Even the Mighty Postal Service Must Make Way for the Streetcar


Thanks to a friend of mine for sending this shot yesterday of a US Postal Service van getting towed from H Street, NE between 4th and 5th for blocking the path of the streetcar.

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  • Why did they make the street car lane so close to the parked lane? People are gonna have to learn to park better.

    • west_egg

      Seriously. Unless that tow truck is moving USPS *into* that space? Because while they’re too far from the curb (looks like 18″ maybe?), I’ve definitely seen more egregious examples than this.

      • I’m guessing the USPS driver was double parked and trying to deliver mail quickly without finding a legal parking spot

  • justinbc

    I hope they increase the towing fines by double or triple. That should get people to slowly stop this “I’m just running inside” mentality.

  • I wonder what’s gonna happen when Jack Evans blocks the streetcar path.

  • austindc

    Mail in envelopes? Streetcars? Hot crackers, If H street gets a nickel root beer shoppery and a good haberdasher, it will be quite the old-timey sockdollager, old sport!

  • This is exactly why the streetcar is not a good use of money. Now you’ll need any army of tow trucks to ensure a clear path for the streetcar while an articulated bus could avoid these obstacles (waiting for a tow truck would delay your commute). Thanks goodness the council nixed funding for this. The streetcar is something you ride on the weekend for fun and something tourist use; I can’t see using this when you’re worried about being late. It’s like bringing back the penny farthing as a commuting bicycle………looks cool but makes no sense in my book.

    • It sounds like the street car is going to be quite the moneymaker for the District if we have an army of tow trucks waiting for cars. Each car towed is looking at around $250 in tickets and fees for the District.

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