GDoN? “Luminous & Spacious” edition

1793 Lanier Place Northwest

This unit is located at 1793 Lanier Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Luminous & Spacious two-story 2BR/Loft PENTHOUSE feat. PRIVATE TERRACE w/views of National Cathedral and Rock Creek Park in Boutique bldng w/low condo fees. Immaculately maintained, barely 3-yr-old home w/hardwood floors throughout, Italian marble counters, Viking appliances, Spa-style baths w/Custom Carrera & Ming Green Marble Tile. Add. balcony off Master Bdrm. Sep. Deeded Park. space incl.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $749,900 ($297 monthly fee.)

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  • Good value if you consider the square footage. The high end appliances don’t do anything for me. The drawback to that location will be noise.

    • +1
      That outdoor deck is large and great too. You could easily raise two kids here, if you’re wanting to stay in the city. I have friends from NYC who were raised in much smaller places than this.
      However, the buyer of this place will have the “shame” of being one of the evil Lanier Heights pop-ups 😀

      • Emmaleigh504

        But you wouldn’t be able to hide any of the kid mess/clutter b/c there are no walls in the communal living area.

        • That’s one of the downsides of apartment living. Kiddie clutter isn’t the end of the world and it’s only for a temporary period of time.

        • Aside from the issue of no place to hide kid-related clutter:
          It looks like this place is a walk-up. I don’t think many would-be parents are going to enjoy carrying increasingly heavier kids and/or trucking strollers up and down that many flights of stairs.

      • Wait, is this really what’s causing all the Lanier Heights pop-up ire? Because this building is smack-dab in the middle of 6-8 apartment buildings larger than this pop-up.

        • +1!
          I live in a big apartment building in Lanier Heights and think the pop-up debate is so silly. The area is already high density, and it’s still great!

        • I’m not sure if it’s this building specifically that they were protesting. But the exterior shots clearly show that they added two floors to the original structure.
          This one is probably on the anti-PopUp’ers radar.

        • This building is between a one-story dry-cleaning establishment and a four-story apartment (condo?) building.
          I doubt that this particular pop-up has caused significant ire, since it looks like they made an effort to keep the front facade the way it was.
          The pop-up that first ignited the debate in Lanier Heights (in the mid-2000s, if I remember correctly) is the one at 2713 Ontario Road NW (see Google Street View).

          • Which, it should be noted, is zoned “commercial” and would have been untouched by any of the proposed zoning reforms. In Lanier Heights the main debate seems to be about back-yard light and parking, as far as I can tell, since most of the R-5 popups are essentially invisible from the street.

          • Correct re. zoning reforms, but what that particular pop-up sparked was a movement to get historic-district designation for Lanier Heights.
            That movement failed, but many Lanier Heights residents are now trying to accomplish something similar by means of zoning rather than through historic-district status.

    • There’s no noise in that location, or very little. It’s a quiet residential street.

      • Lanier is a quiet residential street, but this building is almost at the western end of that street (almost next to the the Lanier/Adams Mill/Calvert intersection) and is thus going to get some of the Friday/Saturday night noise. (Plus construction noise from the Adamo.)

        • Yeah, but it’s shocking how much less noisy the Friday/Saturday stuff is in Admo these days. I live RIGHT off the 18th st strip, and noise is really only a problem maybe 2-3 nights a year. These days 18th st is busier on Sunday during brunch hours than it is Saturday night.

      • There is a fire station half a block away.

        • They are pretty great at that station and usually do not turn on the siren on their block unless they need to.

  • Love this place, want it!

  • west_egg

    I’d love to know what shade of gray they picked for the walls here. I know gray is trendy these days but this one seems particularly nice.

  • I’m obviously in the minority here, but while the place has great finishes and an awesome rooftop. It seems like a really poor design for practical purposes. The sitting room can fit a love-seat, two dining chairs and what looks like a very narrow coffee table. Entertaining will be tight. AIso I can’t imagine where a TV would go.

  • Damn that’s appealing! Great location, beautiful terrace, tastefully done….

  • Gorgeous! I wish I could see a floor plan for this one. I’m not so great at visualizing spaces.

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