Lots of Progress at the Unleashed by Petco coming to Shaw


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Unleashed by Petco is opening on 7th St and their signage is up and work is going quickly inside. The new store is located on 7th St. NW, between P and Q, next to Beau Thai in the Jefferson Marketplace apartment building. Can’t wait for it to open!”


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  • I couldn’t be happier about this. Does anyone have a good sense of how long these stores usually take to open once the sign goes up? I thought the one in Navy Yard went in really fast, but can’t say for sure.

  • I first read that as “unleashed by pepco”. That sounded kinda bad ass. Petco certainly makes more sense though…

  • Oh goodie. A sub-chain invented with the sole purpose of eliminating competition from mom-and-pop stores!

  • Construction has also started on the condo building at 11th and M. Looks like the pace of gentrification in the neighborhood is picking up.

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