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  • Emmaleigh504

    Is it finished? It’s looks weird, like something is missing.

    • Something about the middle looks wrong — it doesn’t seem to balance properly with the sides.

      • Bummer. The sides actually look pretty decent. Had they only thought about that RIDICULOUS middle portion. My guess is stairs or bathrooms. Many of the new buildings are designed with the interior floor plans in mind, and forgo the same attention to detail on the exterior.

        • Yeah, that was my guess — the high/small windows made me think those are bathrooms, but what works on the inside doesn’t look quite right on the outside.

    • Mug of Glop

      The weird, mostly bare inner third with only small accent windows makes the whole thing look like a hammerhead shark or a weird bug or something. They could have put a few stripes of that same orange in the middle section to give it some continuity, but as it is, it looks like an over-stuffed Milano cookie.

      I do mostly like it, though.

      How do they fit twenty-seven bedrooms into that thing, though?!

      • My guess is that these bedrooms are going to be the size of closets and not have windows, considering this building is sandwiched. One legit “master bedroom” in each unit, plus two tiny rooms suitable for a baby.

    • That was my first thought. The dark middle with small windows looks odd contrasted with the aggressive sunflower color on the sides. It doesn’t balance out at all.

  • Love it. Any well kept building with an interesting architecture style, I’m going to be a fan of. Much improvement over what was there before.

    • what about this is good architecture? The fact that it looks completely out of place and is painted school bus yellow?
      The design is similar to 99% of the other cheap facades going up. In the future we’ll be able to identify the era when cheap shoddy buildings were thrown up hastily by developers who didn’t care about the community.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am a fan of different/intersting architecture and different/any colors, but this one is not my favorite. I wonder how it will age.

  • Well, that orange trim certainly roars!
    (Do not like.)

  • Two thoughts:

    1. Ban vinyl.

    2. New construction three bedroom condos!

  • The yellow is very, very yellow. That being said, I applaud them for putting in 3-bedroom units. I’ll be interested to see what the prices and floor plans are because this place has the chance to hit the sweet spot for young families between too small for kids condos and rowhouses that a lot of people can’t afford.

  • I like how they say they are “Nice” not LUXURY/MODERN etc.

  • Honestly though, why yellow?

    Like other comments have said, bravo for 3BR condos. Also kudos for coming to this stretch of 14th. Between this, Little Coco’s, the two other new buildings under construction, dare I say this competes with the more popular part of 14th St. further south? Relax, I’m kidding, but sure is nice to see some more redevelopment of this corridor.

  • This looks like a nightclub in Miami, brought to you by ROB & BRENT PROMOTIONS.
    Seriously, that’s a fugly condo building. It makes the new building next to Shaw’s Tavern look like an architectural masterpiece. Oy vey.

  • “The Rob &Brent Group Prensents”

  • That poor front porch to the left, how sad. Might as well tear down that building now, too.

    Do the shades of yellow not match?

  • I like it – there is enough colonial architecture in this city that we can absorb good contemporary design as well.
    It could have been a beige box like all the recent apartments/condos seem to be.

  • Anyone else spot the typo in the developer’s banner?

    “The Rob & Brent Group Prensents”

    • I saw it- hilarious. I always wonder about who dropped the ball in high profile typos. Whoever approved this is surely mightily embarrassed right now.

  • Perhaps the back of the building looks better?! Even painting of the yellow wouldn’t help much.

  • Is it for sale or for lease?

  • Accountering

    They just listed the entire building for 5,299,000. That works out to $589,000/unit.

  • I actually really like it. I think the middle section is the staircase and the sides must be the units. I think this section of 14th Street needed a boost and an architecturally unique building helps a lot.

  • I found the property website. It has floor plans – the living areas and kitchens look pretty big: Lionsheaddc.com

  • Would recommend everyone see it in person – I thought it look quite nice when passed by the other day.

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