There’s only one internet and it is becoming increasingly more important in the way we communicate and start up businesses have a chance to compete with large corporations. The FCC should keep the playing field even and support these cats. Meow!

  • Where’s the Ceiling Cat? It would be appropriate, since so-called “network neutrality” regulation (which isn’t neutral at all; it’s regulation of the Internet specifically designed to favor Google, which pays the lobbyists) would be the first step toward government surveillance and censorship of the Net.

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