Metro Transit Police make an arrest in Monday’s X2 Metrobus shooting



“Metro Transit Police have arrested Delonte Eric BROWN of Southeast Washington, DC, in connection with Monday night’s shooting of two passengers aboard an X2 Metrobus.

Transit Police detectives arrested BROWN overnight in Prince George’s County on a charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He is currently awaiting extradition to the District of Columbia where other charges may be added.

The shooting happened about 10:20 p.m. Monday, January 19, in the 100 block of H Street NW. The eastbound X2 bus was stopped at a bus stop when a male passenger exited through the rear door, turned and fired at least one round into the bus. Two victims, ages 21 and 47, sustained non-life-threatening injuries — one to the hand and the other to the thigh — and were transported to a local hospital.

Within 90 minutes of the shooting, Metro Transit Police released surveilance photos of a “person of interest,” subsequently identified as BROWN. A second person of interest, a female in the company of BROWN, was also identified by detectives late yesterday.”

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  • Its ridiculous this thug was arrested in September 2014 on possession of an unregistered firearm and got 80 hrs community service in a plea. His PO was not watching him very closely.

  • How scary for passengers–a very brazen act. This is the type of crime that deserves a lot of time behind bars. Is there a reason for an assault charge versus attempted murder?

  • Metro authorities need to step up the safety on the busses. There is a guy on our bus who is routinely selling pirated DVDs to passengers and they are regularly disruptive homeless/mentally ill passengers.

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