Iconic Ruppert Real Estate – Real Restaurant Sign Coming to Petworth

1017 7th Street, NW

On Monday I mentioned how strange it was to see The Passenger closed. What’s even stranger is seeing the Ruppert Real Estate – Real Restaurant Sign removed (recently home to Hogo though others will recall the old warehouse.) Ruppert of course is Paul Ruppert (among many other legendary Rupperts) of Room 11, Petworth Citizen, Upshur Books, Crane & Turtle fame. The latter establishments are of course all located on Upshur Street in Petworth. So it is no surprise that come springtime that’s where you’ll find the legendary Ruppert Sign reinstalled. A serious sign of the times!

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  • Very excited about this as a new-ish Petworth resident. The development of Upshur has been fantastic so far.

  • I bet he’ll put the sign on the Murrell building where he is opening Slim’s diner, and then we can all begin to refer to the Murrell building as the Ruppert building.

    • Or, maybe we’ll get lucky enough and he’ll use it on another new restaurant that he plans on opening in the Upshur area in addition to Slim’s as well. Rename Petworth, Ruppertville:)

  • We should make a bet and see who wins. I say it’s going inside Slim’s as decoration.

  • Any word on the couple of vacant storefronts on Upshur? There was some talk of the owner of Hank’s moving into one a few months back. I would love to see this section of Upshur and the nearby stretches of Georgia and 14th continue to develop.

  • The Murrell Building, Pizza Hut and the land/ structures south of Vaarnum and North of Upshur need to be redeveloped. I’ve also wondered whether a traffic oval would work at the intersection of Georgia. Upshur and Kansas as the tangle of street lights that are currently there is a mess and the greenspace space that is there is pointless. Arethinking of the area could make for an intersting and appealing DC urban space.

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