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  • Inteersting house, but the dormer looks like something dropped from a 50s GI Bill bungalow,

  • This thing looked crazy while they were building it, and I’m amazed it turned out even sorta nice. Its tough to tell from the picture, but the addition is really close to the house on the right.

  • justinbc

    I like the use of “addition” versus “pop-up/out/back” to convey a positive appearance 😉

  • Rich man’s “popup”. This goes to show that you need a lot more [ ] than just mere willingness to spend $$$ on the reno. It looks great on the new, contemporary side, but looks absolutely horrible with the dormer window.

    • epric002

      +1 1st photo- UGH! 2nd photo- oh ok. not my style preference, but ok!

    • Not really my taste either, and the old dormer is totally out of place. They should have rebuilt that in a similar style as the addition and it might have worked better. Also replacing the rest of the windows in the house w/ single pane, casement to match the addition might have made it work a little better overall as well.

  • I HATE this house. I run past it frequently and it’s so weird and gross and out of place. That street (Albemarle, right past Connecticut) is so cute but this monstrosity is nuts. It looks like a dentist’s office– maybe that’s why i dislike it, because…dentists…

  • Modern architecture like this is notorious for it’s inability to keep water out.

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