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  • Does this mean I have to give up my Coupe boycott now?

  • I hope they do better at these places then the bagels they had at Room 11. Tried the Bullfrog Bagel there last weekend. My toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese order yielded a small oven warmed bagel with a small plastic container of cream cheese on the side . . . after waiting about 10 minutes in a cafe with no crowd. Huge fail.

    • oh no small cream cheese container and 10 minute wait! The horror!
      how was the bagel? 🙂

      • I’m with Taylor. Small plastic container of cream cheese is a joke. Any good bagel shop knows that the bagel should be LOADED up with cream cheese – Philadelphia, homemade, or bust. I also find it hilarious when the bagel preparer (for lack of better word) handles the bagel for 30 seconds making sure that the thin layer of cream cheese is evenly spread. Give me a break, man. Just schmear it on there so I can gtfo. A bagel should be a cheap, quick, and convenient breakfast food. Where I hail from, a GOOD bagel with cream cheese will never cost more than $2.50-$3.00 and will take under 2 minutes to prepare. It’s not hard – I’ve worked in a bagel shop.

        • justinbc

          Unfortunately for Bullfrog the best thing they make is their cream cheese spreads. I think the hype for them is based more around the fact that there’s just a general lack of quality bagels in this area more than anything else. People seem desperate to be satiated.

          • I’m guessing that at this point, people around here don’t even know what a good bagel tastes like anymore (and some never did), so when anybody at all announces “pop up” bagel sales or promotes the heck out of their bagels via social media and press releases, the sheep assume it’s the best thing ever and rush to stand in long lines for the privilege of buying these bagels.

          • I don’t even think I am that harsh. Here’s my DC bagel ranking (granted, I’ve been here for two months):

            Bagels Etc. (West End) gets a B-
            Goldberg’s (Silver Spring) gets a B
            Bethesda Bagels (DuPont) gets a B+

            Bullfrog, unfortunately, gets a C.

    • I was excited to give them at try at Room 11, but was really disappointed. The everything bagel was really…bland. A good everything bagel should be savory and peppery and salty. This was just blah.

      And don’t get me started on Room 11’s service. Slow, not friendly, and blah as well.

  • Do they sell bagels by the dozen?

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