Multiple Reader Reports of Gunshots Fired by Logan Circle around 3:30am

Multiple reader reports to @PoPville that gun shots were fired around 13th and O St, NW early this morning, approximately 3:30am. I haven’t seen any MPD reports yet but will update when/if more info becomes available.

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  • I hope at the peace march on Monday leaders and citizens call for the community to stop the gun violence.

  • The community responsible for the violence is not within earshot.
    Addressing the 20% poverty rate, education and tighter good control would be a better start.
    Rehabilitation rather than incarceration perhaps, and pleading with the decent part of the community to start holding the rest accountable.

  • I live right there, and was woken up by something at that time of night. This explains it.

  • We heard 4 shots in rapid succession. Heard sirens shortly thereafter but didn’t see any police vehicles so it’s unclear if the sirens were in response to the shots.

  • That where the BP station is. Seems to be a magnet for late night altercations and drama.

  • And to think that I moved to Logan Circle from Columbia Heights to get away from this type of violence. I guess I never checked the police stats.

    • I think the crime stats would tell you that this is far more rare in Logan than in Columbia Heights. “Rare” doesn’t mean that it will never happen, but I think it’s fair to say that from a statistical standpoint, you are a lot safer in Logan.

  • I live right there (1200 block of O Street) and heard it as well. It woke me up. 4-6 shots in quick succession.

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