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Seeking Landlord Insurance:

“Does anyone have an insurance agent who can provide landlord insurance on a rental condo? All companies I have talked to require me to change the insurance of my primary residence, which is not an option right now. I am looking for an insurance provider that will offer a landlord policy as a standalone policy, not linked to my primary residence. Any suggestions?? Thanks!”

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  • I have a landlord policy through assurant. They never asked me anything about changing another policy to get landlord insurance. I believe Traveler’s does landlord policies also.

  • Seems weird that they would require you to link your primary residence insurance. I’ve never encountered that with my landlord policy. I have a landlord policy through a GEICO affiliate, registered through GEICO. Never asked me who the insurer for my primary residence was, and in fact I was living in an apartment rental when I got insurance for my own rental property.

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    Hey there, I use CBiz for my rental, and have been pleased. They include liability and such as well. Overall it is a good policy, and they are easy to work with.

    • Cbiz seems to be only for short-term/vacation rentals ala AirBNB. Do you know if they offer insurance for long-term rentals as well? I cannot seem to find a mention of it.

  • I have Travelers for my rental condo – a separate policy from my homeowners insurance on my primary residence.

  • I have one through Travelers.

  • This whole question is weird and probably suggestive of why OP is having issues.. They’re asking for an insurance agent; just go to any insurance company’s website (Geico, Progressive, etc.) and fill out a quote form. I wouldn’t trust an independent agent, since they’re performing an antiquated and superfluous job and probably aren’t good at much other than taking advantage of people who don’t know better.

    I’ve never heard of having to link your primary residence to a landlord policy, anymore than I have linking car insurance to home insurance; it’s usually good for a small discount, but never a necessity.

    • It’s not always that simple. Certain states and insurance companies have requirements that may preclude the company from insuring a rental unit. We ran into this when living here and trying to insure a rental unit in Texas. We found Amica who ended up ensuring the rental unit and doing our renter’s insurance here.

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