Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Missing Cat, Misty, from Shaw UPDATE: Found


“Our cat went missing on Sunday afternoon. I’ve contact the Humane Society and Shaw Listserv but we are trying to get as many eyes on the lookout in the neighborhood as possible.

Misty is a three year old long haired white cat with large gray spots. Misty is part of the Humane Society’s CatNIPP Program, so his left ear has been clipped.

Misty never strays far from our home at 5th and O Street and NEVER misses a meal, so we are very worried.


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  • I live 2 blocks away and will keep an eye out. Good luck finding him and please update us!

  • Emmaleigh504

    She’s so pretty! I hope she is found safe and sound soon.

  • We live a block away and will keep an eye out for Misty. I hope Misty is found very soon!

  • Cats never wander too far. Check under decks and garages. I hope she turns up soon beautiful Girl.

  • I think the CatNIPP Program is great! However this is a stupid question, but just curious, is it actually your cat or a stray in the neighborhood that you feed? Curious, I didn’t realize that people owned cats that were part of the program thought it was just strays. Either way I’d be devastated if one of my cats went missing, good luck!

  • This is why you keep your cat inside! How can we have sympathy for someone missing a cat when it’s a known risk

    • This = not helpful

    • I think I’d have sympathy for you if you got hurt while riding a bicycle. I think I’d have sympathy for you if you had a bad hangover headache. Known risks of ordinary behavior, right?
      Anyway, I don’t think the posters are requesting sympathy. So why are you here again?

  • Misty made it home this afternoon! Thank you for the help POPVille Community!

    PS – Anon and DDDDD – CatNIPP is a Washington Humane Society program that attempts to deal with feral cats in a humane manner. We have cared for Misty since he was young. He has always lived outside and was most likely born outside. However after caring for him for 3 years, now he often spends time inside with us. We like to think we are helping out our community by keeping a very small portion of the feral cat population healthy and free of disease.

    Find more info. here:

    Or even better, buy tickets to the charity event tomorrow night!

  • FYI, Misty appears to be a purebred Turkish Van. Looks identical to a friend’s TV. Very nice (and expensive) cat for a stray! Does he love playing in water? (that’s a trait…)

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