From the Forum – Burying cables

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

Burying cables:

“I saw Pepco crews who appeared to be burying power lines on 9th and Varnum this morning. I heard something about burying cables last spring but didn’t know what the outcome would be. Any idea if this is what they were actually doing? Will this result in utility polls coming down? That would be fantastic if we can make it happen!”

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  • The DC Council approved $1-billion dollars to buy power lines – mostly in upper NW. Personally, these people should have been taxed personally for this. As it stands, I believe, each and every Pepco customer will be taxed monthly: that means you and I and everybody who reads this.

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    • Hi, yes, that is not how living in a city works. That does seem like a very hefty price tag, no doubt and is like $1500/resident of the city. Perhaps instead we should be asking the city why they paid that much for this, not asking why everyone pays. We all pay for things that do not necessarily directly benefit us. Just like I’m sure the taxpayers of Chevy Chase pay for a lot of services that they do not benefit from that does benefit people living closer to downtown.

      To me the issue is the price tag. That’s pretty outrageous. I would rather have seen DC spend a billion to build out municipal fiber internet to everyone in the city.

    • They are burying cables to improve system reliability so that storms knocking branches down don’t take out power to major portions of the city. The poles are being left up to carry phone, FIOS, etc.

      The power line burial is happening for major lines bringing in lots of power to whole sections of the city from Maryland which happen to run through upper NW, not for individual homeowners and certainly not to help make someone’s front yard look nicer. That’s why the city helping to pay for this.

  • Hopefully one day they will bury phone/cable/internet also.

  • palisades

    This is my favorite photo of yours, Pablo

  • Blithe

    I love this photo — It makes me want to run outside and play! I’m also envious because I’ve never seen the O line actually in use. Major derail: My first thought when I saw this picture was: “Oh wow”! My second thought was: “Oh yeah, remember to pick up hair conditioner….”

  • Regardless of burying the power lines, the utility poles still won’t be coming down due to phone and cable lines.

  • Back in September, Greater Greater Washington had a blog article about the DC PLUG project:

    And in November, Casey Trees hosted a webinar with PEPCO and DDOT-UFA representatives:

    Hope these links help inform those interested in learning more about the upcoming undergrounding wires project!

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