“individual riding his bike in the 700 block of 7th Street, SE was approached by a suspect who stabbed him in the chest”

From MPD:

“On today’s date (1-13-15) at around 4:55 PM, an individual riding his bike in the 700 block of 7th Street, Southeast, was approached by a suspect who stabbed him in the chest with an unknown object. The suspect then fled northbound on 8th Street, Southeast, with a group of juveniles.

The victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

This case is currently being investigated by the First District Detectives Unit.”

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  • Well, this is good to know, since I bike.this.street.every.day.from.work!!! Yikes. Thanks for the heads up, and hope the biker is doing alright.

  • BTW, this group may be (is probably) related to the middle school kids coming out of the Blue Castle building. They were exiting the school yesterday around 4:30ish in large groups. The scary thing about the biker is he probably was caught unaware if someone jumped from between cars, which I could see happening on 7th. Gotta be alert and wary out there.

    • You are probably correct, just noting that it is basically every day they leave in large groups around 4:30. Except Friday’s, when they seem to get out earlier.

    • That school is called Richard Wright Charter School and it’s six somewhat long blocks south of where this event happened, and is located on 8th St, not 7th. And 4:55, when this incident happened, is 25 minutes after 4:30. In other words, your post is a stretch. Try not to besmirch a whole school full of kids with a baseless accusation.

      • The Richard Wright Charter Public School kids walk straight down 8th to the metro to go home (although some take public buses south of the 295 on 8th). I’ve seen them on 7th, and this group of juveniles was running north back to 8th, which is exactly where the big groups of students continue to walk to the Metro. There tons of people still slowly starting their walk from the school at 4:40 pm. Try again- you’re talking about a place I know. A group of juveniles at this time in this place- almost positive it is from that school. It’d be bet-worthy if I was a betting man.

      • I don’t know who they are or where they’re coming from but I live on this block and there have been large groups of kids going up and down 7th St in the late afternoons and early evenings for months, yelling, running, fighting, etc. I’ve even seen a few of them apprehended by MPD once, a few months ago, but this is one of those situations that really frustrates me about DC and its police. These kids are in the same damn place at the same damn time every day, how hard is it for the MPD to recognize that and help keep order?

        • It’s the school. Last I heard, National Community Church was buying (or bought) the blue castle, and they were going to turn it into a daycare, coffee shop, etc. However, I think that the school still has an active lease. Its time can’t be up soon enough in my opinion. Getting rid of that school will do a lot of good for the Barracks Row/Navy Yard community.

        • even so — they’re not stabbing random people on a daily basis. This is pretty audacious and I imagine it will provoke a response different from general teen unruliness.

      • I was the cyclist involved in this incident. I do believe it was a student from that school who attacked me. The police report is inaccurate in several points, it happen at L and 7th SE. There was a pack of kids on the sidewalk and one just casually walked out between the cars into the street and said “hey sir”, I wasn’t about to stop and vered around him when he punched me in the chest. I didn’t realize he had a blade in his hand until I noticed I was bleeding a block later. I called 911 at 4:43 pm.
        In case you are wondering, I am doing great and will be back at work tomorrow, biking down 7th.

        • binpetworth

          Wow. Glad to hear you’re doing well, and the injury wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Hope that you’re able to work with the police and maybe school officials to determine the kid who’s responsible and hold them accountable for this.

        • Brian, glad to hear you are doing alright. I’m a fellow biker who shares your route in that area, and this was a frightening event to hear about. I’ve always been wary of that school, and this event confirms that my wariness is unfortunately justified. Be safe out there!

  • biker obviously wasn’t biking fast enough.

  • Do we know where Courtland Milloy was around that time?

  • You have got to be kidding me! As a parent of a student at Richard Wright and as the PSA president I am absolutely appalled. Those of you with unfounded and down right mean comments and have the audacity to suggest the school be closed should be ashamed. Someone said they’re “pretty sure” that the individual who did the stabbing went to that school. I would think we were all educated enough to know the dangers of being “almost sure” somebody committed a crime. It’s also incredibly telling (but not surprising) that some of you instinctively associate criminal behavior with an entire school of children (especially our children) and staff. I am very happy his injuries were not more severe, that is both scary and unacceptable. WHOEVER stabbed this man should be apprehended and prosecuted in a court of law. It never fails to amaze me how people criticize students and schools but never step foot inside to see what is or isn’t. By the way children are NOT animals that roam in “packs”, do not refer to them as such. You see rowdy kids, they make you uncomfortable, so the answer is to shut down the school? They do not deserve a chance at a school that has nearly doubled standardized test scores every year it has been open? The longest school day in the district (and Saturday and summer school) that includes real journalism, photography, video production, and graphic design at venues such as the White House, national conferences etc. The students write, direct, and edit their own PSAs for national domestic violence, sexual assault and literacy organizations., etc. Honor/AP students like my daughter and her friends live and go to school in this community. Please explain exactly how us leaving makes the community better. See what the school is really about. http://Www.richardwrightpcs.org

  • Although an unfortunate and unacceptable event, I happen to walk past that school on the way home each afternoon and I happen to notice there are several staff members from the school outside ensuring students transition safely every afternoon. There have also been instances where there are large groups of boys who are standing out in front before 4:30pm. I don’t believe it is fair to tarnish an entire school for the actions of one child. To be honest I have researched the school and they appear to be making strides in educating their students. Maybe we should reach out to the school’ administration and see how we can support them as opposed to the comments I’ve seen posted on this blog.

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