GDoN? “a heart-stopping kitchen” edition

142 Kentucky Avenue Southeast

This house is located at 142 Kentucky Avenue, Southeast. The listing says:

“Addicted to antiquities; tranquilities found in maple doors & warm pine floors, solid oak casing chasing your demons down an entry hall past parlor walls, horse-hair plaster, pulling you faster, but wait, table for eight, an owner-intervention, a heart-stopping kitchen, craving staved, cured & lured by the light upstairs, 3 quiet lairs, total recovery, the In-Law discovery simply sealed the deal.”

Ed. Note: Yes, it’s a Thomas Faison listing.

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $848,500.

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  • They meant Heart-stopping in a bad way right, because if your heart stops, thats a bad thing, and that kitchen is fugly, no offense to them and their table for eight

    • Really? I like the kitchen. I think they did a good job of maximizing the space available. What do you not like about it?

      • OK so maybe that was a little harsh, but when they say Heart Stopping kitchen? that is a pretty incredulous claim, but even if they said it was a really really nice kitchen, i still don’t think i’d like it all that much.

        So first off, the vent over the oven has the space for the microwave, but the microwave is in a cubby hole type thing? no idea what thats about…. White shows grease stains from cooking really easily, and overall just don’t like the cabinets, especially the handles

        But its all personal preference

        • I had my AED next to me ready to see this kitchen!

          Alas, I’m with AJ. I suppose the kitchen is fine, but it’s small, with an awkward layout. “Heart-stopping” is not the way I would describe it.

        • Just took another look. You’re right the microwave is in an awful place. I didn’t see it the first time around (attention to detail clearly). You’re right – not heart stopping. I really like the upper upper cabinets with the glass, so I must have been distracted. I still find it reasonably attractive, albeit small and awkward. Heart stopping it certainly is not though.

      • Tom usually takes great photos but I think some of the photos here make it look cramped and unappealing.

        I hate the microwave too. Not that I want it over the range, but to have it stick out beyond the uppers looks terrible. I’d rather them have just put in full upper cabinets and put the microwave on the peninsula lowers. But I too recognize that’s a personal preference.

  • love the house, hate the listing.

  • This actually has a surprising amount of concrete information for a Tom Faison listing.

  • I love this block so much and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    $850 for a reasonable sized three bedroom with a basement on that block? Yup, that sound about right.

  • I think that price is right on. Wouldn’t be surprised if it sold for over – though not by much.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it. good job opening it up without turning it into a bowling alley.

  • Love the house and the kitchen but that yard is too small for me and I don’t like the lack of alley access.

  • justinbc

    Good deal for this location, size, and quality of completion.

  • For some reason I’m really diggin’ the patio…then again I’m a sucker for good staging :-/

  • Bad deal. This house is zoned for Payne, not Watkins like the listing says. And the realtor has overstated the square footage, which is really more like 1225. For that amount of living space, you could go further east and be really close to the Stadium/Armory metro. And you’d still pay well under $800k.

  • I don’t even understand the listing. I do really like the house though.

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