Live Music Returns to Mr. Henry’s Upstairs

601 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

From Mr. Henry’s:

“Last Friday night ushered in a new era of entertainment at Mr. Henry’s Upstairs. The Steve Scott Project killed it and reigned over an awesome impromptu dance party! A great time was had by all. We’re elated to bring live music back to this historic venue. Live music is scheduled on Fridays through January and we are working diligently to add other nights in February.”

Upstairs Steve Scott 19
Photo courtesy Mr. Henry’s

Upstairs Dining Room
Photo courtesy Mr. Henry’s

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  • Very good news!!

  • SusanRH

    I have never been here and how is the food?

    • Allison

      I made the mistake of eating here once. We sat downstairs. It was so dark and dank and grungy. I looked down near our feet and there was food ALL OVER THE FLOOR. Like a baby had sat there before us or something but no one had bothered to clean it up. The food was meh, I had the fish and chips; more batter than fish.

    • Aglets

      I love it. I’ll admit it’s gone a little downhill for me in the last 17 years, but i don’t care. it’s comfortable.

      I love the darkness of it!

  • They have new management at Mr Henry’s now, and they have been upgrading, cleaning up, fixing up, changing up the place. The upstairs, has been restored, and the menu has been freshened up.

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