GDoN? “perfect proportions” edition

3307 Macomb Street Northwest

This house is located at 3307 Macomb Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Exquisite Cleveland Park classic w/perfect proportions! Gracious foyer, LR, DR w/coffered ceiling, library, custom kitchen + family rm addition w/multiple decks overlooking pvt wooded garden. 2nd floor: Master ste, 2 BR, hall BA, sitting rm/study. 3rd floor: Huge loft BR or playroom w/full BA. LL: Spacious, above ground w/high ceilings, playroom, kitchenette, 2 BR, BA.”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4.5 bath is going for $2,895,000.

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  • I have no idea how to judge wether this is a good deal or not, but it is a really lovely house.

  • justinbc

    Looks like a nice big boring box. Cute backyard though.

    • interesting perspective. I think it has a ton of nice architectural details.

    • Wow, really? I don’t really agree… beautiful built-ins in the kitchen, trim, molding, columns throughout, big wall of windows, tiled fireplace, light fixtures. I think it has a lot of nice features and an updated arts-and-crafts aesthetic. Hopefully everyone feels like you and the price drops by 75% for me 🙂 Haha.

      • I responded with almost the same list before refreshing and seeing your comment. Maybe JustinBC was just trolling us. If it drops 75%…I think you and I will be in a bidding war.

    • Gabled roof, dormer window, knee braces and rafter-rails, crown molding, paneling, built-ins…I disagree on the boring box assessment. Unless, of course, you meant it’s a boring box in that it has sides and roof. In which case, totally agree!

    • I think I understand what JustinBC means. To your high earning attorney power couple with 2.2 kids in private school and a dog, this place checks all the vanilla boxes. At $3 million, you damn well expect high quality finishes, so that’s not surprising. But there’s nothing adventurous about this place.
      To put it in perspective, my co-worker has a very similar house in a planned development on the outskirts of Annapolis that she bought for $700K last year. This house would fit right into that neighborhood.

      • justinbc

        Basically. The fact that they painted all that nice woodwork white, and everything else is white, it all just looks boring. All of the design decisions with the furniture, everything, it’s all just very “safe”. Like I said, it still looks nice, but doesn’t excite me in the least bit.

        • In my experience with rich people, many of them like boring quite a lot 😉 It is, after all, in CP – where flower thieves are top listserv fodder.

        • That’s kind of the point when you’re trying to sell a house. If I were in the market for a $2.9 million house, I’d want a blank slate and not have to deal with someone else’s “adventurous” bad taste.

          • justinbc

            Except there are many more inspiring places on the market. I understand “the point” of selling a house. My opinion on whether it’s boring or not still doesn’t change.

          • But your comment was that everything is “white” and the furniture is “safe.” Sorry if I misunderstood.

          • …not that I totally disagree with your evaluation of the house overall. It has a very Stepford Barbie feel to it.

          • justinbc

            I totally get it. If someone wanted to give it to me, I sure as hell would take it. But if it were -my- $3M on the line I would rather have something much more unique. That’s all I’m saying. I’m sure it’s perfect for large families or whatever.

        • hammers

          I agree with Justin, it’s a perfectly nice house, I just don’t find it charming.

      • “Nothing adventurous”? It’s filled with period details. Power couples are probably as likely as anyone else to want safe, as in resale value.

      • The extra ~$2 mil is so you don’t have to live in the outskirts of Annapolis.

        • Yup, exactly
          Like I said, it’s safe and for $3m I’d want something more interesting.
          That said, it looks like a very comfortable place to crash after a long day at work.

  • man that’s beautiful

  • It’s a nice place and all but, man, $2.9 million is a lot of money…

  • Nice digs, but it needs a pool. For 2.9mil, I gotta have a pool. Just saying.

    • Don’t worry, I already built a pool in the backyard in my lottery-fantasy-office-daydream. Oh, and also a small detached pool house with a workout room, yoga space, and sauna. And an outdoor shower.

      Now let me recheck those numbers…

  • This kind of goes to show why people are spending almost $1M to live in Brookland. CP’s maybe the only other metro-accessible option with houses like this, and good lord the prices…

    • Hey! I’ve been to that one. They were working on the backyard when I was there, I like how it came out (also, for grass, it is across the street from a really nice elementary school).

      The pictures are great, but what they don’t quite grasp is how it is situated on a hill. If you look through the slide deck, you don’t see anything that feels like it is in a basement. The way it’s setup, every floor feels like it’s a living space, the basement is a whole new space, it doesn’t feel like you are banished downstairs.

      • And, that was ment as top-level, not a reply. I’ve been the the house in the posting, not the one in Brookland.

  • This is my dream house in every single way.

  • This is literally my dream house in DC. All I need is a rich benefactor who would love to see a nice young family with two rambunctious boys living there. Let me know.

  • Very cute! Love the little bridge in the yard. That said, I think this is a bit overpriced. I’ve seen a lot of similar places on the market last year for much closer to 2 million; particularly at this time of year, 3 seems to be stretching it.

  • Was in the one next door, a similar house, that was for sale back in 2012, and sold in 2014. These don’t go so fast. They are nice, but too big with the add-ons to feel at all homey – they feel enormous.

    Yes, I get this is historic and has old details mixed with some nice new details – it does look bland though, due to the bland color of the wood floors, the woodwork all painted, the neutral colors on every wall and every piece of furniture – much of that could be changed with some stripping and staining and more colorful painting and decorating – but I think the blandness in part comes from work done to marry the old parts to new new parts, so that it presents a seamless whole, which is why the interior seems to have more in common with new construction than with old houses, despite the existence of old house elements inside. (The exteriors still seem old and traditional.)

  • Cleveland Park is hands down the best neighborhood in the city. As a CP resident I must say that this price does not seem out of line–close to schools, public transport and BEAUTIFUL architectural details. Don’t most people paint walls white when they go on the market? That way the next owner can make it what they want it to be. Unfortunately my little three bedroom one bath needs to appreciate a lot more so I can move up to something like this. I wish it could be MINE!!!
    Katrina P.

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