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  • Never been to CharBar but have been to Eli’s a few times. The food is terrible and they’re obviously taking advantage of the fact that they’re the only kosher restaurant in the district.

    • I second this. Eli’s had mediocre food, terrible service, and a depressing atmosphere. Even my friends who keep strictly kosher avoided it.

    • Oh also, I’ve heard they were changing the name of the Freundel sandwich (named after the webcam-in-the-mikvah rabbi) but I don’t see that reflected in the menu.

    • nightborn

      Eli’s is absolutely terrible and I’m thrilled to hear there is finally some competition. I have family members that keep kosher and they have stopped going there because while the food is tolerable, the service is just that bad. Over the years they have become more and more rude – I’m not going to go pay someone to alternate between ignoring me and snapping at me for daring to patronize their business.

      • It’s not competition. Eli’s just moved and changed its name. The former location is closed.
        Though the good comments below may be enough to convince me to give CharBar a try. Maybe.

    • Any other reviews aside from the obvious spammers below? I need to get my matzoh ball soup fix now that we are in the depths of winter.
      I made matzoh ball soup from scratch last year, but it damn near took me an entire day when you consider I made the stock from scratch via a boiled chicken.

      • get this, THEY DON’T HAVE MATZO BALL SOUP!! Or even regular chicken soup for that matter. How can you call yourself a kosher restaurant and not serve this? for shame

      • OP Anon, have you tried DGS Delicatessen? The husbo loves their matzoh ball soup. As for Char Bar not having it, I wonder if they consider it a food only for Passover, when it’s traditionally served.

        • Ooooh, I’ve been meaning to go there. 😀

          • Step 1: ask my husband out to lunch there
            Step 2: enjoy matzoh ball soup there together
            Step 3: tell me all about it make me jealous/feel like I’ve lived vicariously through you both.
            Pro tip: their bar is actually one of the better ones in DC. Small and intimate with excellent cocktails.

      • If you’re willing to trek out to the ‘burbs, try Max’s in Wheaton or Parkway Deli in Silver Spring.

        • Yes! Max’s has the best schwama/falafel in the area, hands down. It’s strictly kosher and near the Metro. And had the atmosphere of an elementary school cafeteria.
          Parkway isn’t kosher, but it does solid kosher-style deli food (including matzoh ball soup). Sadly, it’s not near the Metro.

          • I’ve driven from Woodley Park to Wheaton just for the shawarma! I just bring a book or a newspaper with me and the atmosphere doesn’t bother me. I get the veggie matzoh ball soup from Parkway. Nommm.

  • Yes – delicious brisket! Other people at the table had salads and burgers, which everyone gave positive reviews on. I’m glad to see they’re getting a liquor license. We went a couple months ago not long after they opened. Attentive, friendly service and the place was packed. Will definitely go back and glad to have the option.

  • I went there with my partner and his family and I would say the burgers were actually quite delicious. Glad they will soon be able to serve liquor!

  • I’m not Jewish/don’t keep Kosher but checked it out anywho- food was good!

  • The Pitch, The Pinch, Bar Charley, Char Bar.

    People gotta get more creative with this names.

  • Just don’t ask for cheese on your burger.

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