“fast casual” Pizza Studio opening in Dupont Circle in February

1333 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Pizza Studio is opening in the former Baja Fresh space by the Dupont South metro. The press release says:

“Pizza Studio, the leader in the emerging fast casual pizza category, is thrilled to announce the arrival of its flagship location in Dupont Circle at 1333 New Hampshire Avenue NW, slated to open late-February. The new restaurant is the first to hit the DC market with more openings planned as part of the company’s growth in the capital area. Since its first opening in Southern California in 2013, Pizza Studio has quickly expanded with 24 locations around the US and over 200 more already in the works for 2015 and beyond.

“We could not be happier to make our debut in DC,” said Pizza Studio Co-Founder & CEO Samit Varma. A graduate of Magruder High School in Derwood, Maryland, and the US Naval Academy, Varma is making a homecoming after traveling the country with the military. “We designed Pizza Studio to offer everything from lunch to dinner to snacking and late-night dining, because we offer pizzas with unlimited toppings, which means endless possibilities.”

Pizza Studio offers diners the opportunity to “Create Your Masterpiece™” by building personalized pizzas from an array of fresh, high quality ingredients including a choice of specialty crusts and sauces, all natural and nitrate-free premium meats, and roasted vegetables. Offering something for everyone, Pizza Studio also provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Always priced at $7.99 for an 11” pie, each masterpiece includes unlimited toppings at no additional cost.

In addition to “Create Your Masterpiece”, those looking for inspiration can select from any of Pizza Studio’s chef-designed ‘Studio Masterpiece’ options for $7.99, or the ‘Starving Artist’ pizzas, priced at only $5.99. They include the familiar Pepperoni, Margherita, and Buffalo Chicken, which is served on a spicy firecracker crust with cayenne pepper, buffalo sauce, freshly grated mozzarella, all natural chicken breast, topped with cool ranch dressing and fresh basil. Additional menu items include chef-crafted signature salads, as well as oven-baked cookies and a selection of fountain beverages.

The restaurant’s interior will be adorned with its signature “starving artists’ wall” featuring works of art created by locals from Washington’s thriving art community, all of which are consigned from the artists and available for purchase. As Pizza Studio is interested in supporting the local art community, the restaurant does not take any commission on art sales. For more information about submitting art for consideration, contact [email protected] and mention the Dupont Circle location.

Pizza Studio will be open daily from 11am to 10pm, with extended late night hours Thursday through Saturday; online ordering will be available for those on-the-go and can be made by visiting www.pizzastudio.com.”


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  • This new “pizza” trend is so goofy. If I want pizza for lunch, I want to be able to pop inside and choose from a number of already cooked large round pies. The pizza guy will throw it in the oven for 2 minutes and BADDA-BING pizza’s ready and I can go on my way.

    Stop making this process harder than it needs to be.

    But hey, I am not the one taking out a SBL to run a pizza shop.

    • I should add that the maximum I will pay for a slice is $2.50. None of this $4.00 nonsense (I’m looking at you, We The Pizza).

    • Agreed. And I love that they are all calling themselves: fast casual pizza category
      As if what… pizza is usually slow and elegant? It’s a pizza fer crying out loud.
      I also love that this is a less than 2 year old corporate entity that if they do have 200 stores in the US is really just a pizza version of the burger craze. 200 stores in less than 3 years… that’s some mighty big expansion.

  • Even Mitt Romney thinks a “starving artists wall” in a pizza shop is weird and out of touch.

  • Yes, support the community by feeding them crap. “All natural” chicken breast topped with highly processed cool ranch dressing. I doubt the pepperoni is nitrate free.
    But I am curious about the chef-crafted signature salad! Who’s the chef?

    • @Crusty

      …the menu on their website says different: PEPPERONI

    • Pretty sure you need nitrates to make pepperoni… also the whole nitrates being bad thing has been debunked.

      • The “nitrate free” products still have nitrates in form of celery juice powder. While celery juice powder is not synthetic, it has a higher level of nitrates than the synthetic stuff. If the pepperoni, or bacon or sausage is pink when it is cooked, it has nitrates.

        Here’s what Weston A. Price Foundation has to say about natural nitrates/nitrites:
        “As far as your body’s chemistry is concerned and for the curing process, a nitrate is a nitrate is a nitrate. It doesn’t matter if it is a chemically produced nitrate or nitrate from celery juice powder. So the notion that uncured bacon has no added nitrates or nitrites is completely false advertising; on the contrary, they are loaded with nitrates.
        Now here’s where it starts to get a little crazy. There is no way to gauge how much nitrate is in celery juice powder. Conventional bacon production uses chemical nitrate so they know exactly how much is added to the pork for curing, based on parts per million. In fact when chemical nitrates are utilized the FDA and USDA mandate how much the processor can put into the bacon, how little they can put in and how much is left over. However because celery juice powder is considered a natural additive, there are no restrictions or mandates to follow. It’s as though the nitrates were never added. When it comes to how much nitrate is being added to uncured bacon with celery juice it’s a complete crapshoot. It’s a loophole that gives the meat producers one less inspector looking over their shoulder but leaves the door wide open for possible health issues.
        In 2010, Cook’s Illustrated tested different types of bacon and found that two brands of “nitrate-free” bacon had significantly more nitrates than their conventional counterparts. The residual levels in the “uncured” bacons tested were all above the allowed levels in the conventional way of processing. So the very same nitrate level that everyone is trying to avoid by purchasing the uncured bacon is above, sometimes well above, that contained in the conventional brands.”

  • Dupont goes from a glut of burger places to a glut of custom pizza joints. WTF.
    I eagerly await the cheesy implosion.

  • justinbc

    Please don’t call it a “Masterpiece”. It’s a f@#%ing piece of pizza.

  • It’s just a new way of repackaging the same barely edible pizza for which DC is famous. It’s a shame that we went through a cycle of fairly good places (Pete’s, Matchbox, Comet) just have a cycle where we get sunbelt pizza places like Mellow Mushroom (wonderful for Atlanta, not great by better yardsticks). and these silly “make your own” places.

  • “Create Your Masterpiece” (TM) – give me a break. If your pizza restaurant is concerned about trademarking ridiculous slogans, you’re doing it wrong.

  • clevelanddave

    They have a lot of chutzpah to say they are “the leader in the emerging fast casual pizza category,” a category that is already filled with many competitors. Who says so? They have no customers here. They are certainly not the most popular fast casual pizza in their market. Also pretty ambitious to say you’ll go from 24 stores to more than 500 in a year. I hope their pizza is as outrageous as their rhetoric!

  • The only one of these make your own joints that is any good is &pizza. The rest are pretty meh.

  • Didn’t Kramer develop the make your own pizza in Seinfeld in the late 90s?

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