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Wedding After-Party Suggestions:

“I’m getting married near Dupont Circle this May and am looking for a place for our after-party. Preferably a bar without a room rental fee for about 30 people. It doesn’t need to be totally private, I just want to make sure we have enough space to stay together. I’m considering the front room at Jack Rose, any other suggestions?”

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  • Mission!

    • I second Mission! I had a birthday there recently, we got our own server, split checks without asking, no room rental fee, and the atmosphere is great.

  • Top or bottom floors at Irish Whiskey Public House have always been very good for friends and I with fundraisers, work happy hours etc. They are really helpful and responsive over email. Their pretzel bites are ridonculous.

    • binpetworth

      I second Irish Whiskey. Also consider DC Science Club just down the street. They do free reservations of their top two floors for groups your size. The only caveat with these places would be there are stairs involved, for anyone who might have mobility issues.

  • If you’re in Dupont, consider the third level of the Darlington House. We had friends do their 30th bday there and it was great.

  • I’m assuming you are getting married on a Saturday. If that’s the case, then Jack Rose would be packed and would be hard to roll up 30 deep.

    Russia House as different levels so that may work. Buffalo Billiards has just one level but may different nooks and crannies so you could probably take over a general area in a corner.

  • Darlington House — I think it still has an upstairs room they rent out. It’s not fancy but its great for the location.
    Fondo del Sol (21st and R) — My friends’ had their reception here, including a Latin band. It wasn’t expensive at the time.

  • Upstairs at Stoney’s! We’ve had our holiday party there the last two years and they’ve been really great.

  • I got married in May in the Dupont Circle area and arranged an after-party at the Science Club. There wasn’t a fee, we had plenty of space, and it worked out really great.

  • It’s a little far, but I strongly recommend Shaw Tavern – we had a great party in their upstairs, all to ourselves, with our own music and a bartender! We just had to cover the cost of the bartender, about $100 for a couple of hours!

  • Big Hunt all the way.

  • I had my 30th birthday party in the upstairs room at the Saloon on U street. Really great atmosphere, proceeds go to a good cause, and lots of fun.

  • Dahlak at 18th and Fla — it’s nothing fancy, but if they aren’t having an event there, you can pretty much take over the place, control the music, and bring in Ducinni’s (or whatever) from across the street. they have a big sound system so you can really keep the party going. My wedding after party was there and it was perfect.

    It’s pretty cheap to drink there too.

  • Related question — where did you folks hold your wedding? We’re looking for a place that can hold 75 or so without breaking the bank. Thanks!

    • I got married at the Press Club. You don’t need to be a member to use the space, the food was excellent, and the coordinator was fabulous. At the time, they had discounts for events in August (10% off food & 20% off drinks–and brought the mandatory minimum down from $10,000 to $7,000). This was nearly five years ago, so I’m not sure if the policies are still the same.

    • We had ours at the Tabard last year and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a low-key venue that you don’t have to do much to. We had about 80 guests that fit comfortably in the two event rooms above the restaurant, one room was used for the ceremony while the second room was getting set up with food. Then both rooms were opened up and slightly reorganized so that the room where the ceremony had taken place was for sitting and talking while the food room was for dancing and socializing. We wanted a very simple wedding with minimal stress. We showed up with flowers day of, did some minor decorating then got dressed and waited for the action to start. Food was great, the heavy apps was more than enough for dinner and we did Georgetown Cupcakes for a little iconic DC kitsch. Total bill was around 8K and that’s with our thirsty guests tearing it up at the open bar. Pro tip, reserve a drunk room on site for that one guest that is going to get completely plastered by 8pm and needs to go sleep it off before he throws up on your aunt.

    • St. Francis Hall in Brookland–gorgeous and relatively inexpensive for DC. It can easily hold 75.

    • The Hill Center over by Eastern Market. It is an old naval hospital (now it just looks like a big mansion). Lovely space with cool art, not too expensive. You would have to get outside catering for food and stuff.

  • Selam at 1520 U Street. Hidden gem.

  • We had our wedding-after party at Hoban’s in Dupont. They were able to give us ample private space so long as we met a relatively low minimum.

  • if you’re getting married in Dupont Circle, stick with the afterparty in Dupont also, imo. guest can simply walk which is an advantage in having the event in the city.

    as already mentioned Science Club is Great. Darlington House is a decent choice ( though i’ve always questioned the cleanliness of their beer lines…)
    Tabard is a classic.
    Lincoln is a bit further, but a fun place.
    Firefly is nice too.

    but if you’re going to hit up an adventure and cab or whatever, go to Jimmy Valentines

    really depends on your crowd.

  • IMO hotel bars are the best for post wedding parties.

    Fairfax Grille at the Fairfax hotel is pretty decent and just a couple blocks from the circle.

  • Upstairs/back at Johnny Pistola’s?

  • Having held our actual wedding in the front room at Jack Rose (a small ceremony with dinner and drinks for about 15 people) I can highly recommend them! Worth every single penny. Space would be an issue for 30 people having dinner but should be fine for 30 people having drinks.

  • skj84

    I had my big 30 at the upper level of Black Squirrel. Totally free to rent. I think I had 40 ppl up there at one point.

  • Little far from Dupont, but Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan has a great and free upstairs space that you can reserve. Would easily fit 30+ people. Food can be ordered from downstairs and they’ll provide you with your own bartender and a few taps of good beer. Had a recent bday party there.

  • I went to a wedding in DC that had an after party at the Hamilton and it was great. It’s big enough that you can find a room for your everyone to hang out in.

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