GDoN? “ideally located between Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant” edition

1820 Clydesdale Place Northwest

This unit is located at 1820 Clydesdale Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“City life at its best! Light filled, top-floor 1 BR corner coop ideally located between Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant! Enjoy high ceilings, wood floors & crown moldings with the convenience of a remodeled kitchen, bath, and master closet. Close to Red/Green/Yellow Metro lines and Rock Creek Park. Bike storage in bldg. No underlying mortgage. No pets. Storage unit.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $269,000 ($400 monthly fee.)

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I actually like this place, even with the open kitchen. Mommy, can I have a tree now?

    • Me too. That building often has units on the market and this is the first one I have thought, “Not bad!” I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Cute place, and the price isn’t bad. If it weren’t for that peasky no pets rule, I would be tempted to put in a bid.

  • That’s a stretch of what I’d called “between” these three neighborhoods.

    • Columbia Heights is a stretch, but Adams Morgan and Mt Pleasant are both within a five minute walk.

    • I live on Clydesdale Pl, and while this building isn’t between Columbia Heights and anything, it’s certanily not far. My SO walks to the Col Hts metro every morning, and we regularly walk up there for shopping. It’s really not too bad. If anything, though, I’d call it between to Columbia Heights and Woodley Park Metros, because it is pretty much equidistant.

    • It’s in the Lanier Heights neighborhood

      • Yeah, but many prospective buyers might not have heard of Lanier Heights. Hell, I lived about two blocks from here for nine years, and I had never heard of Lanier Heights until AFTER I left.

      • I used to live on the next block–it was probably 10 min walk to ColHi Target.

  • I like it, but I watch a lot of TV and there’s nothing worse than having to mount a TV over top a fireplace. The only thing that’s good for is a sore neck!

    • I’m pretty sure that’s just a mantle with no actual fireplace behind it. I’d just remove the whole thing and do away with the pretense.

  • Where are affordable places for first time buyers like this, that allow pets?! This would keep me in my neighborhood in a relatively decent apartment but I need to get a dog like, yesterday. 🙁

  • I used to live a few blocks away and it was my favorite location in the entire city that I’ve lived. I’d consider a big downsize to move back, actually…

  • Real estate agents really are a hoot. This building is smack-dab in Adams Morgan. Sure it’s more on the north east side of the ‘hood, but it’s Adams Morgan all the way, not between three different neighborhoods.

    • It’s asign of how the other neighborhoods have come up in the world, in terms of image.

    • The subdivision according to the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue is likely Mount Pleasant. (My place in Adams Morgan was.) So they might also be mentioning the “three neighborhoods” thing for clarification purposes, as the subdivision will be mentioned in the listing.

  • djdc

    I like this unit, though I always have trouble envisioning how big or small places are.

  • a top floor unit without central air is going to be insanely expensive to keep cool.

    • Not really. Central air would be subject to the same stresses. Frankly, it probably doesn’t take a huge window unit to cool the entire unit.

    You can’t beat this location. $270k is cheap for this neighborhood, though it’s less than 600 sq ft.

    • It’s actually not *that* cheap for the neighborhood, it’s pretty much correctly priced compared to most of same quality of 1 bedroom stuff in the surrounding buildings. Between this building and the Saxony on the next block, you can find some great 1 bedroom starter places (that’s where I first bought in 2005) at reasonable prices. The location is great – short walk to the 42 bus, adams morgan madness…a little longer walk to Columbia Heights, but no big deal. If you commute to VA, it’s great for access to rock creek parkway – and nice to take guests to the zoo.

  • I like the unit, however, I didn’t see a washer/dryer 🙁

    • Most of the old buildings in this area have shared laundry facilities. It’s not a huge deal breaker for most first time buyers.

  • It’s a very plain building and a co-op which make the purchase price very reasonable. Parking is a hassle but public transportation is reasonably available and you’re insulated from most of the noise of Adams-Morgan, exc for having the firehouse nearby.

    • By public transportation you mean buses, right? Cause the nearest Metro is far from “around the corner” from here.

      • It’s a 10 minute walk from the Woodley Park Metro. Do you really consider that a difficult walk?

        • I doubt anyone considers it “difficult” — just time-consuming.
          Oh, and Google Maps says it’s 13 minutes (0.6 miles), not 10. (Having lived nearby, I thought the 10-minute estimate sounded rather optimistic.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          It could be for some people.

        • It’s pretty damn close to a Metro, without having to pay the “super close to the Metro” premium.
          It beats living in Bloomingdale or Eckington (also “starter” ‘hoods for first time buyers) and having a 20 minute walk to the Metro!

      • Buses, yes, but they connect to Metro and it’s about 10 min walk to Woodley or Columbia Heights

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