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  • they must sell a great product or service to have that much demand!

  • This station is a mess. Yesterday morning there was no power at all in the station proper. They just opened the fare gates and let people through. The escalators weren’t running and the screens at the platform were blank.
    There’s a longstanding persistent leak at the entrance to the station – which is why the floor of the station and the sidewalk outside always have large puddles of water. Yesterday morning the leak was a deluge, maybe that was the reason for the power outage?

  • This happened last week at Farragut North. What the heck is going on with Metro recently: power outages, disabled trains, sparks, smoke…..?

    • maxwell smart

      recently? I’ll give you that the last couple of weeks has seen perhaps a slightly more then usual degree of meltdowns, but the metro has been a sinking ship for at least the last 4 years.

      • Recently? Ah ah ah…

      • I actually think the start of the issues was back in 1999. I say this because my uncle, who worked for metro as a bus driver and then orange line metro driver when it opened in the 70’s, took early retirement in 1999 because the system was so fucked up. He couldn’t deal with the union and the breakdowns anymore.

  • Not as extreme but there has only been one faregate entering the station open at columbia heights for the last week and no one seems to have bothered to fix it. Missed a train this morning while waiting in a pretty long line.
    I’m sick of riding metro.

    • Yup, been this way for a couple weeks I think. It goes back and forth between which one is working. Complete BS, it’s like Metro is intentionally doing things to piss people off.

    • There’s only been one working entry turnstile at U-Street for a week as well at the 13th St entrance. I’ve been going in to work early so it hasn’t been an issue for me but I’m sure it gets back up later in the morning.

    • The Columbia Heights station has had only one consistently working exit turnstile for at least the last couple months. Usually Metro just lets everyone leave without paying, but then you get a gigantic backlog the next morning because no one has registered an exit on their card. Metro really needs to be completely redone.

  • To be fair, subway turnstiles are incredibly sophisticated pieces of technology. Just like escalators. /s

    • There was also only one fare gate to enter the station at Fort Totten this morning meanwhile there were two or 3 station managers in the kiosk doing absolutely nothing. The other gates were working fine but being used for people exiting the station. Shouldn’t this be as simple as flipping a switch to change the entry/exit direction for the gates?
      and as if that wasn’t enough the train I boarded went out of service and off-loaded at Gallery-Place. I cannot wait for warmer weather and my motorcycle.

  • west_egg

    Metro is a joke.

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