Lost Dog Last Seen on the MBT by 9th St and Monroe St, NE; UPDATE – Found!


“@PoPville Finnegan has been found! We were circling solid leads in Petworth and got a text that he was spotted back in Brookland. #findfinn”

“His name is Finnegan, and he just ran away at ~5:30PM Eastern time. He was last seen at 9th and Monroe St NE, in Washington, DC. He was running the Metro Branch Trail.

He’s a mix of rat terrier and cattle dog. Photos of him are attached. Any sightings or information will be extremely helpful.

About Finnegan:

* He’s likelier to come if you crouch down and beckon or whistle. Don’t run at him, and try to crouch and stay low if you get near him.
* He responds to “Finnegan”, “Finn”, and whistles.
* He is microchipped.
* He likes peanut butter, jerky, and other normal dog things.”


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  • Very cute pooch! Hope he’s found soon.

  • Thanks. No sightings yet today. We’re putting posters up all over DC. He moves fast!

  • When did you lose him? I saw a dog that looks like him (very fast runner) in the alley near the popeyes on georgia and hamilton, my guess is he was heading for their trash can.

  • We got another tip while we were out last tonight that Finnegan was seen on Emerson crossing New Hampshire and headed west. I checked Popeye’s in case he was having a late night fried chicken craving, but no luck. It’s nice to see that he hasn’t left the Petworth Fort Totten area though.

  • What a wily little Irishman! I hope you catch him soon! Glad so many are looking for him.

  • We found him! We had somesid Petworth leads and then got a text that he’d been spotted in Brookland near the metro.

    We found him two blocks away under a bush.

    • So glad you found him – he was having a Big Adventure but I’m sure he’s happy to be home again — and I can imagine you’re REALLY happy to have him back safe and sound!!

    • Great news! So glad to hear he’s been found. And I hope he’s had his fill of adventure for a good long while. 🙂

  • Hooray for finding him! Such good news–and very impressed with the mapping!

  • What great news!

  • So glad he was found! What a cutie!

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