GDoN? “gorgeous original hardwoods & elegant crown molding” edition

1612 Newton Street Northeast

This house is located at 1612 Newton Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Easy living in this charming, Brookland Bungalow!This thoughtfully designed home features an inviting living room w/ fireplace,spacious kitchen with built in shelving, gorgeous original hardwoods & elegant crown molding. The huge fenced-in flat backyard is perfect for entertaining, complete with 2 parking spaces you won’t have to use with the metro,shops and the Arts Walk just a quick stroll away!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $599,900.

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  • I would buy this house right now if I had the cash.

  • Reasonable. Another bungalow very close to this one just sold for a little over $600k. That one was much more tastefully finished IMO, but this place is larger (so is the yard) and has parking.

  • Brookland. It’s so hot right now. Brookland. But honest question – why is it so hot? There still isn’t a whole lot to do around here and the schools still suck. Is it just the space? I’ve lived here for eight years now, and while we enjoy it very much we never considered it to be cool. It was just where we could afford a house at the time.

    • You answered your own question. Where else in the city can you buy a house for $600k? Brookland is on the edge of a ton of development and I would love to have a house in an uncool neighborhood without a ton to do that is a close bike ride to stuff if you want it.

      • brookland_rez

        That’s what my thinking was when I bought in 2009. You get a lot more space, a place to park your car if you have one, you’re a short ride to all the fun stuff, relatively safe, and affordable. The options for dining out have greatly expanded with Monroe St Market and revitalization of 12th St.

    • Families need more space than a condo provides. Brookland is one of the last close-in hoods with a dedicated Metro stop that’s still affordable (i.e. under $600K). Fort Totten will be next, IMHO.

      • Close-in WOTR you mean. There are a number EOTR that are as close to central DC as Ft. Totten is (which I agree will be next most likely to become “hot”).

      • I don’t know – I think these little houses with little rooms often have less sq. footage, and less closet space, than some larger condos. You do get a yard, if that’s what you want, and a basement, if you value that space.

    • justinbc

      There aren’t many “affordable” neighborhoods that are relatively close in and also feature SFH rather than rowhouses.

    • In the last 25 years (& probably longer), Brookland has always drawn steady interest. It’s kindof laughable that it’s suddenly hot. It’s always had Metro access, quiet streets with SFHs and mature trees, a good number of families, and a functional if not exciting shopping strip. Perhaps because of CUA, it never entirely lost its white population and so whites have always bought there (kindof like Mt P), but it’s never been “for everyone” (hipsterish types–both the old boho definition and the new yuppie scum definition would not be attracted).

  • What the hell happened to all the doors in this house? All the interior doors appear to be missing 😕

    • The doors thing is weird. Really, where are the doors?!

    • Methinks the house might be so tiny that doors took up too much space. The divided sectional used as two couches facing one another suggest same. It’s cute–like a dollhouse.

    • I was wondering the same thing!

    • I suspect that the doors were removed to free up a little space and make the rooms appear bigger. We have a similar bungalow and looked into pocket doors, but decided against it. I am proud to say we never went the curtain route.

  • justinbc

    Cute little place that looks well maintained. I found the wording of this sentence odd though “complete with 2 parking spaces you won’t have to use”. It’s like, hey, we have a benefit, but you won’t really care about it.

  • They bought the place for $280,000 in Nov. 2012. Curious what the condition was. 100% appreciation in 26 months. Damn Brookland is hot. I also wonder once they cash out, where are they deciding to move to.

  • brookland_rez

    Definitely a good deal. I predict it will go for over asking.

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