False Alarm at Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro this Morning “Half the People Evacuated, Half Stayed”

Around 8:45am I started getting reports @PoPville on twitter that Gallery Place was being evacuated. A few minutes later @MetroTransitPD tweeted:

“Reports of Gallery Place being evacuated are not accurate.”

@Metrorailinfo then tweeted:

“Gallery Place station is experiencing a false alarm. The station has not been evacuated. All trains are servicing. 8:58a #wmata”

@grafxnerd was there and tweeted us:

“all turnstiles were open and dn escalators were off. 1/2 ppl left, other 1/2 stayed.”

The false alarm sounded something like:

“something like, station manager report to your station now. /pause/ there has been an emergency, please evacuate imdtly”

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  • A similar thing happened on my green line train around 9:20 at Mt. Vernon Square. I didn’t catch all of it, but the train operator said something along the lines of “…you need to get off and see the station manager, unless you are with your significant others. we will be holding here momentarily. we will not be moving until the station manager comes to see us.” unclear if he was talking to a particular passenger or what. very odd.

  • I was switching from the Green line to the Red and heard this announcement. Everyone looked very confused as to what to do. It would have been helpful if the station manager had immediately come on the PA to announce that it was a false alarm. But, no word. I exited and walked to Metro center which I do on a regular basis because of metro’s normal service at Gallery Place. It really didn’t give any comfort that Metro knows what’s going on.

  • probably the station mgr left the booth unattended and someone got in and started playing around with the PA system. if it’s that, they should have footage of it, and they should catch the person and make an example of him or her. Telling people to evacuate the station is a good way to start a stampede.

  • west_egg

    I heard the announcement this morning as well, around 9:20 while switching from Green to Red. I seemed to be the only one who heard it, though. It was followed by some more muffled, completely unintelligible mumbling. I made my exit via the approaching Red line train.
    @kgw — Glad to hear I’m not the only one who makes a habit of hoofing it to Metro Center due to the regular Red line seizures.

  • Rockandroar

    I heard the announcement at Gallery Place and was surprised no one else seemed to pay attention to it, especially after what just happened on the Yellow Line. I was on my way to the turnstiles anyway when I heard the announcement telling everyone to evacuate due to an emergency, and then once I was nearly out I heard them say to disregard the evacuation announcement. If there was a real emergency, based on what I saw, I don’t think many people would react.

    • I was in a metro station once and heard this recorded announcement – since all of the riders in the station seemed to be ignoring it, I ignored it too and got on the next train. I agree that this does not bode well for an actual emergency.

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