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    • Prince Of Petworth

      I feel like I should’ve known that 🙂 thank you!!

    • Douglas has some nice projects in the pipeline. I just wish they wouldn’t be so. slow. about them.

      • jim_ed

        FWIW, Douglas has like 4 really big projects going on right now, which is a lot for anyone outside of the biggest developers. They got a lot cookin’

        • More than that, probably – for example, they don’t even have the relatively large Channing Place project on their web site. They have a great portfolio and in many places they’re probably not hurting themselves by holding things a bit longer. But their strategy stinks for those of us stuck with nearby vacant/perpetually “under construction” buildings.

  • They sold the building to Douglas Development for $5 million back in October 2013. The HSCDC then relocated to a building at 2nd and H St NE, not far from Union Station. In 2010 the city awarded the HSCDC a grant to study the feasibility of redeveloping their own headquarters as a mixed use project, so this has been in the works for a while. To me it doesn’t seem ironic, it seems instead like the HSCDC has been successful in its mission of bringing development to the H St neighborhood.

  • Any news about HSCDC’s project at 4th and Rhode Island NE? The land has been cleared but haven’t been any signs of movement in months.

    • I live right by the 4th and Rhode Island project. They are continuing to grade out the land and making some pretty good improvements. I’ve seen workers in heavy equipment over the past couple weekends on the property, so from my untrained eye it seems to be moving forward pretty well.

      The project across the street (the old Pizza Mart) is moving along nicely too. Foundation is poured and they are framing it up. I’m expecting them to go vertical pretty soon.

      Now for my question. Anyone have any updates about the Peruvian chicken place coming to that block?

  • This isn’t ironic though. On the contrary, it would be ironic if the economic development agency ended up being one of the only places NOT to be razed for economic development.

    • +1. Seems like this is the end goal. Single-story single-use building gets replaced by higher & better uses.

  • Is this the one where they are building lots of units as well as first floor and basement retail…. and zero parking? :/

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