More Info on Mercadito coming to the new Marriott Marquis on Mass. Ave

901 Massachusetts Ave, NW

Back in September we first learned the big news that Chicago based Mercadito would be opening up in DC.  You can see the  Chicago menus here. They’ve now posted a liquor license placard that says:

“Restaurant serving Mexican Tapas. Occasional DJ Performances, No Dancing. Entertainment Endorsement. Summer Garden with seating for 24. Total Occupancy Load of 271.”

They’ll be located on the corner right off 10th Street:

10th and Massachusetts Ave, NW

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  • palisades

    No dancing? Afraid they’ll turn into the next McFaddens?

  • Ooh, I went to the one in Vegas. It’s good! And actually fairly reasonable for the amount of food you get.

  • I would love for this to be good but I am going to reserve my excitement based on the abysmal sports bar in this hotel.

  • Tapas is fairly unusual in Mexico, and from looking at the menu these look more like appetizers or small plates than tapas. Brunch tacos look kinda fun though.

  • pworthy

    Was there any indication of an opening date on the placard? I’m not sure how it works–they obviously won’t open without a license, just wondering if a timeline is indicated or if the license is the last step before opening.

  • As a former Marriott employee, I want to just note that Marriott has two “t”s in the name.

  • More small plates! What an idea!

    Despite the hype, this hotel is a huge disappointment. I was at a meeting there not long ago and so much seemed so wrong–no wifi in the conference area downstairs, horrible climate control, and a gallery level with nothing to it. The food was pretty disappointing—although Marriott has gotten out of the food business, this often is the one area where their hotels still excel. This can only be an improvement.

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