GDoN? “Semi Detached Home in Takoma” edition (reader request)

DC8535180 - Exterior

This house is located at 800 Geranium Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Move-In Ready Semi Detached Home in Takoma * 3 Finished Levels w/3 Spacious BRs, 2.5 Remodeled Baths, Walkout Finished Basement * Large Side & Rear Yards, Fenced Outdoor Patio, Storage Shed, Off-Street Parking * Near Metro, Busboys & Poets (Opening Valentine’s Day 2015), Takoma Park Restaurants & Shops * WALK SCORE = 87 * Walter Reed & Georgia Ave Redevelopment is Happening”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $440,000.

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  • Wow, the exterior is hideous. Interior is okay, but completely bland. A pair of houses that are much nicer and a block closer to the metro sold for 460 and 477 a few months ago. Using that as a reference point I would put this a little under 400.

    • …except the house you link to has radiators and window units, a basement that isn’t as open, 500 less square feet (on a smaller lot), and a lacks a second full bathroom. Character is also made by you know, the stuff you put in a home.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        “Ugh your face” is not an appropriate user name in response to Ugh. Or really ever. Just be anonymous if it’s too tough. thanks.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Not really 500 square feet less – they’re about the same size. This one fudged it – the 1840 includes the basement (the basement is finished quite nicely, but I don’t think counting the basement in the square footage is allowed). I’d put this one on par with or ahead of the two on Fern because of the yard (decently-sized yard here vs. literally no yard at all there), the additional bathroom, and the presence of waaay too many steps up to the ones on Fernn (I’m old – I notice things like steps).

      • For many of us, radiators are a plus rather than a minus.

      • Ugh your face is a realtor I’m guessing?

      • Radiators are the best! Quiet, cheaper to run (huge plus), they don’t dry out the air or introduce dust and contaminants into the home the way forced air does. My new place has radiators and I am a new convert.

  • Ugly, but how many other houses are on the market with this amount of space, Metro access, and central air? Someone will probably cough up $440k for this.

  • Based on the google street view, it appears as though this house doesn’t have central air. While not an extravagant expense to install for the eventual buyer, the asking price already seems high for the location and condition.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I am about 99.5% certain that it does have central air. I am familiar with these houses. (I own a structurally identical house in this neighborhood built by the same builder at about the same time.) The ductwork is designed poorly, so if the HVAC registers in the basement are open, hardly any heat or AC reaches the 2nd floor. The previous occupants of this house had a tenant living in the basement, so presumably did have the basement registers open, so they didn’t get much air upstairs, so they used a window unit. I sealed off the HVAC registers in my (unfinished) basement and my heat and AC serve me well on my 2nd floor.

  • Floors look like they are Pergo. I’d like to see a closer up picture of the kitchen cabinets…no shower pictures?

  • Price increased to 450K today

  • HaileUnlikely

    This house causes me tremendous cognitive dissonance. It does not strike me as a good deal, but it strikes me as an extremely rare opportunity to buy a house in livable condition (sure, most people would want to update things, but it appears to be 100% livable) in a nice quiet neighborhood for reasonably affordable price (by DC standards) without paying a premium to an investor who swooped it up pre-market. Houses like this–relatively inexpensive even if slightly overpriced–represent about the only chance some people have of not getting priced out of the city.

    • I agree – saw this house online before this, and felt that it was a rare opportunity to live in a house that is livable, and could sorta be made to look a bit better. Big fan of older homes, though, and much prefer the older, radiatored! (another radiator fan) house linked to above. It is the new style of this house that you will never, never be able to change – while AC can be added on, keeping the radiators, in the old house (for a chunk of change) later.

  • The tree listing hard to port adds to the dreariness.

  • redfin lists the status as pending – I would love to see what price it ultimately sells for. It seems to me like this is the type of house (size, neighborhood) that I would like to buy in the future, can anyone throw out an estimate of how much the mortgage would be or what salary a person would need to earn in order to afford it?

    • A 400K Loan would be about $1900/month with the current interest rate…you can probably get that size loan if you make 75-85K

      • Don’t forget about other debts, and they generally factor your current rent into the figure as well….I assume for overlapping purposes.

      • Don’t forget PMI if you can’t put down 20 percent. Brings total mortgage to over $2,000.

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