More info on Fig & Olive coming to CityCenter

934 Palmer Alley, NW

A liquor license placard posted out front says Fig & Olive will be a:

“French restaurant with a total occupancy load of 528. Requesting an Entertainment Endorsement, Sidewalk Café with 54 seats and Summer Garden with 54 seats.”

You can check out the menus for their other locations here. Opening in CityCenter this spring. Updates when we get closer.


Located on the east side of the pavilion:


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  • The reviews for other locations seem split between awesome and pretentious/overpriced/mediocre food. Sounds like a dozen other places in DC, but with a more distinctive decor. The restaurants at CityCenter to do ok, but the stores had no traffic during the holidays.

    • What do you mean there was no foot traffic during the holidays? Weren’t there at least three smash and grabs?

    • It will be interesting to see if those stores can survive with no foot traffic. Yeah, High end places don’t need the same volume of shoppers as mid tier places. But, they still need some.

      Of course foot traffic could pick up as more stuff opens. But, they are probably at the 50% mark now and there are no real anchors to drive foot traffic. Not sure how the project can meaningfully boost traffic without dramatic changes.

  • jburka

    My husband and I went to one of the Manhattan locations back in 2009 for lunch. It was decent enough, I suppose, but I never thought, “gee, it’s too bad we don’t have one back home”

    • agreed. I went to the one downtown in maybe 2009 and the one in midtown earlier this year. Decent fare, but not exactly mind-blowing. Overpriced for what we got.

      And total occupancy load of 528? I assume that would include at-capacity rooms for private events, right? Maybe they’re banking on a lot of private parties/fundraisers/etc. And of course, tourists.

  • With a total occupancy load of 528 you’re definitely looking at quantity vs. quality issues.

  • Ally

    Based on the other city’s menus I perused, it at least looks pretty vegetarian friendly (which is unheard of in most French restaurants).

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