Heads Up Runners – Unstable Man at Connecticut and Porter

“Dear PoPville,

Something really strange happened this morning running down Porter from Connecticut and I was hoping you could remind readers to be careful out there!

I passed a guy on the sidewalk waiting for the bus, I don’t know what set him off but next thing I knew he was chasing me down the hill screaming at me. I turned around to face him and he just kept yelling at me. I’m about 5’3 and the guy was easily 5’11-6′ and angry. I tried to calmly apologize but I’m really not sure what would have happened had another man not been running towards us shouting at the guy to knock it off.

I don’t really know what else I could have done, but just wanted to remind people to be careful around there.”

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    • 5’11-6′ black man, thin, with short black hair, wearing navy blue snow pants and black jacket.

  • Similar thing happened to me over the summer by Judiciary SQ. I ran by him going N on 4th ST just before E and he chased after me screaming – caught up to me at E Street and punched me in the face right in the middle of the intersection… long story short – he was hauled off to jail… The guy that chased me was a black male, about 40ish, about 6′.

  • I’ve seen this happen before (including to myself) on CT Ave in Woodley Park. He is a black man, between 6’0 and 6’3, probably in his late 30s. He is usually well dressed or wearing a track outfit. He walks up and down CT Ave, and yells at people completely unprovoked. I saw him jump towards a totally unsuspecting pedestrian.

    • I JUST saw this guy during lunch on 19th and L at the Staples….yelling at people and whatnot….he was wearing navy snow pants and a black puffy jacket. he was sitting outside of Potbelly when I left.

  • Nothing you could have really done except be prepared to defend yourself. I carry pepper spray when I run now because of a dog attack on 16th street last year. It’s a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately, it’s necessary. I’m glad you were in an area where there were other people–including the guy who scared him away. So sorry you had to experience that.

  • I’m sorry to hear that this is happening to so many other people! Sounds like it could be the same person.

  • Is this the guy that sleeps on a bench outside of Starbucks near the entrance to the Zoo? That guy freaks a lot of people out by screaming at them.

    • No, this is a different guy. The guy that sleeps in front of starbucks is probably about 50 and he used to “live” in the bus stop across the street. I live in the neighborhood and this guy is much younger. He looks normal (i.e. relatively clean and not homeless) but he has an odd walk. I’m a guy and I have had this individual yell at me and my gf for no reason.

  • For some reason the episode of Louis CK pops into my head where a crazed man starts yelling and running after Louis, only to stumble out into traffic and get squished by a truck.

  • Thanks for the update – will keep my eyes pealed as I run around there. Props to the other runner that shouted and helped keep you safe. Got to have our fellow runner’s backs.

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