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  • Accountering

    Well, you know its a bad accident when the MD plates get knocked off of the white car.

  • “Accident” = unavoidable act of god. I’m fairly sure someone did something wrong here. Not an accident. If you do something reckless or against the law while behind the wheel, crashes are not ‘accident’s but rather entirely predictable.

    • Oh, come on — most people understand “accident” to mean “collision.”
      If your kid wets the bed in the middle of the night, would that not qualify as an “accident” either because at least theoretically, it could have been avoided?

      • Accountering

        I don’t think that’s an apt comparison. A kid wetting the bed likely could not prevent it. The MD driver recklessly driving that causes an accident, could have prevented it, by not driving like a MD driver.

    • “Official vocab guidelines state we no longer refer to these incidents as ‘accidents’, they’re now ‘collisions.’
      “Right….. why can’t we say “accident” again?”
      “Because ‘accident’ implies there’s nobody to blame.”

    • accident = unintentional; not deliberate, either of which may, or may not, be associated with recklessness or illegality
      While either (or both) of the drivers may have done something reckless or illegal, I highly doubt that hitting the other was intentional or deliberate.

    • I think the term refers to incidents that occur unintentionally and unexpectedly. Otherwise by your definition, a hurricane would be an accident.

    • “Accident” doesn’t mean unavoidable, nor does it require absence of fault.

      Merriam-Webster: Accident
      : a sudden event (such as a crash) that is not planned or intended and that causes damage or injury
      : an event that is not planned or intended : an event that occurs by chance

      • Exactly. Whoever is at fault probably did not intend to cause a traffic collision. It was accidental.

    • The vast majority of car accidents are a result of someone doing something wrong. Your narrow definition excludes just about everything apart from medical emergencies, mechanical failures, and natural disasters; I don’t think that’s how most people understand it or how dictionaries define it.

    • Hmmm…it looks like the gun lobby’s campaign to stop using the word “accident” is creeping into new areas.

      Like I tell them, accidents can be caused by negligence. It’s not mutually exclusive.

  • As a cyclist who lives a block away from here, seeing this photo scares the crap out of me.

    • justinbc

      As a cyclist who used to live a block from there I always took the 15th St bike path rather than dealing with the crazies on 14th. I advise you do the same.

      • Riding a bike on 14th=asking for trouble. I ride my road bike regularly in the neighborhood and avoid 14th like plague.

      • Yeah, I definitely prefer using 15th to go uptown. Just not in the bike lane. You get much less “green light” time since you can only go on the ped signals. If you ride in the non-specialized lanes with traffic, you can go on the green and green arrow. But thats just my personal preference.

  • I think “avoid 14th and P” is always a good idea. It’s such an awful intersection. Logan Circle itself sucks, but 14th and P is the intersection of all that is wrong with driving in DC – distracted driving, distraction pedestrians, people in a rush, cabs who don’t care, Ubers who have no idea where they are, and no pedestrian only walk signals. I was just thinking yesterday, after someone almost hit me, how awful it really is.

  • except that doesn’t look like 14 & P……maybe a block away, tho

  • Based on nothing but this picture and my own biases, I reflexively blame the taxi, who was probably doing 5mph or 50mph (or rapidly transitioning between the two). However, a little hard to tell, but it looks like that white Honda might have illegal side window tint. Hope everyone walked away.

  • I live a block over and hate driving through this intersection. I’m guessing the white car decided that they had the right of way on a non-arrow green light left turn. More than once I’ve had the right of way to turn right onto 14th at this light only to have someone making a left come careening at me as if I wasn’t there and didn’t have the right of way. Not sure why this intersection seems to turn drivers into idiots so frequently, but, like I said, it happens enough that I really hate driving through it.

  • DC1

    An accident involving a DC cab? no way!

  • DC Taxi vs. MD Driver: the universe will implode! (as will the popville comments)

  • This collision could have been prevented by a streetcar on 14th.

  • The road was wet and slick.
    White car was driving eastbound on P St. towards Logan Circle possibly 20-30mph.
    Traffic light turns yellow then red while white was still outside the box.
    White car’s driver initially decides to stop but then changes his mind and drives ahead. However, he loses a precious second in the meantime.
    Meanwhile, cab’s driver eyeing the traffic light and tries to time the light like a sprinter timing the gun.
    Cab drive touches the gas pedal.
    White car’s driver sees the cab right in front of him. but it’s too late. He tries to stop but he is fast and road is slippery.
    This happens many times at that traffic light during the day. Go stand there for 30 mins and watch the traffic if you don’t believe me.

    • Exaggerate much? I cross that intersection at least twice a day sometimes many more times. I think I’ve seen one accident in 6 years.

  • I hope DDOT takes a look at this intersection at some point. The problem here is a lot of people trying to turn off of P onto 14th. Adding a left turn lane in both directions would make this intersection a lot safer for pedestrians and motorists. As it is, people going straight get stuck behind someone turning left, and once that person inches out into the intersection enough to get around them, they zoom past – unfortunately, sometimes into someone coming the opposite direction who thought traffic was blocked so it was clear for them to turn left.

    • Or forbid left turns completely. Left turns on RI, not on P?

      • justinbc

        I would prefer this. No left turns here would move traffic along much more smoothly.

        • As much as banning left turns may be the best choice altogether, it just doesn’t seem to work. All turns in any direction are banned at 7th and H NW, and people still turn in every direction at every light cycle. I think it’s better to design the road for the inevitability that people will turn left regardless of if it’s allowed than to hope people can read signs – apparently, sign-reading is not a skill at the top of many area driver’s resumes. Following lane markings, however, seems to get okay results more of the time.

      • For quite some time I’ve thought that 14th & P would absolutely benefit from the same “NO LEFT TURNS” treatment given to 7th & H. I’d be better for vehicular (and bus!) traffic flow, and safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

        • Doubtful. the whole area is full of one way streets and various prohibitions which makes it a pain to drive there (and yeas I live in the neighborhood). There’s a point where more prohibitions just asks for people to wither notice or care about them.

  • Quick, let’s determine the cause of events and the guilt or innocence of each driver based only on the clues in the photo!

    Personally if you ask me it’s clearly the bicyclist’s fault.

  • This made me snort out loud.

  • That’ll buff right out.

  • Glad to see another DC taxi as well as a prius out of commission. Both of them scream a*#hole driver. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve nearly been run over by cabs on my bike on 14th street.

    • Usually the people who make life difficult in the area for me are SUVs with Virginia tags. Usually someone yacking on the phone.

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