GDoN? “island w/2 wine fridges” edition

DC8523435 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1335 Corcoran Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Extraordinary Victorian, meticulously restored into FAB residence! Chef’s kitchen w/Viking gas range & ref, double ovens, island w/2 wine fridges, dumb waiter to dining room; kitchen opens to den w/decor FP; living room w/huge bay window & slate decor FP; dining room w/wine fridge, bar & decor FP; private yard w/built-in gas grill, outdoor lighting, irrigation and secure parking; Logan’s BEST St!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,995,000.

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  • This is a beautiful home. I’m having a hard time envisioning the lay out, but it is lovely. I’m not sure it’s $2M lovely.

  • Smilla

    Kitchen is on the lower level. Dumb waiter is nice, but that would probably be a deal-breaker for me.

  • Loooooove this street. House looks awesome. Not crazy about the kitchen in the bottom level, but I guess I’m not the type of person they are marketing to anyway (since I don’t have $2m)

  • I have owned a house on this street since 2000 so I definitely hope they get 2M but I have my doubts.

  • For the square footage, the price isn’t bad, but the basement kitchen will be a barrier. Also, it would look better if they hadn’t used the wall tiles that everyone has. Spend this much money and you could spring for something different and tasteful like Rookwood.

  • The kitchen was initially a deal break for me too. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. I have young children. I like having a connected kitchen and living room so I can keep an eye on them. After bedtime, though, I’d like to have an adult space to watch TV and drink my wine without being surrounded by toys and dirty dishes. What’s awesome about this layout is the adult space is above ground. When the kitchen is upstairs, the kids end up being upstairs and the adult space is the basement “family” room. Here, the kitchen in the basement means you can have your playroom in the basement, leaving the main level for adults and entertaining.

    • justinbc

      Yeah, we almost bought a place on 13th and Corcoran that had the same downstairs kitchen (that’s how they were all originally built) and what I thought would be an annoyance actually turned out really cool. It’s a much better use of the space than some boring basement with a couch and TV.

  • This place is gorgeous! Dumb waiter is genius. Couldn’t get a better location, walking distance to everything!

  • Wow, this place is amazing. Worth the premium, IMHO.
    Personally, I love the kitchen downstairs and it appears to get plenty of natural light. It makes it easy to prep food during the nicer months for al fresco dining in your backyard. Also, the basement level should have tiling due to flood concerns, so it makes sense to toss the kitchen down there (instead of having to tile another kitchen space on an upper level).
    Almost everything is perfect about this house. The exterior styling is my favorite type of house in DC. You see a lot of these in Shaw. What’s this style called?

    • justinbc

      Yeah, $650 sq/ft is actually totally reasonable for a house at this location with so much historic detail preserved while also adding modern amenities. This is one of my favorite GDON. Makes me somewhat angry I ever left Corcoran!

      • $650/foot is great for a showcase quality house in a very nice walkable central area. To compare to NYC, $650/foot for this size and quality of a house would put you out in the crappy part of East Bushwick (which I only know about because my good friends recently purchased a nicely renovated old house in that part of Brooklyn…..but they’re deep in the ‘hood)

  • emvee

    Those built-ins!!!! Swoon.

  • I want that kitchen – even in the basement – so bad I can taste it. Absolutely beautiful house and I love their decorating sense. Sigh…

  • Definitely missed that the kitchen was in the basement, but that would definitely be a deal-breaker for me. Maybe the $2m crowd is more sophisticated than I am, but I’m very much of the mindset that the kitchen is the heart of the house–and that, when company comes over and you’re cooking, everyone just winds up sitting around a big kitchen island with a glass of wine before dinner, no matter how much you try to lure them into a formal living room. Having the kitchen in the basement–and having a family room down there, where you’d presumably put your TV–means so much of your time (and so much of company’s time) is spent almost in an English basement apartment, except one that you spent $2m for.

    Location is superb though, and what great curb appeal.

    • If you live in a 2 million dollar house and you’re having enough company to overfill your kitchen, you’re likely not cooking for them yourself. Let the caterers play in your kitchen while you entertain upstairs.

  • justinbc

    I used to always admire this house from the outside when I lived on this street, but now that I see the inside I really like that too. They used to have a beautiful white cat who perched up in that window every day.

    • I used to live on that block as well back in the mid-2000s. It’s still my favorite block in the city. $650/square foot is excellent for that neighborhood. I just really hope it isn’t bought up by a developer with a desire to divide it into condos. That was starting to happen to a few houses on that street when I lived there and it was sad. My landlord who bought the house in the 80s said that block was crack dens and prostitution central when he bought there. Of course, he made 10 times what he paid when he sold it.

      Oh, and I remember the white cat.

  • Given that you only walk down 2-3 steps to get to the kitchen and family rooms, and walk up 8-9 steps to get to the living and dining rooms, it’s really not fair to call the lower level a ‘basement’. It’s just the first floor of a four story home.
    And the interiour is perfection.

  • Now this is house porn. Woooowwww is this place nice. Like this is pretty much my dream urban house. Even with the lower floor kitchen, it’s still pretty perfect.

    Shame I’ll never even be able to afford a home at half this price.

  • It isn’t my preferred layout. While most townhouses started out with the kitchen in the basement, I prefer those where they have been renovated to be on the parlor floor. I also like the kitchen/dining/living space running together, for me at home, as well as when I have guests. I also like it on the next floor, which gets more light than the ground floor – I need a sunny kitchen. I get that with kids, the family room off the kitchen is a nice idea, but that’s not my situation. Yes, there is an advantage if you grill outside a lot to this placement.

    I could live with a basement kitchen like this, but not one so dark. Had they used lighter materials that could bounce light around more, not a dark floor, darker wood-tone cabinets, and dark countertop as they did, and dark tile backsplash, this room could seem a lot lighter than it does with just its current windows. I don’t love the dark-toned kitchens, and I hate that hulking big island, wine fridges or not.

    A dumbwaiter is cool, but without staff preparing food and sending it up (as when these houses were built), I’d never use my dining room in that set-up. If I lived in a house like this, I’d make the dining room in the basement next to the kitchen, not a family or living room. This was also a common original layout in townhouses. That way, I’d actually use my dining room! I’d make both rooms upstairs living areas, and not dine there – too lazy to transport food and dishes up and down stairs, even with a dumbwaiter. I’d put a piano in the front parlor, as it has more wall space for one, and a comfy sofa in the dining room between the wet bar and fireplace, and have the whole two rooms be a combination living room, music room, library with bookcases thrown in, places to sit in each, including a comfy spot to read in, and perhaps an antique roll top or secretary desk thrown in, even if it wasn’t my main office space to store files and desks with keyboard trays and such.

    I don’t love the master suite – bedroom or bath – too modern for me in this house, but I like the other rooms upstairs a lot, and like the backyard.

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