Glass going up on Atlantic Plumbing Building – 8th and V Street, NW

8th and V St, NW by the 9:30 Club

So cool – thanks to NP for sending! You like the way it’s turning out?

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  • looks fantastic!

  • Looks great! I wish other new buildings could be creative in this way.

  • One of the better looking modern builds in DC IMO

    • +1. Proof that buildings do not have to be tall to be interesting.

      • This is quite a tall building for DC. And the area surrounding it is about to explode with more new development. Hopefully all coming buildings will add to the neighborhood aesthetic like this one does.

  • looks great but curious what it looks like from the inside looking out if one of those I-beams spans across one of my windows…great design though for sure.

  • What will it feel like in the summer if you are standing across the street? Buildings covered with mirrors make the sidewalk hotter.

    • Well, if what you said is true (which makes rational sense), then it sounds like it would be warmer standing next to the building under the reflecting sun. If you don’t appreciate the extra warmth, there’s always 3 other sides of the building for you to stand next to, if that’s what you desire.

    • +1. I stood next to the new building across the street one day when the sun was reflecting on the street and it was intense. Seems like a pretty good chance that V street on the west side is going to fry all the way to 14th street in the summer.

  • Anybody know how much these are going for? Just out of curiosity….

    • Its apartments for rent, about 300 units. Louis on 14th went for $170 million, so probably somewhere in that range. There are a lot of differences between the buildings but that’s your ballpark I think.

    • “The JBG Cos. and Walton Street Capital LLC have priced condos at their remake of the former Atlantic Plumbing building in North Shaw from the upper $300,000s to $1.9 million.” This was from October 2014, so I’m guessing that the lower bound has since increased to lower 400s. From what I understand, they’re not having much trouble selling the units.

      • Oops – scratch that. I got this building confused with the neighbor, which is going to be condos (this is a rental).

    • The girl I’m dating inquired about the new building across the street from 930 Club, the other industrial building that matches this one. Asking prices on that are selling for ~$1K per foot for a studio ($350K for a roughly 350 sq foot studio)

  • Reminds me of Chicago’s John Hancock building – Skidmore Owings Merrill’s signature was huge crossbeams like that…Hope all the glass doesn’t become a bird killer.

  • It reminds me of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

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