New Cocktail Bar from Owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar coming to old Church on Upshur Street

819 Upshur Street, NW

Happy Friday indeed! Washington City Paper reports:

Hank’s Oyster Bar chef and owner Jamie Leeds has built up the bar areas at her seafood-focused restaurants over the last few years. Next, she’s opening a cocktail bar called Twisted Horn, coming to 819 Upshur St. NW this spring.”

Upshur Street looking west towards the future Slim’s Diner and Georgia Ave

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  • Whoh! This is great!!! Glad to see Petworth really taking off lately. Slim’s Diner also just began construction in the old Murrell Building. Businesses better get in now before things get really crazy! Of course, there is always the strip on 14th St by the Red Derby and Lyman’s Tavern for those looking to expand. Great news all around!

  • Phil @ GreenLineRE

    Welcome to the neighborhood! We are psyched for all that is happening on Upshur!

  • Upshur Street is NOT on a roll. It’s desolate and run down with a couple of new restaurants. Please don’t turn this neighborhood into a place where one bedrooms cost $2400. Thanks.

    • orderedchaos

      You say it’s desolate and run down, but you don’t like new businesses opening up there — then what’s your preferred (and realistic) way to improve Upshur? Seems like a diner and a restaurant is preferable to empty buildings, no?

    • It has to start somewhere doesn’t it? New places come in, it signals new growth and development and more people/companies will want to do the same and follow the lead. If it stays empty and rundown and nobody doesn’t anything, I don’t see how this change is supposed to happen. I think it’s great that places are investing in the area there.

      • True, but I see where Bitterbelly is coming from. Middle-class people are okay with gentrification and redevelopment ….until housing and cost of living becomes too high for the middle-class. I live a block away and am looking forward to this place. I’m just hoping my landlord doesn’t interpreta new cocktail bar as an excuse for an arbitrary raise in my rent.

        • I’ll never go to this place, but every new bar or restaurant adds about $20K to the value of my house, so I’m happy.

    • desolate says bitterbetty, adequate name i suppose. Having Petworth Citizen, Turtle and Crane, Domku, Willow, and with Slim and Twisted Horn coming soon, it hardly seems desolate.

    • hammers

      I think 1 bedrooms in this area are already close to that. Which I think is completely ridiculous. But I don’t think one more restaurant will affect the tide of change in that ‘hood.

  • I’ll reserve my enthusiasm. Always happy to see a vacant place re-occupied but do we really need another option for drinking in the neighborhood? And a cocktail bar to boot?

  • jim_ed

    Alright, restaurateurs, Upshur St is all full. Best head further up Georgia Ave and start opening things, preferably on Kennedy St.

    • Concur. Or in the old Moroni space and nearby spots along Georgia between Delafield and Decatur.

      • jim_ed

        That works just as well. I want to know whats going on with the old florist space at Georgia and Hamilton. Its been under renovation for what feels like two years, and I’ve heard rumors of a restaurant.

      • I haven’t been yet, but there actually is something in the old moroni & bros spot.

        • I think this is part of the problem with that strip….we were huge Moroni fans too and did go regularly, but we have not taken the initiative to visit Okapi or the place next door. So Maybe that strip actually cannot support restaurants like we all hoped/thought since we ourselves don’t go…

    • Totally concur. Maybe a funeral parlor themed saloon?

    • I’d personally like to see more restaurants along 14th St near Red Derby. Red Derby is a district-wide draw so it pulls in a steady crowd. The new place, Taqueria Habenero, is getting rave reviews by critics and patrons alike. With a Little Coco’s, from the owners of El Chucho, opening soon; I think this is the next big area. Kennedy St deserves attention too, but 14th a little more established and closer to the metro (3 blocks). Overall, just glad to see people investing in the neighborhood!!!

  • First: Leeds abandons Columbia Heights to focus on Hank’s, then turns around and opens a joint in Petworth? Man, I miss Commonwealth.

    Second: Excellent. Hopefully the retail growth will signal to developers to build more housing in the neighborhood before rents get even more insane.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hope they keep the stained glass.

  • As someone who works near Upshur St., I’d really like to see a restaurant or two offering lunch, not just dinner and drinks. Even only one day a week would be great.

    • DC Reynolds is open for lunch every day.

      • Love the BOGO when the patio is open, but what’s the deal with the smell in the main bar area? It’s rank. I can’t take more than an hour in there before I start to feel uneasy.

  • Is there anything more symbolic of gentrification in the District than a cocktail bar opening up in a former church in Petworth?

  • Excellent news. I’m also hankering for them to get some new fun places in on 14th St across from the bus depot!

  • This is my favorite thing ever. When churches are turned into to pubs. best. ever.
    Second only to when banks are turned into pubs.

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